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Tag: Ruby Hacks

Pokemon Golden Island

New Features A brand new region Alastia. New music, gyms, texts, scripts, tiles, maps. Pokemon and Legendary from Gen IV. Starters are from Johto.

Pokemon Ashes

New Features Day/Night system. Some new cries for Pokemon from the anime series. Many Pokemon from different generations.

Pokemon: Complete

New Features Obtain all Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Visit the previous regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. Deep story. New evil team: Team Ozone.

Pokemon Luminous Yellow

New Features Red and Silver/Crystal will be the heroes. Pikachu cannot be evolved. Instead, it will be more powerful. Gary can appear anywhere.

Pokemon Ruby 2

New Features New tiles, events. New music, battles, moves, abilities.

Pokemon Brutal Version

New Features New characters, new title screens. Some more events are added. Some Pokemon from Kanto and Johto.

Pokemon Neosun

New Features New region, New tiles, graphics, soundtracks, tiles, sprites.

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