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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Velvet

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII. Get EXP after catching Pokemon. Display IVs on the screen. Double Battles in the wild areas.

Pokemon Ashes

New Features Day/Night system. Some new cries for Pokemon from the anime series. Many Pokemon from different generations.

Pokemon Evil World

New Features Changed storyline. Edited and adjusted graphics with new sprites.

Pokemon Mint

New Features Choose Kalos as the second region. Added Fairy Type. Mega Evolution in battle. Nuzlocke challenge. Four new skills. The endgame content will be difficult. Day/Night System.

Pokemon Ruby 2

New Features New tiles, events. New music, battles, moves, abilities.

Darkstar: Road To Dreams

New Features New maps, leaders, region, evil organization, events. Prove yourself at the Battle Tournament.

Pokemon Mutatipo

New Features New sprites, new maps, new graphics. Pokemon have been edited with totally new appearances.


New Features Pikachu is the only starter. Trainers’s level are added up. Type changes: Steel, Dark and Fairy added.

Pokemon Dark Realm

New Features Mugshot of the character. You can run inside many buildings. Two new Legendary Pokemon: Rivengon and Leon. A lot of mini games to enjoy. The Tower 100 will challenge you with exactly 100 battle floors. Many Shiny Pokemon are catchable now.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks