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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Reign Of Legends

Storyline Your brother has called upon you and your mother to live in the region where he is the Gym Leader of Snow Soft City in the region of GENTO. There, you arrived and decided to live in Sun Ford Town, where you’ll get your first POKEMON to …

Pokemon Scarso Edition

New Features Many new soundtracks are waiting. The graphics is updated with some improvements.

Pokemon Smeraldo Perfetto

New Features You can freely run in many buildings and houses with your Running Shoes. All areas in this game contain many new Pokemon. The Gym leaders are now have new Pokemon in their parties. The game is not so easy like its origin anymore. More than 20 …

Touhoumon Another World

New Features There is no Pokedex in this game. All the TM and HM are not changed. They remain the same as usual. You can also use berries. Many new moves along the changed moves.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Storyline You, the player, wake up from a sudden dream you had in the region known as Core, where you live. In the dream, a Pokemon told you of a dark force that has begun it’s reawakening & asks for your aid in stopping it from causing chaos …

Pokemon Pesadilla

New Features New scrary style, a new design of the old graphics. Nice title screen. Great game storyline.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Rescue Rangers

Storyline You’re just a simple and average kid living in the real world. The day has come, yes! It’s your 12th birthday. To celebrate it, you invited 4 of your friends who, like you, loves POK√©MON as well. But then, when you were about to begin, a strange …

Pokemon Dragon Ball Z: Team Training

New Features The author has replaced Pokemon by Fighters. As for Dragon Ball fans, we all know who they are. You can have 160 attacks in total, include 130 new techniques that come from Dragon Ball Z and 30 old techniques we usually see in Pokemon world. There …

Pokemon Chaos Black

New Features Nice Graphics. New and Funny Music. Interesting GamePlay. New Pokedex.

Pokemon Mega Sapphire

New Features The starters will now come from Generation VI. The difficulty is much higher. The Pokemon of the gym leaders are changed, not the same as before. Many Mega Pokemon, including Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Electivire and Zekrom get their appearance also. The Elite Four and …

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks