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Pokemon Blacx

New Features A new story. 251 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI with Mega Evolution. New in-game events. The graphics is upgraded. The level limit is increased to 170.

Pokemon Type Wild

New Features A new game with new backgrounds, new soundtracks, new gameplay style for all Pokemon fans. New plot. New design.

Pokemon Polished Crystal

New Features After catching a Pokemon, you can get EXP. No need to find Running Shoes anymore since you can always turn it On or Off in the menu. You can use the TMs infinitively. No more Poison-death in battles, it leaves 1 HP. At the level 1, …

Kanto Explorers: Wisteria

New Features A completely new region is waiting for you to explore. All the text in this game is changed for a suitable hack. New tiles which are a mix from FireRed and Ruby. The soundtracks are slightly changed. Some Pokemon are modified genetically.

Pokemon Shadowstone

New Features The controls are remapable. There are three regions in total. After finishing the first ending with Team Chimera, there are still two other teams for you. You can fully customize your character in the ways you want.

Pokemon Steel

New Features A whole new Raitona Region will take a lot of your time. There are also Fakemon along the original Pokemon. You can go to the different parts of this Raitona Region since it is so big.

Pokemon Luca Ruby

New Features The Elite Four is now stronger with new Pokemon. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V. Mega Evolution.

Pokemon Eevee

New Features The sprite in overworld is Blue, but in battle is Red. New gameplay.

Pokemon Final Flames Revamped

New Features The Elite Four has been changed completely. Gym Leaders are also stronger. The new function Battle Pyramid is a place to battle and get exp.

Pokemon Fire Red 251+

New Features You can run inside many buildings now. Every wild Pokemon will hold at least one item. The movesets and TMs are now updated to the Gen V. A small note: you can go back to Mt. Moon from Cerulean City.

Pokemon Rouge

New Features The insane difficulties will satisfy a lot of hardcore Pokemon fans. New scripts.

Pokemon Kanto Roads

New Features The newest type Fairy. Physical/Special Split. Several moves from Gen IV to Gen VII. Many Pokemon events are scripted. The trainer rosters are also redone. PokeMarts now sell more items. Only evoluting your Pokemon by level up or using stone. No more Sevii Islands.

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