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Category: Nintendo GBC

Pokemon OIA

New Features E4 Parties With A Personal Touch. New soundtracks for battling and going everywhere. Aside From The Main Plot, There Are Numerous Events. The Brand New Hero. Many Pokemon – A good portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokemon will be obtainable. Sinnoh Region.

Pokemon Salt Crystal

New Features All Pokemon play with lv. 50 stats, at all times. Mechanics mostly on par with generation 8 (SwSh, BDSP, PLA): Physical/Special split; Fairy type; updated Power and Accuracy; etc.. Irrelevant moves, or moves that were deprecated in generation 8, were removed in favor of more useful …

Pokemon Prime: Purple Edition

New Features Accelerating Difficulty: The biggest change made in the hack. The hack starts out with the same difficulty as regular Red/Blue but gradually gets harder relative to the original Red/Blue as you progress. This new difficulty is accomplished. Populated Paths: Walking in tall grass, caves, and the …

Pokemon Ceylon Version

New Features All movepools for trainers pokemon and wild pokemon have been improved The DV’s of all trainers and their Pokemon have been increased All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as well. Wild Pokemon have been edited as well New icons in both the …

Pokemon Yellow Supreme

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Rival, Gym Leaders and Elite 4 have been improved. Pikachu can now evolve with Thunderstone The DVs from all Trainers and their Pokemon have been increased. All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as …

Majora Crystal

New Features Roadblock NPCs that are completely unrelated to the task that triggers their appearance or disappearance are removed. HMs do not require badges. Wild tables and Gym leaders are edited, so you can obtain all pokemon in the wild. The Fairy Type, EVs, and the P/S split …

Pokemon Carmine Red

New Features Massive rework and buffs for almost all Pokemon. A lot of pokemon who had the short end of the stick have been improved. Specially bugs. Beware of the bugs. Extensive edit of a lot of moves. A lot of useless or duplicated moves have been repruposed …

Pokemon Seafoam

New Features Platformer levels Shoot-em-up levels Attack in top-down mode

Pokemon Argentum

New Features Some new places to discover. Fishing For FR/LG. Set In The New Colo Region! New Repel System. Lots of humorous dialogues. Whole New Region Solia.

Kanto Trading Card Game

New Features All Pokemon cards have been modified to have any of the following: new attacks, HP, energy requirements. Most of these cards resemble cards from the Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge series All cards and trainers have received custom sprite work Sprite work that is not custom has been …

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