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Category: RPG Maker XP

Bird Game

New Features Play as a boy, girl or owl Play as a pigeon, blue jay, eagle, owl, phoenix, duck and whatever else I feel like letting you play as There’s a fancy loading graphic at the beginning The fourth wall is actually not broken when it would be …

Pokemon Times Collide

New Features Turbo Mode Pokémon from Gen 1 – 7 Alpha Pokémon Characters from all around the Pokemon World Multiple Save Files Gen 4/5 Overworld graphics Gen 3 World Graphics 90% Animated Pokémon Battle Sprites 2 Rivals 8 Gyms 8 Battle Clubs

Pokemon Ultra Evolution

New Features New region with a lot of new Pokemon You can select the starters from Kanto Region Use Mega Evolution in battles and get the advantages All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V Eight different Gyms to battle A cool storyline Catch Legendary Pokemon easily New …

Pokemon Recollections

New Features More difficult If you lose, you have to start all over again 93 TMs and 8 HMs 649 Pokemon Gen III graphics New methods of evolution

Pokemon Misanthropy

New Features Dark story with new world Great graphics and new music/sound Elite battle system Pokemon following you General Knowledge test Pokemon from Gen 1-6

Pokemon YOU: The community made fan game

New Features Get rid of the whole gym/trial thing Have the starting map on a mountain (maybe volcano) Lots of fakemon Not the FRLG tileset (HGSS or maybe the one I used in my Pokemon Prime game) A ghost tree Pokemon A fire psychic type No professor An …

Pokemon Galaxia

New Features EBS Gen 7 Pokemon, Z-Moves, Moves, Abilities, Items Gen 6 Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, Items Gen 5 menu and other gen 5 things Zygarde Cube mechanics Fakemon Gen 7 Music More wide range of Starters Story Choices Matter (like in Telltale Games) Harder Story (than the original …

Pokemon Origins of Peace

New Features New Region Original Story 6 Tribes (that means 5 evil teams!) Delta Species Proper Evil Villains (Move over Geovanni) Following Pokemon Personality that gets developed by choices in game! You can ride on Suicune, Raikou and Entei Sidequests!

Hitmon! Jam

New Features The protagonist will be a Macham, not a human Customized soundtracks are everywhere New overworld maps

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