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Pokemon Blazing

New Features Changed all the starters: Charmander, Cindaquil, Torchic, Flaon. New gameplay.

Pokemon Alternate Evolutions

New Features You can only visit the first three islands of Sevii Islands. A new sidequest is ready to play. All the places before fighting the Elite Four have been edited. All trainers have been adjusted. Many sub-bosses in caves/routes, hidden trainers are waiting on the way.

Pokemon Fire Red Kalos

New Features Many of new items, new moves are waiting. You can see the Ivs and Physical/Special Split right from the in-game screen.

Pokemon Flaze

New Features Day/Night System. You can catch the Pokemon of Johto and Hoenn Region. There are nine starters for you to select. i>

Pokemon Emerald Omega

New Features Physical/Special Split from the later generations. All the boss fights will have 6 Pokemon. All the trainers in every gyms have their own movesets and Pokemon. Run inside the houses. TMs can be used unlimited. Red is the champion. One new ability.

Pokemon Rosso Fuoco Distorto

New Features A difficult Nuzlocke Challenge. All the sprites of Pokemon are creepy designed. New script, new maps, new tile. New characters. New items, new abilities.

Pokemon White Amethyst

New Features FireRed/LeafGreen titles are remained the same. The new Aelyn region is worth-exploring. All Pokemon from Gen IV and Gen V. To re-battle with opponents, you have to get a new badge. The return of Team Rocket is great.

Pokemon Iridescent

New Features Physical/Special Split. Plot and Map are also rearranged. Moves, Movepools, TMs, Abilities are updated. Many areas are not the same as their origin.

Pokemon Version Eclat Pourpre

New Features A new storyline with new scenarios, new characters. Many new maps which are completely re-designed. All 386 Pokemon from the first generations. You can use the Pokeradar. You can encounter Shiny Pokemon easier. Physical/Special Split. You can buy the outfits for yourself. A new trainer card. …

Pokemon Aqua Blue

New Features You can freely choose any starter from Gen I to Gen III. All cities which appeared in the anime are also in this hack. Day/Night system. The IVs now appear on the status screen. And much moreā€¦.

Pokemon Kyanite

New Features Become a true gym leader for the first time. Battle any challenger. You can catch all 386 Pokemon and some of them can only be caught in special ways.

Pokemon G Version

New Features When receiving a starter, your Pokemon will be at level 8 while your rival is at level 5. The difficulty is raised a little bit higher.

Pokemon 3D

New Features Real-time PvP battles. Gym battles will be more interesting. There will be a Ranking and Emblem system for players. PokeGear is a useful in-game item. Players can have an online friend list with an online rank list also.

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