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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

New Features Various game modes to play, including Story and 1 vs 1 Beautiful graphics and storyline

Pokemon Shinobi

New Features Many different difficult opponents will take a lot of your time to beat. A new system called Pikachu Happiness. Hard Level Elite Battle System (By Luka SJ) 16 gyms to beat.

Pokemon Tower Defense

New Features An account system Three starting Pokemon options: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle

Pokemon Crystal Prodigy

New Features A new trainer class: the Prodigies (Male and Female). Virtually every trainer in the game has a higher-leveled team. All 251 Pokemon are available. Expansive post-game in Kanto, including dozens of new trainers, a major side quest, and a re-match of the Elite Four. An Exp. …

(currently unnamed) Generation 1 Remake in Crystal

New Features Kanto, in its entirety, with all cut areas in generation 2 restored A modified script that is more in line with generation 2 in terms of tone Scripting redone from scratch in generation 2 A feeling that you aren’t even playing a ROM hack as you’re …

Pokemon SwowS!

New Features RUNNING SHOES INSIDE Developed with the pokeemerald disassembly! Check it out on Git! Several new rare items, including Big Nugget, Pearl String, Comet Shard, and even the totally new Comet Dust! Totally revised maps and events, complete with music and layout changes.

Planet Wanderer

New Features Following Pokemon in the overworld A new story New areas Very high encounter rate!

Pokemon Postal Service

New Features Clearly, the story. For “starters” (pun intended) the player will not be given a choice of starters. The story of each episode features multiple endings, and so it is possible to finish the game in multiple ways. IV stars (seen above), Following Pokemon, Name Windows when …

Pokemon – Perfect Pink

New Features An original region with loads of imported Pokemon from gen 1-7 (some might even have regional forms) A whole one Fakemon (more to come) Gen 4 physical special split. Fairy type

Pokemon Radical Red

New Features Run inside buildings. Updated Sprites for fun overall look. Poison no longer faints your pokemon when walking Players can meet Sinnoh and Unova starters in the Battle Frontier. 25 Diamond/Pearl Pokemon are added with some legendaries.

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

New Features New story + long afterstory Two big regions. Difficult end of game content New Characters, Rivals. A Safari Zone

Pokemon Sucksworld

New Features Pokemon from gen 1-7 New Futurisitc Region. Day and Night. Some more rivals. Go to the new source.

Pokemon Skye Project

New Features No Pokedex, Pokeballs or PC! New musics. No job – to change. All Pokemon will be changed by numbers (and other ways). The bottom line is that you will not be banned by jw.org. Difficulty mod All the Gym Leaders are new and adjusted.

Pokemon Puzzle 1

New Features At least one Shiny Pokemon in this game. There are two big regions for exploring and hunting. The graphics is improved. New Tiles Many face portraits of different characters.

Pokemon Desolation Suggested Edition

New Features New Game Storyline Many new cities and towns. While progression and direction is about the same, cities, routes, forests, caves, and buildings have been changed. Some mispelled names are fixed. IVs and colored stats (depending on nature) are visible on the Pokemon Summary

Pokemon Ketchup

New Features New overworld New trainers and Gym Leaders A more difficult journey compared to the original game New story

Pocket Gaiden 2

New Features If a Pokemon fainted in any battle, it will gone out. All the Pokemon in Gen I and Gen II are too enough for a complete Kanto story. You will have all of them throughout this game. HM items A new region for exploring. Yup, if …

Pokemon Academy (2020)

New Features Daily ingame cycle which allows you to progress to the next stage of the game Daily lessons to attend as you would at a normal school/academy but with a focus on Pokemon A selection of Pokemon from Generations 1 – 8 (Pokedex is not yet complete …

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