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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Blue Chrome

New Features Using Pokemon in the bag menu or giving items is (visually) incomplete. The scene of evolution is not really perfect, but what If you catch Pokemon, the battle system will explode for any reason, but will not damage the game. Assignments / Events There may or …

Pokemon FireRed: Nintendask Edition

New Features More than 240 custom Pokemon replacing the original 150 in the game. As there were so many different artists for the project, and the whole thing was for fun, the quality of the Pokemon designs vary drastically. Updated typing including Fairies Physical/Special Split Boatloads of Gen …

Pokemon FireRemix

New Features Edits to pretty much any Pokémon aside from the legendaries, from slight changes to complete revamps Edits to many moves, never pass any moves before looking at them! Indoor running Decapitalization Edited trainers Edited wild encounters

Pokemon The Lethal Secret

New Features New region! Experience great adventures in previously unknown regions! New graphics! Revised graphics, tilesets and animations provide visual orgasms! New structures! No intro, walnut trees, minor examples, etc.! Day & night system! Time-based events, berry bushes etc.! New Pokédex! All Pokémon catchable! Not an arenal system! …

Pokemon Fireburn

New Features 4 regions: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Alola All pokemon from Gen 1 to 7 Mega evolution Updated graphics( as much as possible) Fairy types New moves and abilities New Items Reuseable TMs Running Indoors Forgetable HMs BW repel system Poison survival Hidden grotos (Like Black2/White2!) Lot …

Firered Remixed

New Features One of every evolution line can be found in the wild Evolutions fixed. Trade and Hold Item Evolutions now use either levels or Sun/Moon Stones. New items added to Celadon. Training items, Evolution Stones, and cheap vitamins! Move Relearner now lives with the Deleter in Fuschia. …

Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity

New Features Pokemon of 1-7 Gen Mega evolution New Sprite’s protagonist and rival New graphics Sprite of some modified coaches ExpShare XY Some mergers Randomized Trainers and Pokémonetc.

Pokemon Red Ignited

New Features Difficulty Increase! – This game will not be just a walk in the park. New Evolutions! Mega evolutions were added for several pokemon (even some that dont currently exist) DOJO’s! Each city with a Gym also has a Dojo to challenge. These help level up for …

Pokemon Sunset Orange

New Features Featuring the Orange Archipelago! Play through the events of season 2 and non-canon events, too! Gen 1-4 Pokémon New Items New Tiles New Music Pokémon 2000 movie event!

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