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Category: PC

Pokemon Revolution Online

New Features As a free online game, Pokemon Revolution Online also introduces its own currency system, and has a tightening of in-game money, which makes it far more difficult than the offline games. In addition, Pokemon Revolution Online also introduces the VIP refill system, a paid form that …

Pokemon Uncensored Edition

New Features There are two big regions for exploring and hunting. 550 capturable Pokemon are waiting out there. A bunch of items, secrets and side-quests for collecting-solving.

Pokemon Type Wild

New Features A new game with new backgrounds, new soundtracks, new gameplay style for all Pokemon fans. New plot. New design.

Pokemon 3D

New Features Real-time PvP battles. Gym battles will be more interesting. There will be a Ranking and Emblem system for players. PokeGear is a useful in-game item. Players can have an online friend list with an online rank list also.

Pokemon Insurgence

New Features A new region called Torren will take a lot of your time to explore and play. A new way to understand and know more about your Pokemon. Mega Evolution also gets its apperance. You can trade and battle online with your friends through the Internet. You …

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