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Pokemon Marron Merda

New Features New abilities, new moves. Black 2/White 2 Repel System. ATM function Partial de-capitalisation New sprites.

Pokemon Corona Edition

New Features Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia, the special PKMNs in the hack. High quality mapping with custom tiles from XxMl33tCharzardXxX. All 156 Unova Pokemon have been added Minigames – Fun games to play when you’re bored. New Territories

Pokemon Pure Crystal

New Features Higher level wild pokemon New pokemon scattered throughout the game No more weak wild pokemon in kanto Some level up move edits No need to trade for evolutions Rt. 34 now has wild baby pokemon running around Increased trainer difficulty Pichu can learn some special moves… …

Pokemon Splashing em to death

New Features Removed Attack power of HM’s so there is no need for the HM script for now” Changed all wild encounters to Magikarp Changed all trainers pokemon to Magikarp Removed Evolution by level for Magikarp Changed almost all events like snorelax/free pokemon Turn a modded GBA into …

Pokemon Blue & White

New Features The types of some Pokemon will not stay the same. New rivals. Oval Charm, Shiny Charm. South Rijon The Battle System is revised.

Pokemon Shin Sekai

New Features Trainers now have new names. New pallets. Events and wild Pokemon based on the time Updated Trainer Sprites and New Events Expansive Post game

Pokemon Escudo Essentials

New Features All Pokemon obtainable in-game. Changed PokeMarts New OW Sprites (Some from Myster Dungeon). New gameplay If you are fainted, a death for your Pokemon is obvious.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team QOL Changes Hack

New Features Items have been colorized PP of certain moves has been increased The abilities and even typing of some starters has been changed, here is Meowth! STARTER POKEMON CHANGES OTHER POKEMON CHANGES ITEM CHANGES TMs are now color Held Items are now color MOVE CHANGES FRIEND AREA …

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

New Features A Brand New Region Your Pokemon world looks like a Pokemon game on the NDS now. Maybe the author loves NDS Pokemon games so much, he choose the DS-style sprites for everything. More exactly, the Pokemon Black/White styled graphics is used and including some new animated …

Quarantine Crystal

New Features 200+ new Pokemon! Physical/special split. Increased level curve, new and changed moves, and no revives in battle make for a great and challenging battle experience! Unique menu sprites with palettes for most Pokemon. QoL changes and bugfixes aplenty – reusable TMs, gen V+ repel system, move …

Pokemon Marron Merda 2

New Features Much more. New gym leaders. Fairy type included. There are 10 gyms (2 gyms after the first Elite Four). So many gyms to battle and train, level up your Pokemon. Different kinds of animal

Pokemon New Era

New Features A new Region is waiting after finishing Kanto Region. New scripts. Characters as Soccer players The region of Zulfer Music from GSC.

Pokemon Climax

New Features New scripts. Custom Region – Saelio! Play online, no need to download Eight gym and Pokemon League, but it is a secondary school. A deep storyline.

Pokemon Soul Silver Plus

New Features Reusable TM’s. Cheaper Items. Generation 6 Party Icons. Trade Evolutions no longer need Trades. Kris is fully implemented instead of Lyra. Pokedex Locations. New Touch Screen Menu’s for both versions.

Pokemon Fire Red Missingno

New Features A new story about revenging. New characters, new environments. HMs replaced with items​ EBS Fairy type added.

Pokemon La Leyenda del Dragon Carmesi

New Features 150 TMS There are only 26 different enemy monsters. Many Pokemon from different generations have come together, from Gen I to Gen VII. Choice in the story which can lead the player down two routes Pokemon from Gen 1 – 7

Pokemon Volt Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

New Features Starter Pikachu, Rival with Eevee Pikachu has boosted stats to match Gen 8 All Jessie & James Team Rocket battles Physical/Special Split Fairy type Trade evolutions patched Updated movesets for all Pokemon and Gen 4 sprites TMs are reusable Gym leader battles adjusted to align with …

Pokemon Corrupt: Reveal the Truth

New Features Custom Pokedex: 255 mons from Gen 1-5 to discover Well thought out story made to keep you guessing at what is truly going on 8 Gym Leaders with slightly increased difficulty Healthy amount of TM’s to aid with defeating the Gym Leaders and your rival 185 …

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