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Pokemon Tectonic

New Features Expansive Content Dig into 60+ hours of Makya, a new nonlinear region based on the mountainous Balkans Unveil the secrets of the disbanded Team Chasm, and the hero who defeated them 8 years ago Connect with our unique characters through 8 region-spanning questlines Capture Pokemon up …

Pokemon Elpis

New Features A seafaring, island-hopping, open-world adventure! A huge ocean featuring a dynamic npc-spawning eventing system, which includes Overworld Encounters on PSDK for the first time! The first fangame to feature actual zooming out when travelling in the overworld! The first fangame to feature pushing AND pulling boxes …

Pokemon Innocence

New Features Physical/Special/Status Split(surprisingly easy to implement). Applies common sense to the battle experience. This game’s difficulty is upgraded. New gameplot. Additional Prize Exchanges added at the Battle Tower. TMs now can be reused anytime. The Ability to Run Indoors.

Pokemon Fire Red Easycore Challenge

New Features You are Bourgeois! No EV Grinding No IV Grinding Poison Survival All Berries for sale at Celadon Department Store All TMs for sale at Celadon Department Store Reusable TMs Exp. All Full Exp for Participating in a Battle Exp When Catch Wild Pokemon Shiny Base Rate …

Pokemon Tengai

New Features The difficulty of battling was increased to a higher level. Players have to think about suitable strategies to play. New Maps, Scripts, Tiles, HP Box, And So On. Collect the teams of the above trainers. Several brand new Fakemon. Day and Night ~ Outdoors will have …

Pokemon Rosen

New Features No need to beat gyms, they are optional. Fighters’ Restaurant (Similar To X/Y). Menu Sprites For Generation 6 Have Been Updated. Many humourous text. Stats Influenced By Nature. There is no gym in this game. Instead, you will get badgets by completing given missions.

Pokemon Legacy

New Features New pokédex with fakemons and other Pokemons(gen1 to gen5+sylveon) Moves/Abilities/TM&HM/Forms/Items/Types up to gen 7 New items New custom animations moves up to gen 7(credits at the end) New region and new map Pokédex/Summary/Bag BW styled(credits at the end) Optional EXP share Parralel quests Mega evolution Mid …

Pokemon: Giovanni Origins

New Features Shiny odds amended to 1/250. Shinx for Timburr trade in Fuchsia City has been fixed. Level Caps have now been fixed. Using Teleport, Dig, Escape Rope etc now takes the players back to their Player Home rather than to the Pokemon Essentials demo map. Numerous typos …


New Features The Graphics Have Been Altered. The Pokedex can be completed. Catch them all: All 721 Pokemon will be in the game, and most of their forms. The majority, if not all, of them will be catchable, in a variety of ways. More interactable Pokemon, an Egg …


New Features 5 Stages † 5 Bosses † 75 Randomized Rooms Easy&Hard Modes † Generations I-VIII † Mega Evolution Explosions † Fiery Battles † Monster Girls † Gothic Metal In the depths of Hell!!!

Pokemon PureGreen

New Features Many bugfixes/quality of life enhancements were made. A large amount of in-game options for gameplay and visuals / audio are provided. Some new postgame areas (some hard to find) were added. Many pokemon/moves were rebalanced with the intention of making every pokemon useful or at least …

Pokemon Crimson & Cobalt (Act I)

New Features New adventures: New stories, new characters, new battles, and a new region to visit! Familiar faces: All Pokemon (bar Starters, UBs and Legendaries) from Gen1-7 are obtainable! Challenging battles: Mid-battle shenanigans for Gym Leaders and important boss fights! HM Modules: They allow Pokemon to use field …

Pokemon Emerald Murphy Edition

New Features HP’s New HP Bar. New Evolution Stones Have Appeared. Finish the Vega Triology. New maps, new scripts, new tiles. New storyline with 100% ending, for completing various things. NPCs that say kinda useful stuff sometimes.

Pokemon Afterlife Part I

New Features Fakemon Has Arrived! The region of Zulfer. Since hack has the same original game problem with super-efficient and ineffective messages, I’ve provided a useful guide with all kinds of players combinations. The original characters of the whole Pokemon series have their own appearance in this game. …

Pokemon Pulsing Time

New Features There are certain pokemon that are only obtainable in a specific version (Pulsing Time or Infinite Space). Evolution Tweaks: Certain pokemon have specific evolution methods that aren’t possible due to that feature not being in the game.

Pokemon Cadenza

New Features 2 gyms (out of 8) and roughly 10 hours of content as of v0.1 Pokemon from Generations 1-8 Gen 8 mechanics Gen 3 art style Higher-than-average difficulty curve Soft level caps enforced by disobedience Gym leaders with full teams of 6 Pokemon In-depth story Fleshed-out NPCs …

Pokemon Flower Jam

New Features A completed game, side-quests and all! ONLY flower Pokemon (come on, that’s kinda cool!) Z-Moves! Some original ones too! Fakémon??? Oh, you’ll see 😉

Pokemon ReDX

New Features When capturing a Pokemon, you will also get EXP. Some People Alter Their Physical Appearance. Post-Game Expansion. Menus And The User Interface Have Been Updated. One of our planned features. It won’t be a literal safari zone like in the maingames, as that would be very …

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