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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Cosmic Version

New Features Pokemon will follow you to everywhere. Pokemon from Kanto Region to Kalos Region. Multi save at once.

Pokemon Adamant

New Features New characters, new environments. Customized soundtracks. The graphics system is a mixture of Gen IV and Gen V.

Pokemon Ascension

New Features New graphics, sprites, menu, battle screen, battle background, etc. New music.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

New Features Rename Pokemon right from the menu. Fairy type is added. Many sidequests after the maingame. Double Battle in wild areas. Day/Night system will be faster.

Pokemon Nox

New Features The regions and storylines of Pokemon are remained the same. You can create Pokeball and other items for yourself.

Pokemon: Distant Divinity

New Features A new battle system will be used. Pokemon follow after. No more gyms, tournaments instead. The difficulty is more fun. Big, new, beautiful region to explore.

Pokemon Lavulite Splice

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V. New Spliced Pokemon. A whole new Hoenn Region. The graphics system is in the old style on Gameboy Color.

Pokemon Spinel

New Features Difficulty can satisfy the most hardcore gamer of Pokemon. Pokemons will follow their trainers. When get to a trainer, you will see the screen dimming changes to the style of Pokemon Sun – Moon.

Pokemon Renegade

New Features Multi endings for the game. This game is based on the North America place. Pokemon comes from Gen I – Gen V.

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