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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Distant

New Features Many new tiles. New set of plots and twists. New scripts. Two big regions. Increased difficulty. New storyline.

Pokemon Velvet

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII. Get EXP after catching Pokemon. Display IVs on the screen. Double Battles in the wild areas.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

New Features New maps, sprites, script, storyline. Pokemon from Gen I and Gen II. Some more extra events. Tiles from Diamond/Pearl. Characters from the movie.

Pokemon Golden Island

New Features A brand new region Alastia. New music, gyms, texts, scripts, tiles, maps. Pokemon and Legendary from Gen IV. Starters are from Johto.

Pokemon Cloud White 3

New Features PWT New title screen New boot screen New musics New tileset Honey tree Some new maps Increase density Increase difficulty Hordes New overworlds New menus Double wild battle

Pokemon World Zoala

New Features New graphics, new maps, new music. Edited maps and cities, caves, forests… Much more. Alpha version at the current time.

Pokemon Uprising

New Features This game is divided into chapters and seasons. Shortage Pokemon will be available.

Touhoumon Purple

New Features Ten new characters. Three custom transportation services. The Battle Frontier for training.

Pokemon RedChal

New Features Some evolution forms from the later game. 220 Pokemon can be caught throughout the game. Many enhancements.

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