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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Banette & Guilmon

New Features The prologue. The beginning of scene 6. The credits sequence.


New Features Gold/Silver/Crystal graphics system Old-themed soundtracks New storyline

Pokemon Christmas Night

New Features Pokemon up to Generation 5 Possibility to change the outfit of the trainer Only boy character Music of generations 1 and 5 Tileset of generation 5 At the end of the game, you can catch a special Pikachu on a new route, battle against Leaf any …

Pokemon Delta Fusion

New Features Fuse many different Pokemon together and create new kinds which are never-be-seen-before New characters and maps Different events will happen continuously

Pokemon Zaru

New Features 151 catchable Fakemon, New story, Slightly modified old routes, Increased difficulty (But hopefully not too much), Moves from new generations, Modified old moves to be better (Snore is actually somewhat good now), New custom moves to give some underappreciated typings a little help in combat, More …

The Wonderful World of Pokemon: Trial of the Hanged Man

New Features The most non-Pokémon Pokémon fangame. Combos and power ups The fastest battles in a Pokémon game. Includes an option to auto translate all the dialogues to english! Otherwise the game will be in spanish. Bigger screen size Some redesigned interfaces.

Joel’s Bizarre Pokeventure

New Features There are no gyms and you cannot catch Pokémon, only the ones given to you by the game. So it’s not exactly a “traditional” Pokémon game. There is also some new language and themes.

Pokemon Fable

New Features Experience Pokémon training in a different time in history: this story is set in the past, before Pokéballs had been invented! Without the PC, space in your your party is much more precious. With over 50 available Pokémon, choose those party members with care! Explore atmospheric …

Pokemon – Gold Sinnoh

New Features New TMs/HMs moded/added in the game, you can check them out in this list. You’ll hear many points of view about today’s friendships. By hearing them, you’ll be able to make your own point of view about them! Team Rocket is making a huge presence in …

Pokemon Nova

New Features Over 200 Fakemon Mega Evolution Edited 3rd Generation graphics New Moves and also moves that have featured from later generations. No HMs 2 Rivals 8 Gym Leaders and Elite 4 “Evil” Team Choice in the story which can lead the player down two routes

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