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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Infinity

New Features Added a small part of Koros Cave to Palkhan Heights Balance tweaks Updated move data Adjusted badge level requirements for traded pokemon Challenge mode unlocks after you beat the story aspect of the demo updated items and shops rebalancing of trainers couple more new attacks expanded …

Pokemon HGSS: Sevii Islands

New Features New and remixed music Following Pokemon Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes Pokegear with new features To stay faithful to HGSS, only Gen 1-4 Pokemon are in the game. However, fairy type is added. TMs are now infinite use too Chapters instead of Gyms Sevii Islands

Pokemon Empire 2020

New Features 9 Dual-typed Starters Type Diversity in Obtainable Pokemon Fully Re-balanced Pokemon Includes All Pokemon Gens 1-8 Gym Leaders have Backstory and aren’t Fully Monotype All New Field Effects and Custom Backgrounds Only SET Battle Style No in-Battle Item Usage Guilds & Side Quests that tell Actual …

Pocket Monster Project: Chasing Glory

New Features The Journey: Follow the Krona’s journey to stardom, as you tackle tournaments and challenges region to region. ​ Teambuilding System: Krona is already a seasoned Pokemon trainer, and has caught and trained many Pokemon as she collected the badges throughout the region.​ However, with the Pokemon League Tournaments …

Pokemon Switch Adventures

New Features New design for maps. Can use the Turbo function like many emulators. Umbreon an Espeon Evo’s With Stones New Sprites. Gen 3 World Graphics

Pokemon Gratia

New Features 3 gym style guardians to battle 3 betamon from the Gold and Silver Spaceworld demo re-purposed as Fakemon Custom protagonists, play as a girl or a boy! 12 Legendarys to collect and find! (this is including the betamon as legendarys) 2 Endings

Pokemon Bouquet

New Features New sprites for male/female protagonist. New Minigame. A new storyline. Mega Evolution and Z-Moves are also included. You can get up to 8 medals in the region

White Rose

New Features Evos is impossible to remove. Enjoy the experiences of the Pokemon come from Generation III. Rematch with gym leaders New Events Explore the two regions of Kanto Nine and Erthena!

Pokemon Apathy

New Features Questing system: a fast and easy way to keep track of what you should be doing. Crafting system: craft to make money and items related to sidequests. Trainer grinding system: a quick way to boost your levels. Caring system: the colours of the world change the …

Pokemon Hunt For the Yeti!

New Features New points in graphics Pokemon will follow you. Harder than the original game. (Since no one is going to hold back at all against a Rocket and you won’t be able to catch wild pokemon willy nilly) Updated Battle Mechanics. 493 Pokémon ~ The first 493 …

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