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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon The Tree of Time

New Features Repel system from Pokemon Black/White Get more EXP after catching a Pokemon Added Fairy type Many old acquaitances like Ash/Gary/May/etc… All abilities will be updated to Gen VII All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII The overworld maps are renewed

Pokemon Conversion Emerald

New Features Many new types of Pokemon All base stats have been rebalanced TMs and HMs are reusable now The catch rate is higher Special evolution

Pokemon FireRed: Immersion

New Features New Regional Dex Featuring 158 Pokemon from Gen. 1 – 6 (Gen. 7 coming soon) Every single trainer has been modified Every Gen. 1-3 Pokemon that is available have updated sprites Slightly increased difficulty, levels of trainer and wild pokemon raised in some areas by 1-3 …

Pokemon Mystic Edition

New Features This game will be packed full of new features. Explore the ‘Mystic Realm’ A whole new region, full of new tiles and more New pokemon? What lurks in the Mystic realm… New story dynamics Mini-games Become yet another Pokemon master Meet Ash, and others from the …

Pokemon Fiona

New Features The graphics are completely updated for excitement. A whole new space for exploration, the Pearl Area! Updated Sprites for fun overall look. New Unique Field leader who will surely overcome your mind. Carefully designed and carefully designed Nova Unique Elite 4. New Pokemon was not created …

Pokemon Stupid Version

New Features NPCs have nicknamed pokemon (hasn’t been widely implemented yet) Catching trainer’s pokemon New moves, Pokemon, and Items Lots of memes Decapitalisation in certain areas Trainers have new teams The champion and certain other trainers have been swapped New maps

Pokemon Raging Omega

New Features Sprites updated to their DS style sprites New moves and abilities for all 386 New items Fairy typing Indoor running Infinite TMs All other features of the original fire red omega

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