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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon: Weavile’s Revenge

New Features Attack – which goes to physical and special attacks (not really new): each attack options has four options, so 8 attacks in total Evade – has two options 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options 2. Defend: defend against opponent’s attack, lowering attack damage …

Pokemon Primal

New Features Around 50 Pokémon to Capture. 2 Gyms to Fight 3 Legendaries to battle (Locations below) Fight the Support Staff, and the Creator

Pokemon Nightmare

New Features Mega Pokémon; the ultimate breed of Pokémon created by a mysterious organization self-proclaimed “Team Darkness”. Could they be behind the lab’s assault? P☆DA, the Pokémon Digital Assistant, marks a return with numerous new features, as well as old ones; Visit Orthan in all its glory; Explore …

Pokemon Primal Silex

New Features There are two different versions of this game: Grande and Pequena. Each version will contain different improvements and additions.

Pokemon Fractured Evil

New Features Four gym demo. Introduction to the main characters. Tons of Pokemon to collect. New ways to evolve some Pokemon. Some brand new items. The X Forms aren’t in the demo yet, along with the new Pokemon Star.-Four gym demo. Introduction to the main characters. Tons of …

Pokemon Luxium

New Features 2 More Regions To Explore 16 More Gymbadges For These Regions Battle Arena Battles Against Characthers Out Of Other Games Like Undertale,Stardew Valley, And Your Favorites OwO But Also Pokemon Characthers Like Dawn,Cyrus, And More!

Pokemon Lost Story

New Features 721 Pokemon to catch A new story Whole new region “The Noir” to explore Tasks and sides quests GTS System Wide screen/Touch screen sometimes Redesigned menu and other interfaces Multiple save files

Pokemon Snitch

New Features All the basic elements of a Pokemon game have been transferred successfully into a Pokemon game on the PC: new graphics, new music, new dialogues, new abilities, new events. An interesting storyline will roll you in from the beginning to the end. Many different difficult opponents …

Pokemon Sky Fortress

New Features New plot. RPG Maker XP + Pokemon Essentials + PBS+ Editor + Adobe Photoshop… a lot of different softwares to make this game. Amazing Gameplay.

Pokemon Retold

New Features Characters from the Main Pokemon Games Mega Evolution Edited 3rd Generation graphics New Moves and also moves that have featured from later generations Removed HMs 2 Rivals 8 Gym Leaders and Elite New Gym Leaders Updated Gym Teams New Gym Order New additions to the Kanto …

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