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Pokemon Valen

New Features The gameplay scripts are adjusted to be smoother with better transitions. New graphic.

Pokemon X & Y (GBA)

New Features The original story of Pokemon Emerald is not changed. The graphics is changed a little bit. The region is not like the same as before.

Pokemon Skyline

Storyline You woke up on a shore, and found an Eevee who seemed to be washed ashore as well. The Eevee decided to come with you as you try to continue your trip to Kanto, but after travelling to a town where the port was located, you decided …

Pokemon PurePink

New Features Explore the story of a female trainer. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings.

Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas

Storyline One fateful Christmas night, a Wooper was getting ready for Santa’s arrival. As Santa was leaving his trustworthy Delibrid was kidnapped by a man dressed all in black! Now its up to you to save him! Play as the legendary Wooper who saved Christmas during the times …

Pokemon Whisky Brown

New Features Awesome classic rock soundtrack. Many altered movesets, changed abilities and stat re-adjustments to make weaker Pokemon more useful. New moves and the addition of certain later-gen moves. Lots of humor. Completely new region. Raised difficulty. New ways to evolve trade-only Pokemon. Avalibility of every Pokemon from …

Mirage Of Tales: A New Age Dawns

New Features Gain the References of important people for your CV to build your fame. As well as Pokemon Centres and Marts, most towns now also have Community Centres! The Elite 4 has been replaced with the mighty 9-round Avlar Championship Tournament. Mega Evolutions for Pokemon from Gens …

Pokemon Ultimate Mega Ruby

New Features Increased Difficulty. 6 Gen Starter. Starter From Gen 1 To 6 Are Obtainable. Some 4,5 And 6 Gen Pokemons. Mega Pokemons. Primal Pokemons. Elite 4 Changed. All Legendary Pokemons From Gen 1 To 3 Is Obtainable+Some Other Legendary Which Are Added.

Pokemon Mercury

New Features New Futurisitc Region. Interesting storyline. Over 30 or so Fakemon. New Poketch 2.0. Cool Mini-games. HoverBoard replaces Bike. New moves.

Pokemon Viajes Con Celebi

New Features There are 251 Pokemon in total with some extra Fakemon. There are no badges. Just keep going and catching Pokemon.

Pokemon Spirit Emerald

New Features 494 Pokémon – Yes! All Pokémon right up until Generation IV can be obtained in this hack. So this includes all Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokémon. This also includes Sylveon as the 494th available Pokémon. New Moves – Over 100 new moves from Gen IV-Gen …

Pokemon Penumbra

New Features A new Region Dorua. New Regional Pokedex with many Pokemon from the later generations. The soundtracks are now implemented. Those existing Pokemon will have new evolutions. Many new Fakemon.

Pokemon Black Dark

New Features New scripts in gameplay. Many different battle themes in some special fighting. When you wear the uniform of your team or your cop, there will be a subtitution sprite T-Card. The stats, movements, sprites level of some Pokemon in Black/White style have been edited. The difficulty …

Pokemon Warped

Storyline You are a kid who has lived in Luneth Town, in the Amafuso region, all his/her life with his/her grandparents. Up to when you are twelve years old, everything is well (apart from the odd murder from time to time). Suddenly, in a catastrophic event linked to …

Pokemon Haiiro

New Features The music is well-composed. The graphics are re-designed a little bit.

Pokemon Ice Silver

A fuller better storyline than gold and silver. The order of gyms has changed and there are new leaders. To go to the league now must beat the 16 leaders from Johto and Kanto. Pokedex reformatted and only three legendaries. Mapping of some routes courtesy of Pokemon HeartGold. …

Pokemon Maize

Storyline I decided to stick with a traditional Poké-storyline. An organization known as Team Quarry is excavating vast amounts of materials from the ground in pursuit of building a mighty city to be the center of their empire (or something like that). While wielding your trusty broom, you …

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