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Category: Nintendo GBC

Pokemon Gold Sunset Horizons

New Features The storyline in this game was changed. You can complete your Pokedex now. Before battling with Red, make sure that you have already done this. The difficulty is higher than its origin. The graphics of some cities was changed. The evolution method of some Pokemon that …

Pokemon Brown

New Features Brand New Rijon Region with 11 Citys and over 20 routes. Great game plot. Pokedex has over 250 Pokemon. Over 40 Battle Moves. New Pokemon Types. A lot of new characters, friends and rivals. Some new music tracks. You can trade Pokemon with Pokemon Prism.

Pokemon Grape

Storyline Frejo, 1999 There’s a controversy regarding the ownership of the Pokemon League Zone between the Leaders of two distant Regions, the Region of Frejo and the Region of Kelgo, and these two regions are about to declare war to each other. Fortunately, the two Leaders agree on …

Pokemon Mercury

New Features New Futurisitc Region. Interesting storyline. Over 30 or so Fakemon. New Poketch 2.0. Cool Mini-games. HoverBoard replaces Bike. New moves.

Pokemon Haiiro

New Features The music is well-composed. The graphics are re-designed a little bit.

Pokemon Ice Silver

A fuller better storyline than gold and silver. The order of gyms has changed and there are new leaders. To go to the league now must beat the 16 leaders from Johto and Kanto. Pokedex reformatted and only three legendaries. Mapping of some routes courtesy of Pokemon HeartGold. …

Pokemon Maize

Storyline I decided to stick with a traditional Pok√©-storyline. An organization known as Team Quarry is excavating vast amounts of materials from the ground in pursuit of building a mighty city to be the center of their empire (or something like that). While wielding your trusty broom, you …

Pokemon XY: Naturia

New Features Selection of protagonist by gender, like as in Pokemon Crystal only with the protagonists of Pokemon XY. Redesign Pokedex. 138 “”new”” (replacement) species of pokemon from all regions . Replacements are based on design and/or qualities/features of each Pokemon. Example, Rattata is replacement for Zigzagoon. Progressive …

Pokemon Pyrite

Storyline Relive the adventure of the second generation Pokemon games in a more challenging and complete way! New Features Very exhaustive work on the selection of wild Pokemon, including fishing, headbutt, rock smash and all types of event Pokemon, and trainer parties including every single trainer in the …

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