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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon World Zoala

New Features New graphics, new maps, new music. Edited maps and cities, caves, forests… Much more. Alpha version at the current time.

Pokemon Uprising

New Features This game is divided into chapters and seasons. Shortage Pokemon will be available.

Touhoumon Purple

New Features Ten new characters. Three custom transportation services. The Battle Frontier for training.

Pokemon RedChal

New Features Some evolution forms from the later game. 220 Pokemon can be caught throughout the game. Many enhancements.

Pokemon The Legend of Anbuja

New Features You can only select the male protagonist. Explore the new Anbuja Region. Day/Night System. Black/White repel system. Physical/Special Split. Dive.

Pokemon Daydream White Version

New Features A whole new region based on Sinnoh. Many Pokemon from Gen I – Gen VI. Tiles of Fire Red. Sidequests. Day/Night system.

Pokemon Ashes

New Features Day/Night system. Some new cries for Pokemon from the anime series. Many Pokemon from different generations.

Pokemon Evil World

New Features Changed storyline. Edited and adjusted graphics with new sprites.

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