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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Pesadilla 2.0

New Features Gym System are removed. Pokemon from Gen IV to Gen VI. The HMs and TMs are remained the same, but their basic stats are increased also. New pokemon are being added to the game(other than just mega’s) Rilou and lucaio are the only 2 available currently …

Pokemon Neon Blue

New Features A brand new region with lots of new maps, events that differ from the original games. Some custom palettes (some ow tiles, ), custom ow sprite, backsprite Some custom added ASM routines (releasing a pokemon Lots of pokemon available New music tracks A place after the …

Pokemon Ash Red

New Features New tilesets. New battle back grounds An evil force quite unlike any other Regional Pokedex have 151 kinds New Region: NEOH

Pokemon Frontier Adventure

New Features Collect all 7 Gold Symbols of the Battle Frontier Become a Master Coordinator in the Contest Hall Spend your off-time at the Game Corner Trying to win enough BP to cover that next big purchase without any battling Save up enough BP to buy stronger Pokemon …

Pokemon Plants vs Zombies

New Features Achievement system takes a lot of time to complete Story line-based / secret coach is strong, the legend of the event is strong, etc.), there is no insanity. Pokedex including Pokemon from 4 Generations New Maps Pokemon Contests

Moemon Leaf Green

New Features The graphics and maps system are updated with the DS-sprites style. Yup, you can experience the DS-Style of Pokemon on Gameboy Advance for the first time. New graphics, pallettes, region, protagonists, storyline. New type Fairy. Tunod, Johto, and Rankor Regions to explore See heroic Pokemon characters …

Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow chart 1

New Features Day/Night System. Battle Tent and Battle Frontier are back and ready to use! New Battle Features Unique characters only in this game. A travel system called taxi will take you to everywhere.

Pokemon Volt Yellow – Anime Version

New Features All 151 available Updated backsprites RTC-DNS enabled A loyal bird waiting for you in Viridian forest Team rockets Jessie and James battles are exactly like the yellow version All 3 Kanto starters available Updated party menu Legendary Battles Two friends that pop up to give you …

Pokemon Girls Hunter Halloween

New Features No need to use the trading evolution now. Instead, leveling your Pokemon up. More challenge. Berry system! All events from major to minor are completely re-scripted. Mega Evolution.


New Features 8 Gyms, a Pokemon League, and postgame rematches are playable All Pokemon through Generation 7 available Small cast of 35 Fakemon brings the total to 844 Pokemon New region with new story, characters, and battles New music Pokemon movesets brought up to date with Generation 7 …

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