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Category: Nintendo GBA

Ruby Battle Version

New Features All Pokemon have been made lv 96-100 All pokemon now have 600BaseStatTotal’s while keeping their unique stat curves from before The first page of each Pokemon’s Pokedex entry has been changed to show the new stat spreads, for reference All attacks have been balanced, and almost …

Poke’s Bizzare Adventure

New Features An overworld Pikachu sprite. How Gnarly Tubular Rad! Only one starter: A Furret Two possible endings, depending on your actions in the game Start at Celadon City and venture through slightly modified Kanto No Pokemon catching Revives are more expensive, making fainting much more punishable Black …

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse

New Features Mega Evolution. Sidequests. Day & Night System Day/Night system will be faster. After saving Pikachu, it will follow you till the end.

Pokemon Indian Ruby

New Features You can search for more Double Battle. This can be more interesting. Pokemon from Gen 1-7 You can enjoy many differents events that related to your Pokemon. Pokemon and abilities from Gen VII. Before the tunnel with flash, you can access revives and repels very early …

Buu’s Fury – The Hard Way

New Features All enemies have been modified Base stats of all the characters are changed Some menu text has been changed

Pokemon Brasul

New Features After beating many trainers in this game, you can steal their Pokemon. As you rise up the ranks of Team Rocket, you will gain the opportunity to steal from more and more Trainer classes. The storyline in this game was changed. New Pokemon Wild trainers, gym …


New Features 80 species, including some legendaries and evolutions of course New intro animation and title screen New maps New battle backgrounds New story IV/EV rater added (you can check EVs and IVs of your party Pokemal) Higher difficulty (mainly because starters are weaker)

Pokemon Suri

New Features Pokedex from Pokemon Crystal plus pre-evos and evos from other gens, including 4th gen Reusable TMs EXP when catching a Pokemon Easy to forget any attack, including HM Music from HG/SS Updated graphics Revamped sprites Story based after Pokemon HG/SS Remade some Pokemon movesets, important one …

Pokemon Kanto Z

New Features Type Changes – Some Pokemon have new/changed typings to what I thought suited them – Check the General Changes Document for more details. DW Abilities Import new music. Gen III graphics system. Gen 5th Pokedex

Pokemon Bloodline’s error

New Features New companions and rivals to fight. Day/Night system. You could catch megas in certain event New places to discover Certain Generation 4-6 Legendary/Pokémon will be catchable!

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