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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Exile

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. The Mega Evolution is fully usable at any time. The graphics is replaced with the Pokemon Black/White’s graphics. Some new minigames.

Pokemon Lost Silver

New Features Play and enjoy one of the most well-known, famous Pokemon Creepypasta in the Pokemon world. New plot.

The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion

New Features The length is 1 hour. The graphics system is 8bit. 2 different ending. The soundtracks are remixed by GlitchxCity.

Pokemon Celestial Light

New Features There will be a following Pokemon after you. All Mega Evolutions for Pokemon. The map of Oplio Region can be extended later.

Pokemon Pantheon

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V are available. All the characters in this game are customized. A new function called Seed will allow you to share your achievement, your progress with your friends. Three difficult levels: Easy – Normal – Hard.

Pokemon Ethereal Gate

New Features The soundtracks are completely orchestrated. The cutscenes are now in 3D. The screen resolution is bigger. The menu interfaces are redesigned.

Pokemon Zeta Omicron

New Features Two different regions contain 12 gyms, 4 halls. The Battle Frontier is also available after you finish the main game. Think you can catch all the legendary pokemon or solve all the puzzles? The level limit is now 120. You can freely train any of your …

Pokemon Dark Rift

New Features This game uses Fakemon, so many new Fakemon are available. Every choices of yours will have an impact on this story, on everything in this game. There are several endings. A lot of new moves are ready to use. You can pick up some Fakemon on …

Pokemon Chromatic

New Features The Battle System is revised. The evolution now has some secrets inside. You can collect all 189 Pokemon and use 17 Mega Evolutions for some of them. Again, Team Rocket become the antagonist. Better stop them before everything is too late. You can choose Professor Oak …

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