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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon The Legend of Anbuja

New Features You can only select the male protagonist. Explore the new Anbuja Region. Day/Night System. Black/White repel system. Physical/Special Split. Dive.

Pokemon Daydream White Version

New Features A whole new region based on Sinnoh. Many Pokemon from Gen I – Gen VI. Tiles of Fire Red. Sidequests. Day/Night system.

Pokemon Ashes

New Features Day/Night system. Some new cries for Pokemon from the anime series. Many Pokemon from different generations.

Pokemon Evil World

New Features Changed storyline. Edited and adjusted graphics with new sprites.

Pokemon Z Version

New Features Enjoy a Dragon Ball Z game in the style of Pokemon. New graphics including tiles, sprites.

Pokemon Dark Knight

New Features TMs can be reused everywhere and anytime. Hatching egg at lv 1. Run inside buildings.

Pokemon: Complete

New Features Obtain all Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Visit the previous regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. Deep story. New evil team: Team Ozone.

Pokemon Super Heart Red

New Features Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII. Many kinds of new item. New TMs. Increased the chance to encounter Shiny Pokemon.

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