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Tag: Ruby Hacks

Pokemon Silver Legend

New Features New storyline, new region, new soundtracks, new Pokemon from many generations. The graphics is improved.

Pokemon Moonlight

New Features New stories, new characters, new plot twists. Re-designed sprites + music.

Pokemon Cobalto Azul

New Features Each island has their own unique things. New characters, new stories, new events. Many old places are revived. A new graphics system.

Pokemon Cerice

New Features Nuzlocke challenge. New storyline, new characters, new music.

Pokemon Iolite Version

New Features Pokemon from Sinnoh Region. One new Fakemon. New maps, new scripts, new tiles.

Pokemon Lost Three

New Features You can catch Pokemon from all available generations. There are many new things like: new region, new maps, new storyline.

Pokemon Pekin’s Hack

New Features A whole new 197 Fakemon are added. Three new types: Cosmic, Digital, Fairy. Day/Night. New evolution stones.

Pokemon Troll

New Features Get ready to be trolled by a Pokemon game. New scripting.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks