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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Purple

New Features Trade Evolutions New companions and rivals to fight. Physical/Special/Status Split. Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City. Fake town’s

Touhoumon Blue

New Features Gym pokemon, design, leaders updated New title. Practice Battle Machines The Police: you will protect your beloved Avlar Region with this kind of job. New menus.

Moemon Mystical

New Features Pokémon from Generations I to VII. Updated Screens Eevee can be evolved by using a Sun Stone and Moon Stone to become Espeon and Umbreon. Edited maps and cities, caves, forests… New Characters

Pokemon Verde Musgo

New Features Day and night system. Catch Many Pokemon Genetically modified/ or fusion Pokemon such as Skarfire are available in-game. You can select your gender: Red or Leaf. Your Pokémon gains experience when you arrest other players as at the end of a normal battle.

Pokemon Wob Version

New Features Edited and adjusted graphics with new sprites. Randomized gym leaders battles. Some sprites and Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Now you can fly from the roof of the building. The endgame content will be difficult.

Pokemon Blossom

New Features The game will cover in 5 parts. The graphics is upgraded. Evolutions – All evolutions that required a trade or some method that was unavailable to acquire on an Emulator has now been changed – Check the General Changes Document for more details. Redesigned Worldmap Added …

Pokemon Proyect Red

New Features A whole new and big region to explore. New combat background based on HG / SS and reproduced to match changed CosmicEmerald environment The maps are edited. Trade evos by moon stone(some by water stone). New graphics.

Pokemon Bidoof

New Features New challenges. Return to Johto. Time travel Some maps are changed. Fairy Type

Pokemon Firered ReImagined

New Features Physical/Special Split New moves and abilities. Removed Badge boosts. All Pokemons Obtainable before the Elite Four. Battle Mode is set only. Disabled Item usage during battles. Running shoes from the start, along with indoor running. Black / White Repel system. Improved Graphics. Offical battles (Gym Leader …

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