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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Myth

New Features New megas New forms Loads of fakemon Star-Face shiny varients Corrupted Pokemon Player controlled gyms 2 Regions with massive exploration Custom mechanics New moves New items New types 21 Eeeveelutions + 21 megas!

Pokemon Jade Hard Mode

New Features 8 Underground Bosses. New Battle Attributes. Physical And Special Status Division. Four crafting Skills. Mega Evolution Is Engaged In Combat. Some Of Our Favorite Characters.

Pokemon Azume

New Features An exciting 2-3 hours main story, taking you to many different locales. A new pokeball called the “Reverseball” It calculates catch rate using your pokemon instead of the opposing pokemon! HM items for Cut, Surf, Strength and Waterfall! Many places to explore and secrets to discover. …

Pokemon Jaspe

New Features More Pokemon Have Been Added To The Pokedex. Personalized Introduction. Some places cannot be accessible in Gold and Silver before like Viridian Forest and Seafoam Islands will be opened. Get rid of the Help system. Animations Of Pokemon. Cosmetic Day and Night System. In This Game, …

Anode Heart

New Features DNS. The difficulty is upgraded higher. Kanto And Johto In The Game Boy Advance. Day/Night Cycle! . Your Pokemon Can Mega Evolve. There are also Fakemon along the original Pokemon. New music, battles, moves, abilities. 200 Noa-Dex.

Pokemon: Dawn of Rockets

New Features New reimagined region of Kanto Pokemon from all Generations Pokemon stealing system Choices with impact on the storyline Boss battles Following Pokemon HM Items Regional Forms Increase your rank within Team Rocket Collect intel about your opponents and update the Team Rocket Database Form alliances Expand …

Pokemon Wild Mihu

New Features All Pokemon are Overworld Pokemon! Even water Pokemon. Overworld Pokemon react to the player. Pokemon Trainer Ranking system. Gyms in Mihu are purists No more forced trainer battles! All trainers in the Mihu region are kind enough to offer but not force you to battle (so …

Pokemon Mega Fusion Esencia Incandescente

New Features Different Regions. No gyms! There will be Challenge Centers! (Basically a gym… but not a gym?). New Fakemon. Eevee’s Evolutions Have Changed. 4 Legendaries: Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Celebi are now catchable. Pokemon follow you. There Is A Portrait And A Landscape View Option. Pokemon League …

Pokemon God Relic Release

New Features Berry Bush – Those grow some common berries that can help on your journey! A Full new Pokedex – Around 150+ Pokemon are to be found in Sehand! Phenomenoms – Trough Grass, Sea or Dust clouds, they may have Items or a very strong Pokemon! Hidden …

Pokemon Bushido

New Features There Are No New Types. NEVERMIND, It’s A New World. Duo-Types Plate, you will be able to fuse two plates. (I just need to add the move’s power boost. Ex: Fire-Water -Plate will boost Fire AND Water move. So every Poke can use it proprely and …

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