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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Cursed Black

New Features The classical graphics and soundtrack Only one Pokemon from the beginning to the end

Pokemon Mint Fantasy

New Features Diagonal Walking Reputation System, which allows for perks such as Auction House entry All 721 POKéMON are in the POKéDEX (Note, not all may be available) A total of 18 different starter POKéMON to choose from KALOS as a second region Collectathons (Manuscripts, Map Pieces and …

Pokemon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

New Features STORY – Dark, branching storyline – Sarcastic NPCs and poking fun at official games – Interactable items are everywhere- if something seems out of place, try interacting with it – Tie-ins to the official games – Sidequests GRAPHICS AND RESOURCES – Mix of generation 4 and …

Pokemon Aquila

New Features Pokémon from different generations (though no new inventions, no fakemon) New region to explore Multiple Save Files! Choices that actually influence the story Choose out of 9 different starters (some of which are very unusual) No pesky HM moves to mess up your movesets! Instead new …

Pokemon Blobsanity

New Features Fakemon Following Pokemon Megas and the Fairy type More features coming soon!

Pokemon Triple Triad

New Features Shop to acquire booster packs. Losing your most valuable cards to an NPC, adds these cards to their deck. Almost every NPC plays Triad. When placing a card in a Triad Match, their cry will play. You can acquire Pokémon with boosted stats. Look at the …

Pokemon Hyperion

New Features New Pokémon to discover throughout the galaxy!​ An in-depth story to play through​ Gen 1-7 Pokémon​ Beautiful scenery​ (More to come)​

Pokemon ApoRed

New Features New region ApoRed with new Pokemon – rivals – leaders as an addition All the basic stats are updated and adjusted

Pokemon Pokestar Theater

New Features Multiple different stories to play through. Choices matter! Beware of game overs! This game strays from the cliché formula most Pokémon games tend to follow. Somewhat darker plots, similar to the original plots of Pokestar Studios movies. Over three types of endings per story! Outcomes of …

Pokemon Axis

New Features All Pokémon incuding Alola forms before final release Some Gen VII mechanics (Coming at a later patch) Level cap that goes up each Gym (8 currently, making the cap 60) Many strange and cool characters HM items for Cut and Flash

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