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Category: Nintendo GBC

Pokemon Red 151

New Features All stats of Pokemon have been changed. Some Pokemon are required for in-game trades. The game is now full colored.

Pokemon Blacx

New Features A new story. 251 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI with Mega Evolution. New in-game events. The graphics is upgraded. The level limit is increased to 170.

Pokemon Polished Crystal

New Features After catching a Pokemon, you can get EXP. No need to find Running Shoes anymore since you can always turn it On or Off in the menu. You can use the TMs infinitively. No more Poison-death in battles, it leaves 1 HP. At the level 1, …

Kanto Explorers: Wisteria

New Features A completely new region is waiting for you to explore. All the text in this game is changed for a suitable hack. New tiles which are a mix from FireRed and Ruby. The soundtracks are slightly changed. Some Pokemon are modified genetically.

Pokemon Stygian

New Features This is a very small demo version so it doesn’t have many playable parts, except some changes about the graphics and storyline. More features will come in the future. New graphic and sprites.

Pokemon Secrets and Rumors

New Features All events from major to minor are completely re-scripted. Many new Items. New abilities and new TM/HM list. In the new Region, there is a new Evil Team. New areas in Kanto. Some cameo appearances of many characters from other Pokemon games.

Pokemon Epic Gold

New Features All Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Silver are capturable now. The Gym order has been changed. The level of every trainers in the Johto region was increased.

Pokemon Orb

New Features New starters for your character. Instead of 1 starter like usual, now you have 2. New regions, new maps. Pokemon come from Shinnoh are available. New Elite Four and Champion. You can catch 251 Pokemon. And much much more…

Pokemon Complex Crystal

New Features You can catch 251 Pokemon. The difficulty is higher than the original game. Stats and Moves have been changed. The evolution and trade method also changed.

Pokemon Spirits and Legends

New Features There are two of your rivals in this hack: one male and one female. Some areas are from Heart Gold/Soul Silver, the others are completely new. You can use in-game trades and something like that. Many events besides the main storyline.

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