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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon DNA

New Features Hoenn Region is the new area for this game. You will have three rivals. Think you can handle them all? Obtain all 386 Pokemon. After finishing the main game, it’s time for Sidequests!

Pokemon Sweet 2th

New Features Like the first Sweet hack, you can use berries to craft many EV items. You can change the battle background music by using MusicPlayer in your Pocket. There are 386 PokeSweets in total. They remain the same number. There will be 25 PokeSweets which can use …

Pokemon Zandite

New Features New storyline. You can have Shadow Pokemon. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. Two new regions. One new rival.

Pokemon Desolate

New Features You can check your bag. Open the PC, talk to all NPCs in your town. New storyline.

Pokemon Congbu

New Features Many new things: Storyline – Palette – Tiles – Characters – Rivals. There are no gyms at all and only Legendary encounters. Some Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Navyblue

New Features A brand new region with 175 fakemon, new and old. New moves, new types. Many moves from Gen IV – Gen V. New places.

Pokemon Haunted

New Features Some changes are implemented: many Ghosts are available, battles are more difficult. Pokemon from Kanto – Johto – Hoenn. Physical/Special Split. Stats are adjusted.

Pokemon Justicieros

New Features Black 2/White 2 Repel System. Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. Capture Pokemon will give you EXP, level up faster. You can remove help menu by pressing L or R.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks