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Pokemon Sun Sky

New Features Mega Evolution Alola Region and Kanto Region Alola, Kanto and Galar forms Shiny Pokemons New Story New Professor Lillie and more alolan friends Z moves New Tilesets All Pokemon (Gen1-7) Ultra Beasts Z-Moves are available Trainers can use Mega Evolution in battle A New Boss of …

Project Glitch

New Features Some maps and areas are changed drastically. Avatar faces by FoxRichards’ FaceMaker! (Deviantart.) I thought that without them, the characters seemed a bit dull. Three new types: Fairy, Light, Eterno. Physical/Special Split. Many humorous dialogues, inside and outside jokes, NPC interactions… will take a lot of …

Pokemon Regalia

New Features 4th-Gen Style of graphics. Every Pokemon from Generations 1-8, including variations of existing Pokemon. Tons of interactive dialogue. Large Starter Selection. Challenging gyms. Many convenience based mechanics such as infinite TMs & HMs. New Stuff Ditto is now obtainable once you get the 2nd badge. Location …

Pokemon Frontier Feldspar

New Features 120 TMs. Pokemon from newer generations All 494 Pokemon from the first four generations are available for you. You can create, edit, organize your Pokemon team to beat the others. A weather system, an original script by me. New Tiles

Digimon Fire Red 2020

New Features Fairy types Following Pokemon Many new maps to explore. Day&Night. Some more events are added.

Pokemon Silent Destiny

New Features New characters and stories. There are only two HMs left. You can use many items in this game like: a Digicard for learning moves, a Digi Modify Card for boosting stats – healing status problems – obtaining certain abilities, a General card for restoring HP and …


New Features No Pokemon from the later gens after Gen III. Just 386 Pokemon in the first three gens is okay and enough. Nuzlocke challenge. New tiles, new maps. There will be no trainers, no HMs or TMs (actually some HMs are naturally learned), just a few of …

Pokemon Black and White 3: Genesis

New Features 253 Pokemon available 255 moves from throughout the first 5 generations Physical/Special split on moves Move power changed to fit Gen 5 stats Fairy type added, and type chart adjusted to account for it Various items from newer games Running Shoes available from the start Reusable …

Pokemon Revival

New Features A new region to explore 18 starters to choose from Pokemon from gen 1-6 Distortion Pokemon Level scale depending on your badges 6 badges in current demo Side quests

Pokemon Genesis RPGXP Version

New Features All TMs are now reusable like Gen V. Many new tiles. Made all Gym Leaders rematchable Some moves from Gen IV – V – VI. New evolutions methods to catch ’em all.

Pokemon Emerald Squared

New Features Double Battles for every trainer fight in the game. The whole Pokedex is encounterable and catchable before the League. Buffs to weak Pokemon and moves. A new Rival to battle you on your journey. Improved difficulty throughout.

Pokemon Fire Red Legacy

New Features The Overworld palettes have been modified. Almost all of the Pokemon palettes have been updated to look better, without the need to change sprites. Some PokeMarts are in the Pokemon Center. (Like Route 4, Route 10, Lavender Town). All Pokemon Balanced and useful! Run Indoors. FULL …

Pokemon: Team Magma Edition

New Features A stealing system that allows you to take pokemon from trainers you defeat Custom Soundtrack Many features from Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine Numerous quality of life improvements Many side quests Every bookcase is readable Some hidden features that you will need to play to find!

Pokemon Gear And Steel

New Features A brand new region Pokemon from Gen 1-7 “Mega evolution” Regional form 3 New types New moves

Pokemon Emerald Uncensored

New Features With Wynaut as Starter 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options Have many move tutors. New history, At the level 1, Eggs will be hatched.

PokeSouls: Episode Charmander

New Features A city setting that expands as you unlock new cases New sprites and tilesets New moves, new abilities, etc. Pokemon-next system – a system similar to HGSS. You can use your Running Shoes inside many buildings.

Pokemon Climax Princessyiris

New Features Herd-leader Pokemon The graphics system is a mixture of Gen IV and Gen V. A travel System that doesn’t involve the HM Fly! New Region and World Map Speed Up Button (Alt)

Pokemon Perfect Emerald

New Features All 386 Pokemon available NO NEW PokeMONS, NO NEW ATTACKS, NO NEW TILESETS Legendary Pokemon are not in the WILD, they are in a fixed position Gen 4 Physical/Special Split Rival with full starter evolution Kanto starters, Hoen Starters (opposite that you choose), Johto Starters (after …

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