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Pokemon Omen

New Features More than 100 Fakemon to catch. Many side-quests after the main game. Upgraded difficulty. A new type of Fakemon.

Pokemon Reckoning Version

New Features Have three different areas for trainers: Western Migoto, Central Migoto, Eastern Migoto. Wonderful sounds.

Pokemon Cosmic Version

New Features Pokemon will follow you to everywhere. Pokemon from Kanto Region to Kalos Region. Multi save at once.

Pokemon: Awakened Legends

New Features New storyline. New sprites and graphics. No need to beat gyms, they are optional. No need to use SURF since you can swim yourself. A whole new region. The Challenge House will test your limit.

Pokemon Adamant

New Features New characters, new environments. Customized soundtracks. The graphics system is a mixture of Gen IV and Gen V.

Pokemon Cloud White 2

New Features Play Red/Leaf. PWT. New title screen. New boot screen. New musics. New tileset. Honey trees. Buyable and customizable houses. BW exp catch system. BW repel System. Shiny ratio increased. Give Pokémons. New trades. New attacks. Decapitalization. New evolutionary stones. Some new maps. Increase density. Increase difficulty. …

Pokemon Neosun

New Features New region, New tiles, graphics, soundtracks, tiles, sprites.

Pokemon Glowing Silver

New Features Go to Hoenn Region instead of Kanto. Choose Gold or Crystal to play. New events. New rivals. 16 gyms in total. Red Gyarados.

Emerald Renewal

New Features The battle engine is upgraded. No decapitalization. There will be a patch to support save compatibility.

Pokemon Moortus

New Features – Get the National Pokedex right from the start. – A whole new storyline with no Gyms. – No evolution by trading. – New region – story – characters – music.

Pokemon Fire Red 2

New Features TMs are now reusable. Something are decapitalized. Physical/Special Split. After catching a Pokemon, you get EXP. The repel system from Pokemon Black/White. No more deaths from Poison status effect. You can delete HMs. IVs are displayed.

Pokemon Ascension

New Features New graphics, sprites, menu, battle screen, battle background, etc. New music.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

New Features Rename Pokemon right from the menu. Fairy type is added. Many sidequests after the maingame. Double Battle in wild areas. Day/Night system will be faster.

Pokemon Nox

New Features The regions and storylines of Pokemon are remained the same. You can create Pokeball and other items for yourself.

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