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Pokemon Refined Crystal

New Features The complete Gen2 experience. Beat the league, conquer Kanto, challenge Red. All Gen2 Pokemon catchable or otherwise attainable. Reworked trainer parties. No more Pidgey for Falkner 🙂 Gen2 mechanics preserved. New npc’s to trade with. Starters available in the wild.

Pokemon Jello’s Beta Diamond Hack

New Features Beta Front/Back sprites for Pokemon who have them. Beta menu icons for Pokemon who have them. Beta overworld sprites for NPC’s. Beta music tracks for various parts of the game, including battles. Pokemon location/moveset changes inspired by the beta. Some minor map alterations based off of …

Pokemon Emerald Boss Rush

New Features Upgrade your pokemon center to improve the selection of TMs, tutors, items and pokemon on sale. Choose whether to play through standard or double battles After every battle all pokemon are fully healed and all of your held items are returned. Battles are all set style …

Pokemon Mist (V1 Basic Beginnings)

New Features Increased shiny odds and custom shinies for all Pokemon! Regional variants and custom evolutions Gen 4 art style Minor gyms 12 Gyms Custom moves Pokestops which look like Pokemarts but function as Marts and Pokemon Centers Shinies follow you in the overworld! Rather than every Gym …

Pokemon Strike Yellow

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. New map layout. New palletes for some Pokemon. All 151 Pokemon are obtaineable. Move Type, Power and Secondary effects have been improved to a few moves. Introduction of 11 new moves. Trading Evolutions can be obatined via level. All the ingame trades …

Pokemon Samba: A Brazil Inspired Fangame

New Features More than 100 new Fakémon! The Samba Region: a completely original region, based on Brazil! An original story that deals with the darker side of the region! Challenging new twists to the formula! incentivizes a varied team and strategy above overleveling!

Kaizo Pokemon White 2

New Features New Evolutions​ New Pokemon​ New Items in Marts​ Sacred Ashes can be purchased at Victory Road​ Rare Candies are available for free at the Pokemon League​ The Magmarizer and Electirizer can be purchased at Virbank City​ The Super Rod can be purchased at Victory Road​ Unobtainable …

Pokemon Spark Yellow

New Features All Trainer Classes sprites have been revamped. New interface for trainer card and pokedex. Brand new backsprite for Player, Oak and old man. Bicycle turned into Skateboard cuz why not, Heck yeah! Tweaked title screen. All 151 mons will be obtainable. All unobtainable mons of yellow …

Pokemon Heliodor

New Features Three new Fakemon. Pokemon Black&White soundtrack Basic Nuzlocke run ! (When your Pokemon faint, they can’t be revive) You will travel between these two areas: the Past and the Present. No need to beat gyms, they are optional.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Skies

New Features The return of Dive and Whirlpool HMs. All cities which appeared in the anime are also in this hack. Ash & Brock will travel with you. TMs and HMs are reusable now Custom UI

Pikachu Music Run

New Features All 251 Pokemon Catchable Pokemon from gen 1-7! Diamond/Pearl tiles with new pallettes. Mega evolution, some practices The ability to expand said base, including a Daycare Center

Pokemon Pathways

New Features Player’s Choice Character Stats: Stats such as Intelligence, Strength, Charm and Skill NPC Affinity – Some of the NPC’s in your class are students you can bond with. Schooling System – You are at an academy with your own dorm room. Save Through Sleep – You are …

Pokemon Sun Sky

New Features Mega Evolution Alola Region and Kanto Region Alola, Kanto and Galar forms Shiny Pokemons New Story New Professor Lillie and more alolan friends Z moves New Tilesets All Pokemon (Gen1-7) Ultra Beasts Z-Moves are available Trainers can use Mega Evolution in battle A New Boss of …

Project Glitch

New Features Some maps and areas are changed drastically. Avatar faces by FoxRichards’ FaceMaker! (Deviantart.) I thought that without them, the characters seemed a bit dull. Three new types: Fairy, Light, Eterno. Physical/Special Split. Many humorous dialogues, inside and outside jokes, NPC interactions… will take a lot of …

Pokemon Regalia

New Features 4th-Gen Style of graphics. Every Pokemon from Generations 1-8, including variations of existing Pokemon. Tons of interactive dialogue. Large Starter Selection. Challenging gyms. Many convenience based mechanics such as infinite TMs & HMs. New Stuff Ditto is now obtainable once you get the 2nd badge. Location …

Pokemon Frontier Feldspar

New Features 120 TMs. Pokemon from newer generations All 494 Pokemon from the first four generations are available for you. You can create, edit, organize your Pokemon team to beat the others. A weather system, an original script by me. New Tiles

Digimon Fire Red 2020

New Features Fairy types Following Pokemon Many new maps to explore. Day&Night. Some more events are added.

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