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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Attack on Silph Co.

New Features This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. You will spend 1 or 2 hours to play. This event takes place 4 years after Heart Gold/Soul Silver. All Pokemon come from Gen I to Gen IV.

Pokemon Zeta Omicron

New Features Two different regions contain 12 gyms, 4 halls. The Battle Frontier is also available after you finish the main game. Think you can catch all the legendary pokemon or solve all the puzzles? The level limit is now 120. You can freely train any of your …

Pokemon Dark Rift

New Features This game uses Fakemon, so many new Fakemon are available. Every choices of yours will have an impact on this story, on everything in this game. There are several endings. A lot of new moves are ready to use. You can pick up some Fakemon on …

Pokemon Chromatic

New Features The Battle System is revised. The evolution now has some secrets inside. You can collect all 189 Pokemon and use 17 Mega Evolutions for some of them. Again, Team Rocket become the antagonist. Better stop them before everything is too late. You can choose Professor Oak …

Pokemon Alchemist

New Features A brand new Kamla Region with several Pokemon. There are 11 Gyms and a Pokemon League in total. Not only finish the main game but you also need to execute all the sidequests.

Pokemon Golurk Rising

New Features A nostalgic Pokemon game with the Gen II graphics and soundtracks. Every thing you interact on the way will have different responses.

Pokemon Marigold

New Features You can challenge any gym leader in the order you want. 40 TMs to collect, a big nummber. And so many hidden useful items are waiting for you to collect. The soundtracks are remixed.

Pokemon Rose Gold

New Features This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. Its playing time is very short: around 1-2 hours.

Pokemon Raptor EX

New Features A whole new and big region to explore. You can select the male hero or female hero who come from the Pokemon Ranger. You can catch all Pokemon. You will have the PokeDevice instead of PokeGear or PokeNavi. The phone system was replaced by the mailing …

Pokemon Paradox

New Features All the familiar maps with you are completely accurated. There will be Trainer Simulators for you to repeat your favorite battles. A place called Battle Island will test whether you are a strong trainer or not. All Pokemon are updated from Gen I to Gen V. …

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