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Category: Nintendo GBA

Pokemon My Ass

New Features The clothes are changed. Our protagonist will have no shirt, many of the NPCs will have no shirt and a bare chest instead. I wonder whether they are trying to show their muscles or not. Our Gym Leaders are also changed. The main goal of our …

Pokemon Emerald Legendary

New Features Nothing too much, except the number of Legendaries. Right from the first four routes, you can have so many Legendaries. In the later version, the author has reduced the number of Legendaries in the first four routes and rearranged them into various locations.

Pokemon Red Frost

Storyline Wanting to keep his kingdom from fading away, The King of the ice kingdom looked for way to do so as he read books from his personal library he stumbled upon that ice can preserve things in its cold embrace, after his discovery of this he went …

Pokemon Hack

New Features At first, Mega Evolutions are here. Many new Pokemon are from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos. Surely you will spend a lot of time to have all of them. Be patient. The wild trainers, Gym leaders, Frontier Brains will use new Pokemon instead of the old ones. You …

Pokemon School

New Features Tired of all the hacks which start with a “You have to save the world (and you’re 10 years old)” or “You’ll explore caves/forests/Blablabla…”??? This is the hack for you! You’re going to school! You can catch wild pokemons only at the beginning. Some pokemons have …

Pokemon Fire Red Omega

New Features Your starters have been replaced with Smoochum, Elekid & Magby. You can catch many of new Pokemon in Viridian, Vermilion, Celadon, Cerulean thanks to a number of small patches. Right at the time you get the PokeDex, it is automatically upgraded to National Dex. There are …

Pokemon Mega Power

Storyline Neil/Tyra, the genius scientist who became a professor. He/she has a dream. He/she want to make the strongest Pokemon by himself, he did so many experiments. However, he/she doesn’t have enough money. At this time, a business man called Kasper tell the young professor that he would …

Pokemon Waterfall

New Features New Region with new sprites. Pokedex including Pokemon from 4 Generations.

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