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Category: PC

Pokemon Attack SFX Pack Gens 1 to 5 Updated

New Features Added SFX from DP, RSE and BW/2 series of games! Get over 3,200 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA & DS games! MP3’s now crossing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova—Gen 1 to Gen 5!

Pokemon Neo Thunder

New Features New story Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Day Care for iOS

New Features Collecting eggs Walking and Evolving Pokemon Buying Items Leaderboard of the 16 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion, Red, and the titular characters Collect the teams of the above trainers Collect the badges Multiplier for exp of Pokemon Statistics Pokedex Events All 251 Pokemon available

Pokecards Beta

New Features Play online, no need to download Web version Nice graphics


New Features Free online playing, no need to download Web version supports many browsers Nice graphics

Jupiter’s Shadow: a monster-collecting game

New Features No Random Encounters: creatures appear on the overworld map. A Trusty Slingshot: the player can obtain this projectile weapon, and use it for avoiding creature encounters. Creature Fusion: the player can permanently fuse two creatures together to create a new, stronger creature, similar to the breeding …

Pokemon, Pen, & Paper – A Table Top Roleplaying Game!

New Features A combat system which takes a lot of elements from the systems in the Pokémon video games while moving it closer to what is seen in the anime, and keeping the gameplay lightning-fast. A skill system that turns a good portion of the moves in the …

Exterium, completion game with fully original

New Features Various extremely strange critters (exters) living in the wild A pokedex-like with 24 entries (80+ to come). I have a long list of creatures concepts waiting to make their way into the game Multi-stage species forms Playable right in the browser (no installation needed) Common and …

Pokemon Generations

New Features A completely new-looking Pokemon game in 3D (like the 3DS style). Great gameplot.

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