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Tag: Ruby Hacks

Pokemon Zei

New Features A new story about Lugia and Ho-oh. New music, new graphics.

Pokemon Derpizard

New Features Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon. New storyline.

Pokemon Coral

New Features A whole new Pokemon Professor will help you in this game. New Odorlan Region with new things. A big number of cities and towns. New sprites for Pokemon. Scripts are customized.

Pokemon Versione Spugnosa

New Features Become Spongebob in his own Pokemon Adventure in the underwater city Bikini Bottom. Only the protagonists sprites (both male and female) are replaced.

Pokemon G Version

New Features When receiving a starter, your Pokemon will be at level 8 while your rival is at level 5. The difficulty is raised a little bit higher.

Pokemon Lost Treasure

New Features A new storyline. Many new enemies to battle. New friends to make. A whole new region to explore and search for Pokemon.

Pokemon Ruby 2012

New Features New areas are added to explore: Champions Zone – South Zone – South East Zone – etc. 101 Pokemon from Gen IV and Gen V are added.

Pokemon Avventura a Fento

New Features New starters. Run inside buildings. New wild Pokemon. The difficulty is higher. New titles. New moves. New overworlds. New and customized sprites. Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region and Unova Region.

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