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Pokemon Nebula 2

New Features 24/7 gym Shiny Conversion EBDX system Advanced HM Items Gameplay for 3 hours average a special reward is given if you completed the first game dynamax and mega evolution mechanics new mega form for Zoroark Gen 5 style maps

Pokemon Light’s End

New Features Current and planned features: All Pokemon up to generation 9 (33 Pokemon available in the demo) A story that delves into stories of legendaries such as Eternatus and Giratina New Mega Evolutions New “Crystaline” forms for Pokemon like Bergmite and Ralts Z Moves, Dynamax, Megas and …

Space Trainers

New Features Changed rival. If you face a Gym Leader, there will be two options: Single Battle or Double Battle. It’s up to you. The Difficulty Level Has Been Raised. Impersonation. Small features make gameplay more difficult than your average game. A new region Gold Islands.

Pokemon Glimmering Emerald

New Features Built upon pokeemerald-expansion Uses pokeemerald-expansion developed by RHH for updated features. The main thing being the battle engine which has Pokemon up to Gen VI (+ regional forms), moves and items. Most other config options are set to Generation VI standards. Day Night System (Credit: Sierraffinity) …

Touhoumon Another World: Revised

New Features A new, updated cast of characters, up to Touhou 14’s roster All 411 Boneka obtainable in each hack without the need to trade B2W2 Repel system Boneka now have more polished-looking sprites, either from 1.8 or custom-made Colored natures Custom cries for all Boneka, taken from …

Pokemon Ex Plasma

New Features 50-60 min of gameplay Unova Dex (Based on BW, future update will add BW2 Dex)

Pokemon Minimal!

New Features No Exp is ever awarded. Instead the player is only able to level up by use of rare candies. Hard level caps are enforced and as the player progresses that level cap increases. ALL Pokemon Evolve at a set rate. 3 Stage Pokemon evolve at 30 …

Pokemon: Perish Song

New Features Summon the Legends The legendary Poké’mon abandoned the world to ruin. Only offerings from those with the will to defy fate can bring them back. Catch specific sets of Poké’mon to perform the summoning rituals, then call the legends to fight by your side. No Grinding. …

Vinemon: Sauce Edition

New Features 211 Vinemon 76+ New Items 158+ New Moves 61+ New Abilities 182+ Diverse Songs 104+ Unique Trainers Aprox. 40+ Hours of Gameplay Quest System Multiple Save Files Autosave Custom Pause Menu IV & EV Stat Menu Keyboard Mapping VineGear PC Storage Advanced Dex Modified EBS HM …

Pokemon Picross Adventure

New Features 24 various dimension Picross puzzles Multiple pokemon support skills as a hint or overworld skill

Pokemon Radiant Topaz

New Features A world of Double Battles Based on Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD, nearly every battle in Radiant Topaz is a double battle. Play through a world that forces you to build a more dynamic team. Shadow Pokemon Battle and snag Shadow Pokemon from other trainers, Pokemon …

Pokemon Eevee Emerald

New Features Mostly-vanilla experience, with some minor changes here and there. Eevee as a fourth starter option. Implemented of Eevee in various areas to make it feel like a natural part of Hoenn’s Local PokéDex. Changed every rival battle to account for every possible starter (See documentation). Fully …

Pokemon Infinite Space

New Features There are certain pokemon that are only obtainable in a specific version (Pulsing Time or Infinite Space). Evolution Tweaks: Certain pokemon have specific evolution methods that aren’t possible due to that feature not being in the game.

Pokemon RE:Verse

New Features Post game : Defending CHAMPION TITLE!!! Post game : Becoming a GYM LEADER!!! PSS (Physical Special Split) from GEN IV (thanks to AGSMG?) Fairy-type Pokemon Revisting Kanto with new and refreshing maps Timebased event, there will be some pokemon & trainer that can encouter in spesific …

Elemental, a pokemon bootleg!

New Features Entirely new pokedex: All pokemon in the game are brand new! No oldies in there! Small scale adventure: The adventure currently goes up to the first temple (this game’s gyms) and plans to only have 5 of them at most. Revamped Type chart: A small new …

Pokemon This Gym of Mine

New Features There Are Five Regions In Which You Can Travel. Battle Systems Of The Elite. A handful Pokemon from gen 4-5 have been added, I might put up a list. The Game Takes 13-15 Hours To Tame. Pokeball Upgrades. Ghoul Pokemon Can Be Found Everywhere.

How You Survive A Pokemon Journey?

New Features Duo-Types Plate, you will be able to fuse two plates. (I just need to add the move’s power boost. Ex: Fire-Water -Plate will boost Fire AND Water move. So every Poke can use it proprely and not just for the Ability Multitypes). Elite Four have reached …

Pokemon Yellow: Cramorant Edition

New Features Pikachu’s Beach minigame is now Cramorant’s Beach. As long as Cramorant knows Surf, you can play it! New exclusive battle move added for Cramorant. Many wild and Trainer Pokemon have had their levels raised slightly in an effort to provide more of a challenge. Extra Pokemon. …

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