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Pokemon: Mauve

New Features Known enemy teams included: Team Rocket, Team Aqua/Magma, Team Galactic, Team Plasma. Rival characters: Alice, Max, and many other competitive trainers. Included known characters: Gardenia, Elesa, Lucian, Drayden, Alder, etc. Over 20 unique quests and more than 100 exciting missions. Over 500 Pokemon to catch, including …

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded

New Features Following Pokemon, Gameplay Modes, and other QoL Adjustments! Your Pokemon will follow you around outside of its Pokéball, just like in HeartGold/SoulSilver. Randomized wild Pokemon encounters in each playthrough! Essentially, each wild Pokemon “slot” features one Pokemon randomly selected from a set list, which is rolled …

Pokemon Libertas

New Features A fully explorable region from the start, featuring 10 Gyms which all scale up with your badge count Gen 7 Mechanics as a base Mega Evolutions & Z-Moves included Some Gen 8+ stuff tacked on (moves, abilities, items primarily) ~94% of all Gen 7 Pokemon (aiming …

Pokemon PureBlue

New Features Many bugfixes/quality of life enhancements were made. A large amount of in-game options for gameplay and visuals / audio are provided. Some new postgame areas (some hard to find) were added. Many pokemon/moves were rebalanced with the intention of making every pokemon useful or at least …

Pokemon Theta Emerald: The Last Dance

New Features 999 Pokemon, all done from the ground up and updated 200+ Abilities, including a new one for Palafin 😉 700+ Moves, and moves modified to be a bit better 600+ Items, most from the most current generation Jack in all Pokemon Centers (Move Tutor, Name Rater, …

Pokemon: Shadows of the Past

New Features TACTICS! Have you ever wanted to give custom orders to your pokemon, or catch pokemon without the need to fight them? NOW YOU CAN! Tactics are extra actions you can do during your turn by spending Tactic Points (You gain 1 each turn). A living World! …


New Features Replayable Runs 2 New Starter Lines 4 Ultra Dimensions 10+ Ultra Beast Bosses 500+ Available Pokemon 120+ Support Pokemon 100+ Unique Battles 30+ Artifacts Quest System And more…!

Pokemon Unbalanced Emerald

New Features There Are A Lot Of Custom Pokemon Sprites. You can face some special Pokemon of many different trainers. Amazing story. Obtain A Large Number Of Pokemon. New plot, new maps, new scripts, new gameplay, new overworlds. Pokeball Changer.

Pokemon Delta

New Features new mega evolutions a new story a wonderful region with many Pokemon a new Pokemon which is the enemy of Rayquaza old friends

Gone Fission

New Features Battle ALL Elite Four/Champions from ALL Regions (except Kalos, in progress). Some bonus battles, currently have one in the form of Charles the Heart breaker. Plot with surprising ending. 3 Travel Destinations. Jynx is redesigned. The weather system affects your gameplay.

Pokemon Novabite

New Features A Brand New Battle Gimmick. New Sound type. Over 250 Pokemon. Pokemon Ride. Completely Open Wild area. Post Game Tournament.

Pokemon Soulstones 2: Time Wardens

New Features The flagship feature of this game is that it contains a Pokedex of over 800 regional variant Pokemon and ONLY regional variant Pokemon (i.e. no canon forms at all!) Generation 4-style graphics Mega Evolution 3 new types (Cosmic, Sound and Light) with accompanying changes to the …

Pokemon Nebula 3

New Features All starter Pokemon from gen 1-8 will be available to choose from. Rewards will be given to players who completed the previous games. Egg hatcher that allows the trainer to carry more Pokemon eggs along the way. Safari zones that include regional variants of Pokemon. Tournaments. …

Pokemon AlexSMRPG 2: Uma Nova Jornada

New Features Gen 6 Exp. Share 1008 Pokemons to catch, even Regional Forms 8 Gyms and an Elite Four A “Battle Frontier” for harder battles Special Guests as Trainers Graphics from Gen 4 and Gen 5 Following Pokemon Music from Pokemon Series You play as Alexsandro Magalhães, but …

Pokemon Parallel Emerald

New Features Check IVs and EVs from party menu Flying from the menu right after tutorial BW2 Repel System More bag pockets and bag sorting Register multiple items Nature Changer and Move Reminder in every Pokemon Center Toggleable Auto Run Feature Cheaper Healing Items Rare candies available to …

Pokemon Beta Gold Version

New Features New Region (Nihon) Improved graphics All the beta Pokemon from the demo are in the game New Story This alpha recreates at 100% the original Spaceworld 97′ demo New music

Pokemon Graphite Grey

New Features Pokedex mainly consisting of low BST pokemon (Mostly below 480 + a few extras i.e. Starters) Double battles as the main form of battles rather than the normal single battle style in most games 8 Gym + Pokemon League (Currently 2 Gym Demo) New Level-Up move …

Pokemon Elite Redux

New Features Up to 4 Abilities At The Same Time: Every Pokemon can have up to 3 switchable abilities along with up to 3 fixed ones (innates). This creates fun new strategies and endless replayability, as you can play many Pokemon in several ways. Imagine Gyarados with Moxie …

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