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Pokemon Nightmare

New Features Mega Pokémon; the ultimate breed of Pokémon created by a mysterious organization self-proclaimed “Team Darkness”. Could they be behind the lab’s assault? P☆DA, the Pokémon Digital Assistant, marks a return with numerous new features, as well as old ones; Visit Orthan in all its glory; Explore …

Pokemon Primal Silex

New Features There are two different versions of this game: Grande and Pequena. Each version will contain different improvements and additions.

Pokemon Fractured Evil

New Features Four gym demo. Introduction to the main characters. Tons of Pokemon to collect. New ways to evolve some Pokemon. Some brand new items. The X Forms aren’t in the demo yet, along with the new Pokemon Star.-Four gym demo. Introduction to the main characters. Tons of …

Pokemon Luxium

New Features 2 More Regions To Explore 16 More Gymbadges For These Regions Battle Arena Battles Against Characthers Out Of Other Games Like Undertale,Stardew Valley, And Your Favorites OwO But Also Pokemon Characthers Like Dawn,Cyrus, And More!

Pokemon FireRemix

New Features Edits to pretty much any Pokémon aside from the legendaries, from slight changes to complete revamps Edits to many moves, never pass any moves before looking at them! Indoor running Decapitalization Edited trainers Edited wild encounters

Pokemon Lost Story

New Features 721 Pokemon to catch A new story Whole new region “The Noir” to explore Tasks and sides quests GTS System Wide screen/Touch screen sometimes Redesigned menu and other interfaces Multiple save files

Pokemon Snitch

New Features All the basic elements of a Pokemon game have been transferred successfully into a Pokemon game on the PC: new graphics, new music, new dialogues, new abilities, new events. An interesting storyline will roll you in from the beginning to the end. Many different difficult opponents …

Pokemon Sky Fortress

New Features New plot. RPG Maker XP + Pokemon Essentials + PBS+ Editor + Adobe Photoshop… a lot of different softwares to make this game. Amazing Gameplay.

Pokemon Retold

New Features Characters from the Main Pokemon Games Mega Evolution Edited 3rd Generation graphics New Moves and also moves that have featured from later generations Removed HMs 2 Rivals 8 Gym Leaders and Elite New Gym Leaders Updated Gym Teams New Gym Order New additions to the Kanto …

Pokemon Korano

New Features Your Pokemon can follow you.(My priority for the game ) Basic Nuzlocke run ! (When your Pokemon faint, they can’t be revive) Team Licence (or Team Limit) (When you start, you will have a maximum of 3 Pokemon in your team. Each 3 badges , you …

Pokemon Cosmos

New Features Dark and Original Storyline Horror Aspects of Pokemon Pokemon Card (Triad) Mini-game Side Quests Thought provoking dialouge 4 New Mysterious Starters Whole New Region Mind-tricking Side Characters Pokemon Chamber Color “Hallucinations” QuickSave Feature (V) Multiple files for multiple adventures at once Custom Titles All Pokemon will …

Pokemon Style Battling (Untitled Project)

New Features Added a Quest Mode. Added Monster Egg system. Added EXP Point system. Updated Menus and GUI. Added Volume/Music Control options. Added auto-save feature. Added new monsters. New Battle Skills. New Battle Traits. Added a Fusion system. Added filter option to monster book. Added Training Mode.

Pokemon Distrust

New Features There’s two different versions of it- one that’s censored, and one that’s not. Of course I plan on drawing (or at least doing my best at it) some of the things where I just put a sprite over it instead, to make things more dramatic, but …

Pokemon The Lethal Secret

New Features New region! Experience great adventures in previously unknown regions! New graphics! Revised graphics, tilesets and animations provide visual orgasms! New structures! No intro, walnut trees, minor examples, etc.! Day & night system! Time-based events, berry bushes etc.! New Pokédex! All Pokémon catchable! Not an arenal system! …

Pokemon Serpentine

New Features Pokemon card game: Pokemon Triad Modified HUD that shows your party Pokemon follow player Will contain all regions Will contain all 5 generations of Pokemon Includes events from selected TV Episodes And much, much, more

Pokemon Comet

New Features Heroes Meet our heroes: You’ll be playing as Fynn(m)/Didi(f), who lives with their father in a picturesque town in the small Loudon Region. The player just turned 17 and gets gifted a starter Pokémon by their aunt Olive, who is a Pokémon researcher. Starters Which one …

Home (April Fools Edition)

New Features Game-based gameplay – All decisions affect history in any way. Updated combat engine to include physical / special / state separation and fairy type Latest generation of up-to-date movements, skills and movement sets From competitive combat aids to my own custom items, new articles A new …

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