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Pokemon Fire Red 898 Randomizer

New Features All 898, forms, and variants coded into the game, allowing you to get them with the randomizer Pokemon, Learnset, and Ability randomizer at the start of the game, allowing you to enable / disable any of them Dynamax in important battles option Exp Share at start …

Pokemon Spiral Root

New Features Physical/Special Split. Gen 4 Pokemon styled Menu. DPPT Font Letter. B2/W2 Repel System. X/Y Exp System . Pokemon from Various Regions! Fakémons! (Including Digimon). Light Type! Beast Type! Earth Type! Updated Type Chart. New Moves. Reusable TM’s! Can run indoors! National Dex at the Beginning! Updated …

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Hell

New Features A bunch of items, secrets and side-quests for collecting-solving. And More And More! Shiny Quagsire’s Day and Night system. New Tones. Here are some suggestions for those who play: – Horsea is now a separate evolution, and both Graveler and Stone must evolve. The name Ridiculous …

Pokemon Villain Jam

New Features 8 Playable Characters! (Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, Guzma and Piers!) Press F to toggle Speed Up An entirely different playthrough everytime!

Super Sludge Islands

New Features New combat system Platforming Fast Movement World Map Custom Art Custom Sludgemon

Pokemon Red Ash

New Features Pokemon of Darkness: Dark Pokemon are Pokemon that doors can open minds to artificial methods. This is only possible in a sinister lab but once previously encrypted it can occur anywhere, because the new small Cipher virus. To purify the Dark Pokemon, players must have a …

Pokemon Delta Green PC

New Features Berrymenu. Explore Various Areas (Johto Plan). Fairy Type and the new type chart. Pokemon follow player. Some types of mobile have been changed. Pokemon Generations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, And 6.

Pokemon Black Ruby

New Features The Indo Region is made using the Gen 3 graphics Storyline alike to the original games ideology 700+ Pokemons to play with Mega Evolution included New Evil Team Dorobo with huge number of evil agents to fight with Pokerides also available as a part of gameplay …

Pokemon Fused Dimensions

New Features A dex full of fusions, 226 to be more precise, all of them obtainable Mega evolution added Custom Dex entries for every fusion Forgettable HMs Infinite TMs Physical and Special Split Fairy Type, and Fairy Type moves added The last Gym leaders as well as the …

Pokemon Ends

New Features Gunshot Sound Battlbacks from Elite Battle System Silver frlg sprite Fire Ball, Water Ball, and Grass Ball Icon Sprites New Music New Graphics New Menu and Title Screen New Mid Battle Dialogue

Pokemon Dark

New Features The Mudkips walking around in Northcoast Town and Palmtree Resort are move tutors. A couple of hours of gameplay. Obtain All POKEMON As Well As Some New FAKEMON. The overworld is replaced with the customized menu. Clock in Start Menu. UI Fighter Should Be Updated.

Pokemon and the Last Wish

New Features A new unique region to explore A new story driven by the Wishmaker New special forms of Pokemon 100 Pokemon to catch and collect Lots of new public assets to use Voltseon’s Pause Menu

Pokemon Chronicles

New Features New Move sets/learnsets from Omega Ruby and Sapphire. Some Pokemon come from Sinnoh and Unova. If two or more Pokemon fail immediately, the winner will be solved by those who do not finish. In violence, self destruct, Perish Song, or Destiny Bond, which Pokemon uses it …

Pokemon Rocket Recruit

New Features The UI is good-looking. The Fakemon also get their appearances in this game. Enjoy a Dragon Ball Z game in the style of Pokemon. There Will Be No More PC Spawns. A Story That Is Deep, Dark, And Twisted. Many Areas Are Being Remapped.

Project Maple – A Canadian Pokemon Fangame

New Features A Rich, Less Linear Story With Branching Paths Gens 1-5, Plus Over 100 New Pokemon 10 Gym Badges 10 Mini-Regions Known as Districts A Unique Tileset for Each District​ New Abilities and Moves Three Save Files Key Items to Replace Select HMs and Remove Some Obstacles …

Digimon Nova Red

New Features Starter changed. New Professor. Many soundtracks from different Pokemon games, from Heart Gold/Soul Silver to Black/White. Many different characters. Brock Is Not The First Gym Leader To Emerge. Ugly palettes.

Pokemon Ciano’s Quest RELOADED

New Features The movesets for Pokemon are updated with the move effects – base power – accuracy also. Many New Scripts And Events Have Been Added. There will be three “guests” as we known: Red, Green, Blue. 21 STARTERS. If your Pokemon cannot be familiar to you, surely …

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