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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Viral Space

New Features A classic Pokémon adventure through an enitrely new region! Story driven journey Choices may affect certain events in the game Sidequests Custom Abilities Some Pokémon have different typings All Pokémon will eventually be available

Pokemon Total Eclipse

New Features A new side of pokemon, don’t worry about grinding for gyms and the E4, go for the story instead. Game will have some difficult puzzle like parts, mainly the game currently has 2 parts with less obvious answers. (This can be “turned off” during intro. May …

Pokecurse: BloodRed Version

New Features Ghoul Pokemon are everywhere You have no following Pokemon The game will happen according to your own selection Battle four scary souls

Pokemon Forge Special

New Features It has all the Pokemon present – it’s even the 7th generation! (See screenshot for more details) Mega evolution! That’s right! The true mega evolution! Mr. The Dollsteak Patch (not original but functional) New gym without special typing! Instead, they will be based on combat styles …

Pocketmans Teal

New Features Since it was created from Java, this is a PC game Control your character with the W-S-A-D key to move, Space key to interact.

Pokemon Sigma Version

New Features All 721 Pokemon All 48 Mega Evolutions Two Brand New Regions to Explore Rematches with Gym Leaders Battle ALL Elite Four/Champions from ALL Regions (except Kalos, in progress) 20+ Hours of Gameplay!

Pokemon Run

New Features Mega Evolution for your Pokemon New ways to level up Pokemon If you win you can take your opponent’s Pokemon and vice versa Some fossil Pokemon can be your starter

Pokemon Cursed Black

New Features The classical graphics and soundtrack Only one Pokemon from the beginning to the end

Pokemon Mint Fantasy

New Features Diagonal Walking Reputation System, which allows for perks such as Auction House entry All 721 POKéMON are in the POKéDEX (Note, not all may be available) A total of 18 different starter POKéMON to choose from KALOS as a second region Collectathons (Manuscripts, Map Pieces and …

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