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Pokemon Moonshine

New Features Select Espeon and Umbreon. Maxie (leader of Team Magma) will be there. Some gyms will be weak.

Pokemon Sunset

New Features Some new screens for your Pokemon and your partner’s Pokemon. Level up your partner’s Pokemon. Pokemon and abilities from Gen VII. Turbo mode for speeding up the game.

Pokemon Shadow Unbound

New Features Day/Night system, you can control the time and weather. The level of wild trainers will match yours. The HMs will be used automatically.

Pokemon Saiken

New Features Classical graphics system. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. Visit different regions. 8bit music.

Pokemon Ruby 2

New Features New tiles, events. New music, battles, moves, abilities.

Jam Party Pokemon Error

New Features The Transfer Player is fixed. The Route where give you Patrats is fixed. You will know about MissingNo. Have an ending.

Pokemon Bizarre Version

New Features All Pokemon from the first 3 different generations. The difficulty is higher. A dark humourous game.

Pokemon Lustrous Silver

New Features Johto and Sinnoh Region are connected. All Legendary Pokemon of Johto. Different rivals. New story for Johto and Sinnoh. Tracks from other Pokemon games are inserted. Diamond/Pearl tiles with new pallettes.

Pokemon Sitnalta

New Features A deep storyline. Many characters have their own mugshots. Many protagonists can talk. The trainer sprites are customized. All characters are colorized. The HMs are items now. The game’s mechanics are from Gen VI. Some Fakemon are added. New moves.

Pokemon Lustrous Aqua

New Features Many new cities and towns. Pokemon from different generations. Obtain Reshiram/Zekrom.

Pokemon Alliance

New Features A new storyline… Explore a whole new region. New graphics. New music.

Pokemon Galactic Platinum

New Features Find and battle with the grandsons of Lucas, Marcus. Gym System are removed. New system Galactic Ranks. The starter is a Croagunk. Many minigames and sidequests.

Darkstar: Road To Dreams

New Features New maps, leaders, region, evil organization, events. Prove yourself at the Battle Tournament.

Pokemon Tough Red

New Features The graphics system is now colorized. The difficulty is higher. Dark and Steel types are added. Catch all 151 Pokemon.

Pokemon Mirage Academy

New Features The gameplay will be impacted by your choices. New evil team. 16 gyms to beat. New region. New mystery gifts. New battle interface. New rivals.

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