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Pokemon World Growth

New Features Ever wanted Pokemon to have over 1,000 HP? How about 700 Attack? Here in Pokemon World: Growth that dream becomes a reality! What is your dream Pokemon build?


New Features Roguelite-like gameplay + A lot of lore to find and absorb Progression is (mostly) knowledge based, so your mileage will vary! “Immersive” (widescreen) experience Redesigned UI again because Riley hates herself Technically only one new Pokemon but it’s very special (:

Pokemon Rubí Einglocke

New Features User Interface Design. All the TM and HM are not changed. They remain the same as usual. HGSS music w/ipatix’s HQ sound patch. Level up to 255. Statistics – More than 70 Pokemon have published statistics. This is to strengthen the difficulties when dealing with important …

Pocket Monsters Scale X Fang

New Features A completely new story that breaks away from the usual formula. A new region to explore – the Ohkai region. A custom soundtrack with many, many new songs. Many new Pokemon, including evolutions to existing Pokemon. New moves and abilities. Raising Pokemon is simplified – there …

Pokemon Outbounds

New Features Modification of rough skin capacity (from Gen IV). New Items, Abilities, And Movesets Have Been Added. Gain the References of important people for your CV to build your fame. Togglable Hud who show your Party, Pokemon Name/Hp/Exp, Hours and the Cash you have. (Hud still WIP). …

Pokemon Blueberry

New Features Updated dialogue to reflect the new moves, especially any TMs referenced in dialogue Game Corner TMs are a lot more affordable Gen 1 Miss fixed Struggle changed to typeless (can hit ghosts, isn’t resisted by rock) All field moves are HMs (inifinite use, can’t be deleted; …

Pokemon – Wally Quest!

New Features RHH’s Battle-Engine features, such as physical/special split, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves etc All Pokemon, movesets, TMs and Move Tutors up to Gen VII, up to and including Melmetal More double battles. Gym Leader and E4 rematches, as well as some boss fights will be doubles All Pokemon …

Pokemon Dungeon Exploration

New Features Increased Shiny Odds 1/100 Mega Evolution! New Evolutions, Abilities, and Moves! Improved Pokemon, Evolution Methods, Abilities, and Moves! 265 Pokemon to Capture! Removal of IVs, EVs, and Nature boosts for equal playing fields! Accuracy lowering and Evasion increasing removed!

Pokemon Redcurrant

New Features Cheat House – found on Route 1, this will give you rare items for free, as well as allowing you to toggle Badge Boosts, stat experience, and level limits Trade Stone – evolves Pokemon which used to evolve by trading. Available for free in the Cheat …


New Features The “Bustling City” is The City you start the game in, the same city you’re trying to get back to throughout the course of the game. The “Nocturnal Forest” is the Midnight Woodlands. It’s always dark inside, making it hard for some plants to survive, but …

Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House

New Features Select three starter pokemon from a random selection of twelve! 40 different puzzles, ranging from mazes to battle gauntlets to logic puzzles. Several are community submitted! Candy is everywhere! Pokemon drop candy and items! Every rock and tree could be hiding some candy! Over 40 types …

Pokemon Gym Trials

New Features Double Battles in the wild areas. Our Gym Leaders are also changed. The graphics is good. Pokemon from Sinnoh Region. Activates. Kris as the player’s main friendly rival.

PS Legends: Frontier

New Features 3D Graphics! A unique, weapons-dependent battle system! Defend yourself against wild Beasts by exploiting their elemental weaknesses! Change weapons during battle at any time! Dynamic Camera sequences! Beautiful, unique landscapes! An original soundtrack coupled with a few Colosseum and XD Remixes! A huge custom Tileset! Custom …

The Looker

New Features Gen 2 Tiles Gen 2 Betamon GSC Music Clone Trainer Script Clone trainer

Birch’s Folly

New Features Not only the original Pokemon from Kanto but also the others. BW Menu. Surf Now Has A Lower Base Power. Pokemon Centers have been replaced with holy temples of several different Gods. There Are A Total Of 807 Pokemons Available. Save multi times.

Pokemon Iridio

New Features New graphics with 3D. Serious Moral Dilemmas. Crystal Is A Brand-New Type. Custom Battle Music For Trainers. Go On An Adventure In Kanto Region. HOUSES OF BATTLE.

Pokemon Future Green

New Features all major battles has been redone for example all gym leaders has 6 pokemon each with better move sets the normal rival along with red will pop up from time to time to challenge you and after the e4 you can go on and challenge an …

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