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Tag: Work In Progress Version Hacks

Pokemon: Complete

New Features Obtain all Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Visit the previous regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. Deep story. New evil team: Team Ozone.

Pokemon Master League

New Features Some Z-Moves. No more Gym Leaders, Dungeon Bosses instead. You cannot use the Pokemon in your PC, at least until the Second Dungeon. Much more.

Pokemon Brimstone

New Features Pokemon will come from Gen VI. Max Mega Evolution. The level limit of a Pokemon is now 500. The Elite Battle System will make the game more difficult. PokeCenters are now better. All the Pokemon sprites are updated.

Pokemon Luminous Yellow

New Features Red and Silver/Crystal will be the heroes. Pikachu cannot be evolved. Instead, it will be more powerful. Gary can appear anywhere.

Pokemon Breakdown!

New Features New palettes, storyline, professors, maps, events. Encounter no gyms.

Pokemon Moonshine

New Features Select Espeon and Umbreon. Maxie (leader of Team Magma) will be there. Some gyms will be weak.

Pokemon Shadow Unbound

New Features Day/Night system, you can control the time and weather. The level of wild trainers will match yours. The HMs will be used automatically.

Pokemon Saiken

New Features Classical graphics system. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI. Visit different regions. 8bit music.

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Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM Hacks