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Pokemon Shiny Jewel

New Features 8 gym leaders. New rivals, new maps, new tiles. The Pokedex is reordered. Run indoor. Install soundtracks.

Pokemon Gray Topaz

New Features All 649 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V are catchable. Surprisingly, the aim of that evil organization is not TAKE OVER THE WORLD. The difficulty when battling against the important trainers are highly increased. The graphics is fancy. Players can have Legendary Pokemon through many …

Pokemon Vortex Version

New Features A new region for capturing Pokemon and searching for items. New tiles, new maps. New challenges. New rival. Pokemon from Gen V and Gen VI. All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV have new moves.

Pokemon Spirits and Legends

New Features There are two of your rivals in this hack: one male and one female. Some areas are from Heart Gold/Soul Silver, the others are completely new. You can use in-game trades and something like that. Many events besides the main storyline.

Pokemon Spice

New Features Day/Night system. New maps, new soundtracks.

Pokemon Dardusk

New Features Physical/Special Split. You can only play as Silver. You can run inside buildings. Many new maps based on Kanto. Zombies everywhere. Some new music.

Pokemon Light Rising

New Features All the Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. The movesets of all Pokemon are updated now. New moves, new Gym Leaders, new rivals, new maps.

Pokemon Kelayapan

New Features The Master Ball and Rare Candy are free to buy. The wild Pokemon’s level is high. A strange storyline.

Pokemon Kohaku Adventures

New Features Title screen, tile set, sprites, credits… all of them are customized by the author. New story.

Pokemon Camp Baker

New Features New tileset. A new region. Several new scripts. Day/Night system. Many seasons.

Pokemon Coral

New Features A whole new Pokemon Professor will help you in this game. New Odorlan Region with new things. A big number of cities and towns. New sprites for Pokemon. Scripts are customized.

Earthbound: Capsule Quest

New Features Just like the others in Game Jam event, this game has a short length: about 2-4 hours of gameplay. Many NPCs are interactable.

Pokemon Versione Spugnosa

New Features Become Spongebob in his own Pokemon Adventure in the underwater city Bikini Bottom. Only the protagonists sprites (both male and female) are replaced.

Pokemon Iris

New Features A new region. New Pokedex contains Pokemon of Gen I to Gen IV. New graphics and music. New protagonists and rivals.

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