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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Let’s Beat Mew

New Features This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. Yup, Mega Evolution is here. Open world with all minor obstacles removed (cut-able trees, optional paths, etc) Difficulty – The general dynamics of the game has been challenged The main aspect of the game is …

Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo

New Features Trek through the Colo region to the sounds of various Pokémon games New graphics with 3D Update all roots and trainers to get 3rd generation Pokémon (and some 4th generation). New coach New Sprites.

Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus

New Features Pokemon evolve within specific level ranges, at random. Legendary Pokemons are rarer to get when low level. Every Pokemon has a chance to obtain an Egg move. Every Pokemon can learn moves from the TM/HM you currently have in your bag. HMs can be deposited into …

Pokemon Forever

New Features The rare and legendary Pokemon will have more chances to appear in unexpected locations. The X-Y capture function. You can select the gender for our protagonists in this game. All trainers have been buffered Brand New Regions

Pokemon Emerald – No Levels Mod

New Features New Graphics All 801 Pokémon will be obtainable (so gen 7 mons too!), including starters Pokémon Partner The Battle System of Gen V Gym Leaders are stronger now. There are 16 leaders throughout the whole Kanto Region.

Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge

New Features New Strategies for your Favorite Pokemon! Epic Battles! Catch em’ All! All Kanto and Johto Pokemon are obtainable, plus 26 Hoenn Pokemon without need of trading. Quality of Life Changes! Starter comes with Exp. Share Pokemon are generated with perfect IV Infinite TM’s Infinite Move Tutors …

Pokemon Jungle

New Features New Characters. Gen 1-7 Pokémon​ 9 rivals. New scripts. Custom Moves & Abilities

Pokemon Mystery Of Karus And Kanto

New Features New Evolution Methods have been added, like Map Name Evolution, Move Name Evolution, etc. Original Generational Aesthetics Two starters (Growlithe & Croagunk) Great plot. Online tournament battles

Pokemon Thorium

New Features The movesets of all Pokemon are updated now. Many forms of them Raised difficulty. Undergrounds. The return of Dive and Whirlpool HMs.

Pokemon Crystal Advance

New Features New moves, new types. Almost all music of the game is changed. New region with new maps. New/Updated Items Physical/Special Split

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