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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Wild Zone

New Features A Wild Area style route which is set to connect the surrounding cities and routes Double battle style Gym Battles Pokemon from all generations New Moves Side quests Rail line for quick transport around the region between towns/cities Pre Gym to challenge up coming Gym leader …

Digimon World 2

New Features A battle system that replicates Counters and Interrupts along with the multiple turns from the DS games. Recruit, Trade, Digivolve and DNA-Digivolve to collect as many moves as possible. Create your ultimate Digimon. Collect Digi-Eggs(Digmentals) and Spirits to unlock even more Digivolutions. Join up with Akira, …

Steve the Bibarel : Heart of Darkness

New Features Nice Graphics. Changed starters, moves Removal of trade requiring evolutions All the stats from Pokemon X & Y have been implemented into this game. Original Story

Pokemon The Camry Legend 2

New Features Alolan Forms now no longer take up their own space. Some Gen. 8 moves and Abilities are in. The new Pokemon Box System, a feature in Pokemon Let’s Go and Sword and Shield, makes an appearance here! Mach Pizza returns again, and now sells six slices …

The Uxie Caves

New Features A cave full of light-the-torch puzzles No antagonists, just obstacles to overcome and some angry spirits Game takes place in a single large area rather than the typical journey

Pokemon Radiant Version

New Features Players can own their own houses! Three new types, and some Pokemon have natural immunities to types! Players can get ‘perks’ from obtaining Pokemon in Pokedex! Contains all 807 Pokemon from Generation 1 to 7! Player can embark on over 225 quests and get rewards! More …

Pokemon Equinox

New Features Exp Catch System. All 802 Pokemon Available To Catch New trainers, music, cries, starters, sprites DNS. Gen III native glitches

Pokemon Iris – Episode 1

New Features Pokemon and mechanics up to date with Gen 7 (Sun and Moon) High difficulty Field effects Quests and events Player freedom

Pokemon Cinder

New Features No EBS! Manything come from the Dollsteak’s patch like: Physical/Special Split, the TMs can be use infinitively, etc. Day/Night system based on your device’s real time clock. Some Pokemon come from Diamond/Pearl. Some specific moves of Groudon – Kyogre – Rayquaza – Hoopa – Diance – …

Pokemon Cardinal

New Features Gym’s battles are harder Remastered Pokemon Music Starters from Gen VI. A new story. Equality Gymbattles: Gymbattles are treated differently from the Vereo region than in other regions.

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