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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Universe – Across Time and Space

New Features New Variant Pokemon (Black Blood Mode Pokemon) New Regional PokeDex Full Custom Region with 30+ cities and towns (Senzo Region) 12 Gyms + 4 Pokemon Trials + Senzo Championship New Evil Team and few organizations Many in-game Puzzles Cool User Visual Interface New Background Music Pokemon …

Pokemon Sage

New Features New big region called Urobos with many unexpected things. New Fakemon available for more complex strategies. New rivals and gyms to battle. And much more.

Pokemon: Legends of the Arena

New Features Choose one in the seven different forms of Eevee right from the beginning. Many key characters will show their role while talking. Many side-quests in game and after finishing the game.

Pokemon Police Force

New Features Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. Strange looking Pokemon will appear. Gen III graphics system. Turbo Mode.

Pokemon Master League

New Features Some Z-Moves. No more Gym Leaders, Dungeon Bosses instead. You cannot use the Pokemon in your PC, at least until the Second Dungeon. Much more.

Pokemon Brimstone

New Features Pokemon will come from Gen VI. Max Mega Evolution. The level limit of a Pokemon is now 500. The Elite Battle System will make the game more difficult. PokeCenters are now better. All the Pokemon sprites are updated.

Pokemon Mint

New Features Choose Kalos as the second region. Added Fairy Type. Mega Evolution in battle. Nuzlocke challenge. Four new skills. The endgame content will be difficult. Day/Night System.

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