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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Maia

New Features Open World with some changes in story New sound, tiles and sprites Infinite hours of gameplay Zero hours of fun Ugly palettes New Pokedex?

Pokemon Luola

New Features Explore the two regions of Kanto Nine and Erthena! No *exact* storyline, just you and your adventurous senses! No gyms! There will be Challenge Centers! (Basically a gym… but not a gym?) 1st-6th Generation Pokémon! Brand new moves, as well as some from the newer generations! …

Pokemon Looker

New Features Two Regions (Explore a new Kanto and the new Namuki Region) Two starters (Growlithe & Croagunk) New storyline No rival Raised difficulty Pokemon from Gen-1 to Gen-5 (I’ll add Gen-6 later) 8 gyms or maybe less, play to find out

Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns)

New Features Increased the difficulty so that many different players can enjoy the game more and more Take part in many different events and get the unexpected rewards Do not forget the sidequests system Three people will come together with you on your journey New abilities and moves …

Project Kanto Reformation

New Features All 721 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII Mega Evolution to boost your Pokemon’s power Be careful with the gyms that do not have the specific types The difficulty is risen to a higher level Everything best in the famous patch of Mr. Dollsteak.

Pokemon Paragon

New Features New Moves and abilities Moves and abilites up to gen 6 have been added. Abilities from gen 1-3 have been updated to match the newer generations, Physical/Special/Status Split Moves now have the PSS Split. Fairy Type Fairy type is in the game. New Region Explore the …

Pokemon Truth

New Features Unique Plotline Explore two complete worlds : ( Stradus / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World) In Stradus you live in the region of Ranjaana with pokemons upto only 5th generation Pokemon Mystery Dimension World : It’s a hidden dimension in the world of Stradus where there are …

Pokemon Generations

New Features A completely new-looking Pokemon game in 3D (like the 3DS style). Great gameplot.

Pokemon FireRed: Nintendask Edition

New Features More than 240 custom Pokemon replacing the original 150 in the game. As there were so many different artists for the project, and the whole thing was for fun, the quality of the Pokemon designs vary drastically. Updated typing including Fairies Physical/Special Split Boatloads of Gen …

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