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Pokemon Moonlight

New Features New stories, new characters, new plot twists. Re-designed sprites + music.

Pokemon Desolate

New Features You can check your bag. Open the PC, talk to all NPCs in your town. New storyline.

Pokemon Lorrah

New Features The biggest number of Pokemon starters ever: 9. A new storyline will satisfy you. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. Many items. Day/Night system.

Pokemon Celestial Light

New Features There will be a following Pokemon after you. All Mega Evolutions for Pokemon. The map of Oplio Region can be extended later.

Pokemon Ethereal Gate

New Features The soundtracks are completely orchestrated. The cutscenes are now in 3D. The screen resolution is bigger. The menu interfaces are redesigned.

Pokemon Dark Rift

New Features This game uses Fakemon, so many new Fakemon are available. Every choices of yours will have an impact on this story, on everything in this game. There are several endings. A lot of new moves are ready to use. You can pick up some Fakemon on …

Pokemon Chromatic

New Features The Battle System is revised. The evolution now has some secrets inside. You can collect all 189 Pokemon and use 17 Mega Evolutions for some of them. Again, Team Rocket become the antagonist. Better stop them before everything is too late. You can choose Professor Oak …

Pokemon Gust

New Features New plot, new maps, new scripts, new gameplay, new overworlds. The HMs and TMs are remained the same, but their basic stats are increased also.

Pokemon Chion

New Features A whole new story between a girl and a Pokemon. You can alternatively play as Poochyena and Alexis in this game. There are two languages that available: English and Italian. A new graphics system.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks