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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Lustrous Aqua

New Features Many new cities and towns. Pokemon from different generations. Obtain Reshiram/Zekrom.

Pokemon Mirage Academy

New Features The gameplay will be impacted by your choices. New evil team. 16 gyms to beat. New region. New mystery gifts. New battle interface. New rivals.

Pokemon Gamma

New Features The intro was re-designed. The story is now extendable. The starters are no ordinary ones. Fairy type is here! The soundtrack is better.

Pokemon Rebalanced: Red

New Features Can use the Turbo function like many emulators. Battles are equally adjusted. Support Gen VI, but no sharing EXP. Pokemon will follow you. Ivs/Evs screen. Other starters can be gained through trading or catching. 1% to meet the Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Omen

New Features More than 100 Fakemon to catch. Many side-quests after the main game. Upgraded difficulty. A new type of Fakemon.

Pokemon Reckoning Version

New Features Have three different areas for trainers: Western Migoto, Central Migoto, Eastern Migoto. Wonderful sounds.

Pokemon Cosmic Version

New Features Pokemon will follow you to everywhere. Pokemon from Kanto Region to Kalos Region. Multi save at once.

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