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Category: PC

Universal Pokemon Randomizer Gaia

New Features TM and HM randomisation options Mega Evolution Mega Evolve Legacy configuration/seed files Starter held item randomization option Defines the Gym Trainers for each of the 8 Gyms in Gaia HM moves were removed from the pool of random moves for TMs and move sets

DOT Debug

New Features A completely new mini game Fun to relax GUI interface and support multi devices

Pokemon SDK

New Features Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock) Double & Online Battles (P2P) Running shoes Key Binding UI (F1) Multi-DayCare Berry System Online Trades (P2P) GTS (you need to add an external script) Shadow under events system Extended event info (using the event name) Wild …

Do Or Die

New Features Easy to use hacking tool A Starter Kit features Faster to use

Pokemon Unity 2D

New Features Cross-platform Customizability (easy to create and manage custom tools and editors within the program) Improved performance by using a modern engine (RMXP is a very old engine, and struggles with some aspects of performance even with default Essentials) Documentation (starting from scratch, this gives the ability …

Pokemon Snap HD Edition

New Features Sylveon is now available. You can find it instead of the first In Game Trade. New Starter: Seel, Slugma, Cacnea. The Old Rod not only catch Magikarp but also some new Pokemon now. New starters and Pokemon from different regions. Certain movements that are awful, polished …

Pokemon Attack SFX Pack Gens 1 to 5 Updated

New Features Added SFX from DP, RSE and BW/2 series of games! Get over 3,200 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA & DS games! MP3’s now crossing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova—Gen 1 to Gen 5!

Pokemon Neo Thunder

New Features New story Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Day Care for iOS

New Features Collecting eggs Walking and Evolving Pokemon Buying Items Leaderboard of the 16 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion, Red, and the titular characters Collect the teams of the above trainers Collect the badges Multiplier for exp of Pokemon Statistics Pokedex Events All 251 Pokemon available

Pokecards Beta

New Features Play online, no need to download Web version Nice graphics

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