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Tag: Alpha Version Hacks

Pokemon Dark Knight

New Features TMs can be reused everywhere and anytime. Hatching egg at lv 1. Run inside buildings.

Pokemon Super Heart Red

New Features Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII. Many kinds of new item. New TMs. Increased the chance to encounter Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Bizarre Version

New Features All Pokemon from the first 3 different generations. The difficulty is higher. A dark humourous game.

Pokemon Nukleon

New Features New characters New tiles There are new places to discover Pokemon from other regions Scrambled scripts Min examples and events Much more…

Emerald Renewal

New Features The battle engine is upgraded. No decapitalization. There will be a patch to support save compatibility.

Pokemon Fire Red 2

New Features TMs are now reusable. Something are decapitalized. Physical/Special Split. After catching a Pokemon, you get EXP. The repel system from Pokemon Black/White. No more deaths from Poison status effect. You can delete HMs. IVs are displayed.

Pokemon Fused Emerald

New Features New graphics. Trainers have been edited. Maps are changed. New dialogues.

Pokemon Scarlet Blaze

New Features All the trainers are stronger than ever. Right from the beginning of the game, you get Running Shoes and National Dex. New battle backgrounds, Pokemon centers, bag sprites, menu. New evil team. New tilescreen. Some mispelled names are fixed.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks