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Jupiter’s Shadow: a monster-collecting game

New Features No Random Encounters: creatures appear on the overworld map. A Trusty Slingshot: the player can obtain this projectile weapon, and use it for avoiding creature encounters. Creature Fusion: the player can permanently fuse two creatures together to create a new, stronger creature, similar to the breeding …

Pokemon Fire Red 802

New Features All 802 Pokémon catchable ( Not yet in this version) Gen 6 TMs Gen 6 and 7 EXP. Share (You get it after you beat Brock) Gym Leaders using more Pokémon Red or Leaf as a second (friendly) rival Mega Evolutions Wonder Trade Multiple Save Files …

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend

New Features New tilesets, backgrounds, battles… New graphics system with different sprites. Adjusted music with new tunes.

Pokemon Angelite

New Features Extremely story driven, something behind every corner New Legendary Pokemon New Region Tons of Sidequests New Unique Visuals and Graphics 13 GYMs to Challenge Battle UI


New Features Maps and tiles from POKéMON GSC’s Kanto FireRed scripts modified to work with Gen 2 Kanto’s Maps Original Firered menus (?) 2nd gen battle sprites, trainer sprites, and a few customs (such as the player backsprite) Some late-game goodies near the start of the game Both …

Pkmn 100

New Features Changed rival Replaced top 4 All Pokemon get lv 100 at default Evolute all Pokemon with many kinds of stone

Pokemon StarRed – The darkness returns

New Features Pokemon Black&White soundtrack Pokemon from Gen. 4-5 (with their cries) Moves and Abilities from Gen. 4-5. Fairy Type PSS split New tileset(s) (Even more in Demo 2) 64×64 trainer sprites 64×64 pokemon sprites Evo.Stones and Items from Gen.4 (Dusk/Dawn/Shiny Stone/Razor Claw etc.) IVs and colored stats …

Pokemon Green Remix

New Features While battling, Pokemon can evolve themselves All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI New Delta Pokemon EV/IV in game Wonder Trade

Pokemon Style

New Features Kanova Region Tiall Region (preview area) (name subject to change) Pokémon from Kanto-Unova (not all yet, definitely more to come) 4 Gyms (more to come) Battle Frontier (incomplete) Indigo Plateau/Elite 4 (complete, minus custom sprites..) Dungeon (for Advanced training purposes) Reasonably leveled encounters (if you train …

Pokemon Realms of Mystery

New Features Realms (a very important feature to the story. We cannot reveal much on this at the moment. Just know that our game doesn’t have its name for nothing!) Parties Team up with other players to tackle dungeons! Guilds Found some friends? Why not get together and …

Pokemon Desiderate

New Features New story about Jirachi New region with a vast amount of Pokemon and items


New Features Choose your own class from Warrior – Mage – Thief – Beast Master Pokevoid, Housing system, Guilds, Multi dimensions, Following Pokemon, PokeDex… are the important elements of this game

Pokemon Master Quest: Kanto

New Features New starters for selecting. The tiles were changed. The maps have full landscape. The battle backgrounds are changed. New abilities, new moves. Some maps and areas are changed drastically.

Rocket Rising

New Features Active Time Battle 3 Pokemon per Battle Skill Usage System Recruitment Cheat Items Mutagen

Touhoumon Cirno

New Features New touhou New items New abilities Raised difficulty

Pokemon Balanced Sapphire

New Features Changed starters, moves Pokemon’s types are modified and changed New methods of evolutions Trainers and Gym leaders are stronger

Pokemon Experimental Red

New Features 5 trainer battles (2 is A rival) New pokemon encounters. New starters. New sprites Gold Mining Some GMP’s (Genetically Modified Pokemon) 1 Experimental Pokemon will be witnessed.

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