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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon Smart Red

New Features ALL TRAINERS are encouraged by old therapists, and the gymnasium and e4 have higher AI levels. Evos is impossible to remove. Movesets have been changed. Like many. Check your Pokemon in Move to move. The cut has been changed to Steel 70 BP.Oh, and the line …

Pokemon Sacred Soul – Grua

New Features They’re not special, they do not have a big tileado or anything else, just a funny anecdote. Add Crane a very powerful type of pokemon Renew EMO pokemon type New moves and abilities, also with items Maps are adjusted, so they will be bigger than the …

The Inscription of the Heaven

New Features Three different endings Unlock hard mode Wild battles will be now Double Quick time event actions Faction and reputation system

Pokemon Undercover

New Features Elite 4 get 6 Pokemon all the time Rematch with gym leaders Get running shoes from the beginning of the game Texts are decapitalized Get TMs after defeating trainers

Pokemon Extreme Red

New Features Pokemon from all seven generations Graphics updated New moves Fairy type added Changed HP bar

Pokemon Retribution Version

New Features Custom Sprites! Capture Experience! All Pokémon in Generations 1-3 are catchable! Split PSS Fairy Typing Certain Generation 4-6 Legendary/Pokémon will be catchable! Custom Items! Decapitalization of Pokémon Names, Items, and a majority of the other text! B2/W2 Repel System!

Pokemon Flare

New Features Travel through Kanto backwards Physical/Special Split Decapitalization Fairy-types Gen 4-6 Moves TM’s can be used more than once! Awesome HG/SS Music! Legendaries! All 3 Kanto starters available! Gen 6 Exp System! More to come!


New Features The game will have some details from the RuneScape game Change all Pokemon to RuneMon Trade freely

Pokemon Fantasy

New Features All of FF1 ye old tiles inserted (SNES/GBA source) Ofc some new things, like secrets & such More to come…

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