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Pokemon Gamma

New Features The intro was re-designed. The story is now extendable. The starters are no ordinary ones. Fairy type is here! The soundtrack is better.

Pokemon Savage Silver

New Features Physical/Status/Special Split. Repels from Black 2/White 2. Some moves from Gen IV – V – VI. Pokemon Tournament is available. Some music from Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Pokemon Zoala

New Features New big region called Zoala. Routes have been adjusted. New cities. New graphics. The game is just at the alpha version.

Pokemon Brutal Version

New Features New characters, new title screens. Some more events are added. Some Pokemon from Kanto and Johto.

Pokemon Nukleon

New Features New characters New tiles There are new places to discover Pokemon from other regions Scrambled scripts Min examples and events Much more…

Pokemon Requiem

New Features New region. All 386 Pokemon are available. Re-battle with wild trainers anytime. New TMs and items. Decapitalized. Updated moves, sprites, classes.

Pokemon Rebalanced: Red

New Features Can use the Turbo function like many emulators. Battles are equally adjusted. Support Gen VI, but no sharing EXP. Pokemon will follow you. Ivs/Evs screen. Other starters can be gained through trading or catching. 1% to meet the Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Omen

New Features More than 100 Fakemon to catch. Many side-quests after the main game. Upgraded difficulty. A new type of Fakemon.

Pokemon Reckoning Version

New Features Have three different areas for trainers: Western Migoto, Central Migoto, Eastern Migoto. Wonderful sounds.

Pokemon Cosmic Version

New Features Pokemon will follow you to everywhere. Pokemon from Kanto Region to Kalos Region. Multi save at once.

Pokemon: Awakened Legends

New Features New storyline. New sprites and graphics. No need to beat gyms, they are optional. No need to use SURF since you can swim yourself. A whole new region. The Challenge House will test your limit.

Pokemon Adamant

New Features New characters, new environments. Customized soundtracks. The graphics system is a mixture of Gen IV and Gen V.

Pokemon Cloud White 2

New Features Play Red/Leaf. PWT. New title screen. New boot screen. New musics. New tileset. Honey trees. Buyable and customizable houses. BW exp catch system. BW repel System. Shiny ratio increased. Give Pokémons. New trades. New attacks. Decapitalization. New evolutionary stones. Some new maps. Increase density. Increase difficulty. …

Pokemon Neosun

New Features New region, New tiles, graphics, soundtracks, tiles, sprites.

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