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Pokemon Johto Adventures – Rebirth

Storyline Most of us have watched the Anime, therefore we know the basic jist of the storyline. You are Ash Ketchum (or whatever name you choose ). Your dream is to become a Pokemon Master, and to accomplish that you must win the Johto League by collecting the …

Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Y Edition

New Features Changed music. New starters from 6th generation. Added weather. Added Pokemon 1-6 generation. Added tileset. New added events. Complete legendary 1-6 generation and catchable. 3 regions.

Pokemon Discovery

New Features New hero and heroine sprites. New Pokemon trainer sprites. Renegade Company. Level of Will (LoW) system. Gen IV-VI Pokemon. New and updated tiles, items and Pokemon movesets. Day & Night system. Technology removed & GYM replaced with talisman fragment events.

Pokemon Shrouded Chaos

Storyline Ok, well, there are acutally many plots that occur, but not one flat out story line. Just picture is at you are surrounded by many plot lines (hence the name, Shrouded Chaos, makes sense not, doesn’t it?). Well, here are the biggest ones that happen: 1. I …

Pokemon Brown

New Features Brand New Rijon Region with 11 Citys and over 20 routes. Great game plot. Pokedex has over 250 Pokemon. Over 40 Battle Moves. New Pokemon Types. A lot of new characters, friends and rivals. Some new music tracks. You can trade Pokemon with Pokemon Prism.

Pokemon Oro Sole

Storyline Professor Elm is a scientist who has dedicated his life to study Pokémon. He’s still young but he enjoys a great respect among the other reseachers thanks to his astonishing discoveries, like those related to the evolution of the Pokémon. One day, while he’s working, Prof. Elm …

Pokemon Expert Emerald

New Features All 494 Pokemon from the first four generations are available for you. You can create, edit, organize your Pokemon team to beat the others. Over 100 new moves from Gen IV & Gen VI have been added. The new Fairy type is also get its appearance …

Pokemon Freedom Ep 1

New Features Many extra things compared to its origin. A new design of the old graphics. The maps are totally new.

Pokemon Naranja

Storyline Well the history… the same that in the anime, after the Indigo League, Oak has a mission for you: Receive the GS-Ball from the Professora Ivy in the Orange (Naranja) Archipielago. But when you reach those wondederful islands you will want to keep for training. The adventure …

Pokemon My Ass

New Features The clothes are changed. Our protagonist will have no shirt, many of the NPCs will have no shirt and a bare chest instead. I wonder whether they are trying to show their muscles or not. Our Gym Leaders are also changed. The main goal of our …

Pokemon Emerald Legendary

New Features Nothing too much, except the number of Legendaries. Right from the first four routes, you can have so many Legendaries. In the later version, the author has reduced the number of Legendaries in the first four routes and rearranged them into various locations.

Pokemon Red Frost

Storyline Wanting to keep his kingdom from fading away, The King of the ice kingdom looked for way to do so as he read books from his personal library he stumbled upon that ice can preserve things in its cold embrace, after his discovery of this he went …

Pokemon Insurgence

New Features A new region called Torren will take a lot of your time to explore and play. A new way to understand and know more about your Pokemon. Mega Evolution also gets its apperance. You can trade and battle online with your friends through the Internet. You …

Pokemon Hack

New Features At first, Mega Evolutions are here. Many new Pokemon are from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos. Surely you will spend a lot of time to have all of them. Be patient. The wild trainers, Gym leaders, Frontier Brains will use new Pokemon instead of the old ones. You …

Pokemon School

New Features Tired of all the hacks which start with a “You have to save the world (and you’re 10 years old)” or “You’ll explore caves/forests/Blablabla…”??? This is the hack for you! You’re going to school! You can catch wild pokemons only at the beginning. Some pokemons have …

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