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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Pulsar

New Features Expanded Pokedex and AttackDex Pick Pocketing System Physical + Special Split Custom World Map Custom Region: DURHANMO 21 Starters “Evil Team”: Jashinists Custom Badge Sprites Custom Battle hud, text boxes and “help” menu pallets No Toxic Damage in overworld HMs do not require badges Trade Pokemon …

Pokemon Thief Ruby

New Features Thief Balls, Robber Balls and Burglar Balls replace the old Balls New additional Pokemon Capturing Pokemon Mode from other trainers and remove capturing Wild Pokemon Multiple outfits No more EXP gaining

Pokemon New Emerald

New Features 386 obtainable Pokemon Stone evolutions Fairy type Physical, special status split Moves and abilities updated to gen 7 Black/White Repel System All Pokemon are shiny Training is easier Berry system! Ingame traded Pokemons have perfect IV Mirage Island Contest Removed Golden Pokeballs

Pokemon Emerald Genesis

New Features Generations 4-7 of Pokedex, encounter 386 Pokemon in the world Custom Moves De-capitalized New tilesets and new buildings Day And Night System Fairy Type and the new type chart The Physical/Special/Status Split Repel System Wonder Trading Increased Difficulty Curve Battle Frontier Sets

Pokemon Dreary

New Features New Storyline Various Battle Facilities Sleep in Beds New pallete Loss references Respriting Start from Last Save on Death Intelligent Enemy AI Modern Pokemon Specs Physical / Special Split Convenient Repel System

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

New Features 4 modes to play at the beginning screen Physical/Special split More Amazing and Better Story Custom UI Rechallenge GYM leaders The good TMs are available in the Lilycove market New starter choices: Beldum, Ralts, Gastly Updated Tilesets Customized E4 parties Wild encounters have been more evenly …

Pokemon Fire Red 20XX

New Features All Pokemon at Lv100 Cheap Master Balls in Mart Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming Moonstone maybe used for all Pokemon Re-typed moves Brock is not the first Gym Leader 3 Sevii Islands with latest Generation Pokemon

Pokemon Blu Idro

New Features New points in graphics Music you might enjoy Edited moves Updated Screens

Pokemon Masterquest

New Features Expanded plot Potential additional regions New rivals/trainers New Music and Sound Updated Tilesets A unique starter Good/Evil choice decision making system

Pokemon LeafYellow

New Features Engaging plotline Replace old sounds with better sounds Day and night system New Trainer Sprites New scripts, events and secrets to discover Minor changes in gameplay

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