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Pokemon Amazing Cortana

New Features All Mega Evolutions New Exterior Graphics All Existing Pokemon All forms Alola New attacks Inclusion of the fairy type Division of Physical, Special category.  New areas to explore New Pokemon Sumary Screen  Slightly improved difficulty Repellent B2 / W2 Show Sprite when finding an Object on …

Pokemon Radish and Celery

New Features A new Pokedex filled with 151 completely new Fakémon! Custom trainer sprites in battle! New dialogue New GYMs with other types New Final Four New routes and trainers Getting your running shoes fast

Pokemon Fire Black

New Features An extra intro screen before the introduction about our protagonist. The number of Pokemon in this version will be 386 beings in total. Pokemon in later generations are not in plans of the developers. The shortest Pokemon game in this world: 10 minutes of gameplay! Physical …

Experimental Gameplay

New Features Collect 3 pieces of a circle key. Use the Holo-Circle to use the strange Pocket Monsters Witness many deformed Pokemon!

Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

New Features Blue and Green makes more appearance. New boot screen 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options The Mega Evolution will evolute your Pokemon into the Mega Form. New Berry system

Pokemon Gym Leader Simulator

New Features A fix for the bug which caused bug catchers to appear as old men. Multiple screen sizes compatibility. Other minor patches.

Pokemon Lifeless

New Features New rivals. Many new tiles. Have an ending. Realistic Weather Generator New HMs and HM uses outside of battle

Pokemon Iberia

New Features Starter changed. New region Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III is available. Running shoes inside. Gyms have trainers there trying to earn their badges!

Pokemon Cycle

New Features Pokemon from all generations appear About 100+ capturable pokemon New type of pokemon: Glitch Pokemon 7 puzzles, and 6 boss battles Repeatable trainer battles Every encounter is scaled based on a formula

Pokemon Ruby ++

New Features Physical/Special Split Shiny Pokemon Chaining Travel to Orre BW Repel System Updated BST/Movesets to Generation 7 Overworld Abilities Added over 100 moves from Gen IV Yellow TM balls in overworld All non-legendary Pokemon available Ability 2 with rarity Run indoors

Pokemon Red DX

New Features Trading and battling has been preserved in its entirety Pokemon now look more vivid than ever 103 new Pokemon 4 difficulty settings for you to play! (see note *4 at the bottom) 50+ new moves! Unique new cries for all new Pokemon Battle Factory and Battle …

Pokemon Saiph

New Features A whole new region – the Colen Region A part of Hoenn region B&W 2 Soundtrack B&W inspired artstyle New game mechanics Sideway Stairs with real sideway stair mechanics Quests A new evil team to take out, Team Void New Bag UI Day/Night system

Pokemon Blu Acqua

New Features Re-designed all the appearances of Pokemon New Sprites More saved files The original story and maps are remained the same Guilds

Pokemon Yellow Advanced 2019

New Features Geography has been enhanced New Gyms leaders, Rival battles and Elite 4 Buy almost all TMs at various Marts through Kanto Get Mew via a In-game trade! Game corner prizes have changed Some dialogs have changed or have been improved! Buy Rare Candies at Celadon Dept-Store …

Pokemon Rocket Team Edition

New Features Will contain all regions Nice plot Run inside buildings Amazing soundtrack New sprites, evil team, music, Poke Cries

Pokemon Lotus

New Features Currently four gyms, five cities, and more! Features the first 386 Pokemon! Running Shoes, Bike, and Super Rod are available early!

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