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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Neosun

New Features New region, New tiles, graphics, soundtracks, tiles, sprites.

Pokemon Glowing Silver

New Features Go to Hoenn Region instead of Kanto. Choose Gold or Crystal to play. New events. New rivals. 16 gyms in total. Red Gyarados.

Emerald Renewal

New Features The battle engine is upgraded. No decapitalization. There will be a patch to support save compatibility.

Pokemon Moortus

New Features – Get the National Pokedex right from the start. – A whole new storyline with no Gyms. – No evolution by trading. – New region – story – characters – music.

Pokemon Fire Red 2

New Features TMs are now reusable. Something are decapitalized. Physical/Special Split. After catching a Pokemon, you get EXP. The repel system from Pokemon Black/White. No more deaths from Poison status effect. You can delete HMs. IVs are displayed.

Pokemon Francium

New Features Pokemon will be available from Gen IV to Gen VI. Fairy type is added. The textures are unique. The TMs now are infinite. There are only two HMs left. Music from Sinnoh Region.

Pokemon Axiom Version

New Features The Pokedex is expanded. HMs are removed. Pokemon can be fused. You can custom your characters. The battle mechanics is updated.

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