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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Heat of Fate

New Features The Pokemon sprites are updated. Many sidequests after finishing the main game. No sound corruption.

Pokemon 2Awesome

New Features A whole new storyline. Many new scripts with events. Many new maps to explore. Many side-events to play and get the rewards. New Gyms with Leaders. New Elite Four with stronger Pokemon. New random NPCs or Trainers.

Pokemon Edicion Sin Amigos

New Features Some changes about the character and overworld sprites. You can use Running Shoes inside buildings. Some new scripts events.

Pokemon Super Theta Emerald

New Features One more new type, the Fairy-type from X & Y. All the stats from Pokemon X & Y have been implemented into this game. You can use your Running Shoes inside many buildings. The TMs are now re-usable infinitively. The level of hatching eggs are now …

Pokemon Final Flames Revamped

New Features The Elite Four has been changed completely. Gym Leaders are also stronger. The new function Battle Pyramid is a place to battle and get exp.

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