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Pokemon Zandite

New Features New storyline. You can have Shadow Pokemon. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. Two new regions. One new rival.

Pokemon Desolate

New Features You can check your bag. Open the PC, talk to all NPCs in your town. New storyline.

Pokemon Congbu

New Features Many new things: Storyline – Palette – Tiles – Characters – Rivals. There are no gyms at all and only Legendary encounters. Some Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Navyblue

New Features A brand new region with 175 fakemon, new and old. New moves, new types. Many moves from Gen IV – Gen V. New places.

Pokemon Haunted

New Features Some changes are implemented: many Ghosts are available, battles are more difficult. Pokemon from Kanto – Johto – Hoenn. Physical/Special Split. Stats are adjusted.

Pokemon Justicieros

New Features Black 2/White 2 Repel System. Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. Capture Pokemon will give you EXP, level up faster. You can remove help menu by pressing L or R.

The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion

New Features The length is 1 hour. The graphics system is 8bit. 2 different ending. The soundtracks are remixed by GlitchxCity.

Pokemon Lorrah

New Features The biggest number of Pokemon starters ever: 9. A new storyline will satisfy you. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. Many items. Day/Night system.

Pokemon Iolite Version

New Features Pokemon from Sinnoh Region. One new Fakemon. New maps, new scripts, new tiles.

Pokemon Fire Red Elementary

New Features Catch all 386 Pokemon. All Pokemon’s indexes are updated. The chance for catching a Shiny Pokemon will be higher also. And much more.

Pokemon Yellow Advance

New Features All soundtracks are remixed. Many custom Pokemon sprites. The difficulty is increased. New movets for opponents and gym leaders. All 386 Pokemon are catchable. Some more rivals.

Pokemon Space and Time

New Features All the maps till Mt. Moon are redesigned. Red and Green appear in this game. Currently, there is one 1 Gym battle.

Pokemon Deneb

New Features New regions. The soundtracks are made by the author. New moves. Some new evolution methods for the existing Fakemon.

Pokemon Pilar/Xare

New Features A big new region. You can select your gender at the beginning. Three new types: Fairy, Light, Eterno. New 8-bit soundtracks.

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