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Pokemon Acceptance

New Features No gyms/league! A story driven adventure to save the PokePark. Fake mega evolutions! Current List: Frosslass, Delibird, Ludicolo, Dunsparce, and Kecleon. Follower Pokemon like in HG/SS Alternate currency system! Just like in PokePark, some vendors won’t accept PokeDollars, but rather berries in exchange for goods and …

Pokemon Oof

New Features A New (But Nearly Identical) Title Screen! Some Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Fairy-Like. Get Rid Of The Whole Trial/Gym Thing. A Total of 15 Legendary Pokemon to be Caught(Not all will be obtainable upon first release). As a free online game, Pokemon Revolution Online also introduces its …

Pokemon Fire Red Johto Adventures

New Features Excellent Tiles. A massive roster of 250 Pokemon! No Fairy Type in this game. New Competitors. New routes, new islands have been created for more plot stories. Updated battle mechanics: Mechanics will be updated to match Generation 6, meaning the Physical/Special Split, new moves and abilities, …

Pokemon Sapphire Soaring In The Sky

New Features 1 Brand-New Mega (Thinking Of Adding More). After finishing the main game, you will have a postgame. Remember to save in game before playing. Is There A New Pokedex?. The soundtracks are remixed by GlitchxCity. Yup, a Running Shoes is necessary to run faster. You Have …

Pokemon Mono Rebellion

New Features It has own pokemon, characters, region, types and universe. The type is tragi-comedy, It has funny pokemons and types but a deep and tragic story Before you play make sure you increase the text speed and make your options as you wish

Pokemon Battle Factory

New Features New abilities from Gen IV – V with items. Everything That Used To Be Pikachu Is Now Blobbi. ROCKET ZONE. I use my own mapping style in which I make my maps look like whatever it’s supposed to be. It’s hard to explain, you’ll see what …

Pokemon Synergy

New Features Day and Night! Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region and Unova Region. The Overworlds Are Also New. New rivals and opponents to fight. Many New Scripts And Events Have Been Added. Slums (poor people/crime areas) in many of Kanto’s major cities. New Regional Dex contains 158 different …

Pokemon Ice Blue

New Features Mini-Romhack (only a few maps) Made this as a gift No catching pokemon as all 6 are given throughout the game Final 1.31 is ready! Update 2.0 being done!

Pokemon Brunocity Adventures

New Features The Shiny Pokemon are customized. The Researcher: you will collect Pokemon data and become a researcher. You will work in a laboratory. Take On The Role Of A Team Rocket Grunt. After catching a Pokemon, you get EXP. 14 gyms and an elite 4. Pokemon from …

Pokemon Banished Platinum

New Features Expanded Sinnoh Dex Every TM from Sun and Moon No HMs Following Pokemon Ability Capsules in Marts Megas Hearthome Colosseum Tougher Gym Leaders Nuzlocke Mode Hidden Grottos Sinnohan Forms Starter Signature Moves Trainer Convenience Floor DPPt Font and Windowskins Character Portraits DexNav All Sinnoh Legendaries Obtainable …

Pokemon Trainer Championship

New Features Catch pokemon that Ash catches in the Anime…or catch your favorites. New items, tiles, soundtracks. Level cap that goes up each Gym (8 currently, making the cap 60). The Sinister Plot. You Can Purchase Pokemon! New tilescreen. New types of gym, Pokedex, region. The Game Is …

Pokemon Colossal

New Features A New region with new gyms and new characters Currently around 50 new Pokemon forms exclusive to this region! A new rival The return of Team Rocket with a new objective

Pokemon Legends Arceus GBA

New Features Trade Elimination Necessitates Evolutions. A New Pokedex Has Been Added! Cheap Item Prices in Mart (1$ for Rare Candy or Master Ball). New Protagonists And Antagonists. Green will be your rival no more, a whole new one instead. Infinite Move Tutors. Capture A Cubone! EGG Is …

Pokemon Terrapiattisti Revenge

New Features New Adversaries/Allies. Achievement System with Rewards! Optimisation of Pokemon. New Rocket Commander. Offline Trade In Maravilla. Move tutors everywhere. Minimap. Some new screens for your Pokemon and your partner’s Pokemon.

Pokemon Ruby Soaring In The Sky

New Features A New Group (Generic Feature). Normal Mode or Random Mode, you choose freely. Pokemon From Generations 1-3 Can Now Be Caught. Inverse Conflict. New region of Kyoto. Investigate The Kanto, Johto, And Hoenn Regions. Repel System Update. Many different from anime, game, mange will appear.

Pokemon Megamax

New Features Pokemon have new abilities. Sprites of HeartGold/SoulSilver. The repel system of Pokemon Black/White is back. There Are Nine Competitors. After finishing the main game, you can continue to explore the Sinnoh Region. Two Regions.

Pokemon Firespice

New Features Changed gym leaders teams majorly Raichu evolves Changed wild Pokemon encounters New Pokemon A few Pokemon are replaced with ones from the beta versions of the game

Pokemon: Parallel

New Features New regional variants New moves New abilities Scrapped Pokemon like Gorochu and Animon Pokemon from other media like: Black fog from the Pokemon adventures manga New mega evolutions

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