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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Green Nebula

New Features All 386 Pokemon are capturable. Some routes are adjusted. All opponents and their Pokemon are now stronger. Wild Pokemon can be lv 100. Two new caves to catch some new legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Evil Drill 1 Star Stone

New Features All the Legendary Pokemon of Diamond/Pearl. Also new ones. Mega Evolution will make your Pokemon stronger. New Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

Pokemon Iron Version

New Features There are 25 new Fakemon that will make your team more strategized. Nice and fun gameplay. The graphics is adjusted and upgraded.

Pokemon Neon

New Features More than 60 new Pokemon. Some Pokemon come from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Black/White. The graphics is upgraded. The difficulty is increased to a higher level.

Pokemon Seasons

New Features Not only the basic Day/Night feature as the others, this hack changed the entire seasons. New plot.

Pokemon Fluorite Version

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. The sprites are updated. The boats are controllable now. The plot of Gym Leaders and Elite Four remains the same.

Pokemon Citrite

New Features A combination of tilesets from Ruby – FireRed – Emerald. New graphic.

Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus

New Features You can choose your starter from some generations at one time, just choose one. A Nuzlocke mode is available, you can Enable or Disable it. If a Pokemon fainted in any battle, it will gone out.

Pokemom Emerald 386

New Features You can catch all 386 Pokemon of the Hoenn Region. The difficulty is much higher than the origin. The evolution methods are changed also.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks