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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Ends

New Features Gunshot Sound Battlbacks from Elite Battle System Silver frlg sprite Fire Ball, Water Ball, and Grass Ball Icon Sprites New Music New Graphics New Menu and Title Screen New Mid Battle Dialogue

Pokemon and the Last Wish

New Features A new unique region to explore A new story driven by the Wishmaker New special forms of Pokemon 100 Pokemon to catch and collect Lots of new public assets to use Voltseon’s Pause Menu

Pokemon Chronicles

New Features New Move sets/learnsets from Omega Ruby and Sapphire. Some Pokemon come from Sinnoh and Unova. If two or more Pokemon fail immediately, the winner will be solved by those who do not finish. In violence, self destruct, Perish Song, or Destiny Bond, which Pokemon uses it …

Pokemon Rocket Recruit

New Features The UI is good-looking. The Fakemon also get their appearances in this game. Enjoy a Dragon Ball Z game in the style of Pokemon. There Will Be No More PC Spawns. A Story That Is Deep, Dark, And Twisted. Many Areas Are Being Remapped.

Project Maple – A Canadian Pokemon Fangame

New Features A Rich, Less Linear Story With Branching Paths Gens 1-5, Plus Over 100 New Pokemon 10 Gym Badges 10 Mini-Regions Known as Districts A Unique Tileset for Each District​ New Abilities and Moves Three Save Files Key Items to Replace Select HMs and Remove Some Obstacles …

Pokemon Alexandrite

New Features 402 Acquirable Pokemon with 63 alternate Forms/Mega-Evolutions​ Including 10 completely original Pokemon​ Handpicked Pokedex with mon’s from generations 1 through 8 with an tilt towards generations 1-4.​ New mega-evolutions​ Rich gameplay featuring a full 8 gyms with elite 4 taking you from level 5 to 62.​ …

Pokemon Godra Remastered

New Features A few type balancing changes have been implemented. Deciding to join the War Party will now result in fighting Trainer Coalition members at various points in the story A useful outside market has been added to Paret City A battle house has been added to Ebony …

Pokemon Gym Leader’s Legacy

New Features Updated Pokemon Statistics and Mobile Tools. Cloyster can get its Primal Evolution now. IV/EV Checker. Explore two different regions. The gameplay stays as the usual. Ugly palettes.

Pokemon Alpha Paradox

New Features Fusions from gens 1-8 Custom new abilities for some fusion Custom moves for some fusions Quest system Harder AI Speed up mode Quick save More quests Postgame Online activity similar to what insurgence had

Pokemon Rising Earth

New Features All Pokemon Gen 1 to Gen 8 are included​ Almost every Pokemon is obtainable​ New Region to explore​ New villianous team, the Pokemon Paladins​ A rather high difficulty in battles Special Trainers in every Pokemon Center to help with grinding​ 120 TM, that serve as a …

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