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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Maia

New Features Open World with some changes in story New sound, tiles and sprites Infinite hours of gameplay Zero hours of fun Ugly palettes New Pokedex?

Pokemon Luola

New Features Explore the two regions of Kanto Nine and Erthena! No *exact* storyline, just you and your adventurous senses! No gyms! There will be Challenge Centers! (Basically a gym… but not a gym?) 1st-6th Generation Pokémon! Brand new moves, as well as some from the newer generations! …

Pokemon Darkness Falls

New Features 15 new tricks such as the Gyarados Water / Dragon tip 15 + change in moves (For example: Slash now has 80 damage, with 9.8% probability of falling) Completely changing the wild Pokemon, with the undiscovered Pokemon is now available Increased Coach, Main Coach, and Elite …

Pokemon Delta Fusion

New Features Fuse many different Pokemon together and create new kinds which are never-be-seen-before New characters and maps Different events will happen continuously

Pokemon Caelus

New Features New Storyline 83 New Fakémon(Not all will be obtainable upon first release) A Regional Pokédex of 151 A Total of 15 Legendary Pokémon to be Caught(Not all will be obtainable upon first release) New Characters Gen I-VI Pokémon Unlimited TM Use Gen IV Psychical/Special Split The …

Pokemon Zaru

New Features 151 catchable Fakemon, New story, Slightly modified old routes, Increased difficulty (But hopefully not too much), Moves from new generations, Modified old moves to be better (Snore is actually somewhat good now), New custom moves to give some underappreciated typings a little help in combat, More …

The First Completely Open World Pokemon – Clay’s Calamity II

New Features Starting town is Viridian Warp tiles added in multiple places for fast travel: (Viridian to Pallet, Pallet to Cinnabar, ect) Increased wild Pokemon levels Increased gym difficulties Running shoes immediately Open world with all minor obstacles removed (cut-able trees, optional paths, etc) Secret passages to other …

Pokemon: Journey Through Kanto

New Features Each location is restored from the foundation. Includes a new location and meeting. Each element is narrated, it develops further with new characters and characters that play a greater role. Even traveling companion. Many people want to take money, things, Pokémon, experience, and even fun time! …

Pokemon Alpha Prime

New Features All Pokemon in all forms TMs are usable anytime Battle menu is customized HMs can now be forgotten Gain EXP after catching Pokemon Two different rivals

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