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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Regis’ Origin

New Features Much higher difficulty and no Pokemon Centers whatsoever (though there will be ways to recover, just not so easy). Indoor running! Choose Your Own Starter. No real time clock. Enhanced Gameplay. Improved font.

Pokemon Inverted Reality

New Features There will be 18 different starters according to the 18 types of Pokemon. You can choose freely. Explore Kanto, Johto, Hoenn regions. Pokemon Will Track You Down. Open the map layout (move from the beginning to wherever you want). The Day And Night System Of Shiny …

Pokemon Smooth Pearl

New Features Two new evil teams: Ander and Cypher. Evil Evil Villas Yakanaka (To the garden). Dungeons were remapped. Double battle, including partner team up. You can use the Trade function with Gifted Pokemon to expand your collection. 75 completly new kinds of Pokemons.

Pokemon Inflamed Red

New Features Lots of Pokemon to Catch 2 New Rivals, May and Barry! Updated Battle Engine and New Features thanks to CFRU and DPE! Increased Difficulty Level Scaling based on average level of your party! Pokemon buffing Raid Battles! Other QOL Features & Graphical Changes!

Pokemon Fire Red Extended

New Features Pokemon From Generations 4-5 (With Their Cries). Additional Trainer Battle Themes. Nature Sanctuary. New characters, new side quests, new areas, new bosses, new soundtracks. Graphics In Generation III. 3rd Generation Graphics Have Been Edited.

Pokemon Emerald Revamp

New Features New Gym Leaders and Pokemon Rivals. Skill Masters. Many new custom moves! Stats and Leaderboards contains a database of the game. You can get the National Dex right after talking to Professor Oak at the beginning. New Evolution Method.

Pokemon Weathered Ruby

New Features TO CATCH STARTERS AFTER DEMO AREAS. Mapping of some routes courtesy of Pokemon HeartGold. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Everything in this game are remapped and changed. New Encounters And Gifts For Pokemon. You will not be alone in this game. You have …

Pokemon Saiph 2

New Features A new region to explore, Regris! A Custom soundtrack (tracks from various, media remixed with my own style with a B2&W2 Soundfont) The Complete Fire Red Upgrade as the game engine… finally! (Items, moves, abilities, Pokemon, pss split etc. Updated to the latest standards) Proper Battle …

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo

New Features 6 badges in total. There is a dark gym also. 7 Battle Frontiers. And A Lot More! New Region – Entirely new region for you to explore! Puzzles That Necessitate Some Thought. Gen 4, 5, and 6 moves (All Pokemon learn their best egg moves by …

Pokemon Naruto 4.0

New Features Geodude Is Purely Of The Rock Type. Catastrophes: Meteorite crashes, ice ages, flooding And so on and on and on…. At The Start Of The Game, There Was A National Dexterity Test. New evil Teams. HM And TM Lists Have Been Updated. Right from the beginning, …

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