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Category: Nintendo GBC

Pokemon: Awakened Legends

New Features New storyline. New sprites and graphics. No need to beat gyms, they are optional. No need to use SURF since you can swim yourself. A whole new region. The Challenge House will test your limit.


New Features Pikachu is the only starter. Trainers’s level are added up. Type changes: Steel, Dark and Fairy added.

Pokemon Brutal Blue

New Features Buffered all trainers – gyms – Elite Four. New kinds of trade. Gen II music and graphics.

Pokemon Wood

New Features A whole new storyline. A new region. New battle sprites, events, trainer types, scripts.

Pokemon Plasma Red

New Features New fakemon, world map, items, tiles, events, type. Two different evil teams.

Pokemon Pilar/Xare

New Features A big new region. You can select your gender at the beginning. Three new types: Fairy, Light, Eterno. New 8-bit soundtracks.

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