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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Zei

New Features A new story about Lugia and Ho-oh. New music, new graphics.

Pokemon Flora Flame

New Features Everything remains the same, except the overworld is filled with many flowers. Some changes in gameplay.

Pokemon Lunar

New Features The Physical/Special Split from Gen IV. The Repel System from Gen V. The Moves – Abilities – Items – Pokemon are updated to Gen VI. Yup, Mega Evolution is here. There are mnay hidden grottos. New type Fairy.

Pokemon Derpizard

New Features Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon. New storyline.

Pokemon Ancient

New Features New graphics. New music. New overworld with sprites.

Pokemon Charcoal

New Features The developer team has many guides about playing this game on some different devices and operating systems. New music, new graphics, new sprites.

Pokemon Scandal Live Tour

New Features A new region called Melmond/Shikoku. New characters. Use Knight Suits to fight against Pokemon. A whole new storyline. Day/Night. Japanese music.

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