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Category: RPG Maker XP

Pokemon Nebulous Version

New Features Six Gyms with about 10 hours of gameplay Over 300 Pokemon from all 7 generations A Safari Zone 5th Generation Battle Interface Custom Sprites Original Soundtrack Super Powerful God-Form Pokemon A New Region and New Map

Pokemon Adventure in Tentin

New Features New big region Tentin New items and battle mechanics The EXP Sharing System from Pokemon X & Y New overworld with different trainers.

Pokemon Edge Rising

New Features A deep, well-written plot A diverse region Extremely complex and thought provoking characters 25+ Fakemon Deep moral choices NPCs that say kinda useful stuff sometimes Characters portraits No TMs or HMs Use Alt to speed up your game.

Pokemon Re_Imagined

New Features The traditional gym leaders will have their appearances A whole new and big region You will meet some familiar people from Kanto – Sinnoh – Unova New elite battle system Mega Evolution for Pokemon Pokemon from Gen VI Many humourous text New evil team Talk to …

Pokemon Raven

New Features Shiny Pokemon can be found in the second city Unique trainers with their own dialogues

Pokemon Chosen Ones

New Features Includes All Pokemon From Gen 1-7 include to add any more in future Gen 6’s exp share Custom Pokemon Eggs New Alolan forms 1 new mega (thinking of adding more) Pokémon Birthsigns Birthsigns Journal Multiple Save Files

Pokemon Roulette FFA App

New Features Added text boxes to allow players to customize their names, instead of static names like “Player 1, Player 2” etc. Added 2 new cards, Magic Shield and Magnet Pull Minor text fixes

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