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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Nature

New Features All 386 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. Visit Johto Region in the past 5 years.

Pokemon Elemental Rift

New Features A new storyline which does not have any relation to an evil team or something like that. Randomized gym leaders battles. New evolution mechanic.

Pokemon Electro Ball

New Features A whole new region. New moves and new abilities for Pokemon. The overworlds are new also. There are four starters for you to select at the beginning. The Pokemon sprites are updated. Ash & Brock will travel with you. Decapitalization.

Pokemon Amatista

New Features New sprites about Pokemon – Trainers – Overworld. New soundtracks.

Pokemon Granite

New Features Fakemon are available to capture. No new types. New moves. New sprites of many characters.

Pokemon Sweet 2th

New Features Like the first Sweet hack, you can use berries to craft many EV items. You can change the battle background music by using MusicPlayer in your Pocket. There are 386 PokeSweets in total. They remain the same number. There will be 25 PokeSweets which can use …

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks