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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Ruby ++

New Features Physical/Special Split Shiny Pokemon Chaining Travel to Orre BW Repel System Updated BST/Movesets to Generation 7 Overworld Abilities Added over 100 moves from Gen IV Yellow TM balls in overworld All non-legendary Pokemon available Ability 2 with rarity Run indoors

Pokemon Saiph

New Features A whole new region – the Colen Region A part of Hoenn region B&W 2 Soundtrack B&W inspired artstyle New game mechanics Sideway Stairs with real sideway stair mechanics Quests A new evil team to take out, Team Void New Bag UI Day/Night system

Pokemon Blu Acqua

New Features Re-designed all the appearances of Pokemon New Sprites More saved files The original story and maps are remained the same Guilds

Pokemon Rocket Team Edition

New Features Will contain all regions Nice plot Run inside buildings Amazing soundtrack New sprites, evil team, music, Poke Cries

Pokemon Lotus

New Features Currently four gyms, five cities, and more! Features the first 386 Pokemon! Running Shoes, Bike, and Super Rod are available early!

Pokemon Gantz

New Features There are old and new rivals at the same time The catch rate is higher Variety of different environments New abilities Pokemon Tournament is available

Pokemon Emerald Balanced

New Features Heavy, amazing story! Run inside and outside freely as you want A lot of new tiles Day & Night Real Time System All 387 Pokemon are available Moves have been revamped Pokemon Types have been revamped, Ice t ypes have been buffed EV Training Spots have …

Pokemon Darkfire

New Features Brand New Region to Explore! Completely Custom Music Infinite TMs 252 EV Cap Stat Nature Colors Running Indoors Randomized Battle Tournaments Danger Battles FR/LG Flash Rock/Vine Climb without a Pokemon

Pokemon Aquila 2

New Features Diagonal Walking Maps are re-designed A new story New battle backgrounds, Pokemon centers, bag sprites, menu Many skill sets of Pokemon are adjusted

Pokemon Saffron

New Features Regional Pokedex consists of 240 Pokemon New Mechanics include a new field move system The soundtrack is a blend of music from FR/LG and R/S/E The Berry Tree System Harder to earn money

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