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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Zei

New Features A new story about Lugia and Ho-oh. New music, new graphics.

Pokemon Flora Flame

New Features Everything remains the same, except the overworld is filled with many flowers. Some changes in gameplay.

Pokemon Epic Gold

New Features All Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Silver are capturable now. The Gym order has been changed. The level of every trainers in the Johto region was increased.

Pokemon Derpizard

New Features Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon. New storyline.

Pokemon BubbleBlue

New Features The title screen and all wild Pokemon are changed. New box art.

Pokemon Moon Emerald

New Features Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza are replaced by Lunala, Solgaleo, Magearna. The Fairy type was added. Mauville City and Lilicove City are now selling the evolution stones. Mega Evolution is here as well. All evolution forms of Eevee. Day/Night System. And much more.

Pokemon Full Moon

New Features Players can catch and have all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. Yay, Mega Evolution is here! Let’s power-up your Pokemon with this awesome evolving method. A good and deep storyline will take a lot of your time to play. There are 18 gyms in …

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks