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Pokemon SDK

New Features Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock) Double & Online Battles (P2P) Running shoes Key Binding UI (F1) Multi-DayCare Berry System Online Trades (P2P) GTS (you need to add an external script) Shadow under events system Extended event info (using the event name) Wild …

Pokemon Primary Zero

New Features Added Dark, Fairy, and Steel types, and synchronized movesets to the latest gen. Supports 248 Pokemon. The additional 97 will come from all future generations, to balance out the types, and introduce interesting party options. A post-game League with different rules and restrictions, in the works.

Do Or Die

New Features Easy to use hacking tool A Starter Kit features Faster to use

Poke’s Bizzare Adventure

New Features An overworld Pikachu sprite. How Gnarly Tubular Rad! Only one starter: A Furret Two possible endings, depending on your actions in the game Start at Celadon City and venture through slightly modified Kanto No Pokemon catching Revives are more expensive, making fainting much more punishable Black …

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse

New Features Mega Evolution. Sidequests. Day & Night System Day/Night system will be faster. After saving Pikachu, it will follow you till the end.

Pokemon Opalo

New Features The original starters of Gen I to Gen III can be obtained. New in-game interface New sound Inverse Wild/Trainer Battles! There is some new things in gameplay.

Pokemon Indian Ruby

New Features You can search for more Double Battle. This can be more interesting. Pokemon from Gen 1-7 You can enjoy many differents events that related to your Pokemon. Pokemon and abilities from Gen VII. Before the tunnel with flash, you can access revives and repels very early …

Pokemon Rocket Invasion

New Features Stealable Pokemon Missions: The story will be focused around completing various missions for Team Rocket Brand New Region: Explore the Kento Region a brand new adventure Allies: At various points during the game, you will be able to recruit allies Your Own Rocket Base Limited newer …

Pokemon Opal

New Features The number of Pokémon that is used as a trainer depends on the number of Pokemon and provoking a fight. In other words, in order to win, you must be well prepared. Day & Night. The catch rate is higher Every usual actions for a student …

Pokemon Meteor!

New Features Wild Encounters can be seen in the overworld Galar berry tree system A pack of all-new summary screens! A Pokemon birth signs system Pokemon from Alola & Kalos available! A whole new ability for most Pokemon! A new move for Genesect! Pick from all the starters …

Buu’s Fury – The Hard Way

New Features All enemies have been modified Base stats of all the characters are changed Some menu text has been changed

Pokemon Unity 2D

New Features Cross-platform Customizability (easy to create and manage custom tools and editors within the program) Improved performance by using a modern engine (RMXP is a very old engine, and struggles with some aspects of performance even with default Essentials) Documentation (starting from scratch, this gives the ability …

Pokemon Meteor 2

New Features Original story, characters, and world Day-night system Gen 4-style graphics Elite Battle System Radial menu Move tutors Some game mechanics changes

Pokemon Furui Sekai

New Features Set a nickname for everything. Transform using Metachangers! Ditto can transform into 40+ different Pokémon freely!​ Awesome HG/SS Music! 3 Pokemon per Battle Fairy type is here!

Pokemon Cyan GB

New Features Heavy map edits New attacks Many minor graphic edits (NPC’s, objects) Text edits (expect some sort of humor) Possible music edits

Pokemon Titan Completed

New Features 7 generations 100% no fake Multiple save files​ Little to no lag​ All 793 Pokemon catchable (no Ultrabeasts)​ Fast speed button​ Well calibrated difficulty progression​

Pokemon Dark Rising 3

New Features New rivals and characters Day/Night You can use the Mega Evolution right when you are battling. A brand new type chart with 12 types. This is the 12 flavors of ice cream that the author likes best. New Pokémon forms to capture!

Pokemon Dark Heart

New Features Play as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Rivals Kairi and Riku. Gym Leaders/Elite 4 replaced by Organization XIII until you beat the league for the first time. Every Generation 1 – 6 Pokemon obtainable. Events for every legendary Pokemon. Kanto region with new areas to explore. Post-Game …

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