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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Moonlight

New Features New stories, new characters, new plot twists. Re-designed sprites + music.

Pokemon Cobalto Azul

New Features Each island has their own unique things. New characters, new stories, new events. Many old places are revived. A new graphics system.

Pokemon Amatista

New Features New sprites about Pokemon – Trainers – Overworld. New soundtracks.

Pokemon Justicieros

New Features Black 2/White 2 Repel System. Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. Capture Pokemon will give you EXP, level up faster. You can remove help menu by pressing L or R.

Pokemon Edicion Sin Amigos

New Features Some changes about the character and overworld sprites. You can use Running Shoes inside buildings. Some new scripts events.

Pokemon Blue Legend

New Features Many new events and adventures. There many characters who are unknown and known also. Day/Night System. The soundtracks are new.

Pokemon XD Lords of Shadow 2

New Features With the advancements of RPG Maker XP, the graphics and soundtracks system are improved and upgraded. A new storyline. Many new mini-games and side-quests.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks