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Pokemon Kalos Crystal

New Features Pokemon Generation 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Fairy Type New ingame moves Custom Scripts New animations Map changes Ghost is SPECIAL, Dark is PHYSICAL New evolution stone locations Ruins of Alph special event New Pokemon encounters/gifts Super Elite Four

Pokemon: The Corrupted Wishes

New Features Brand New World New moves/TMs/HMs Take more time to finish with harder mode No more shouting Up to Generation 7 Pokemon Clean DS-styled sprites & tiles BW Repel System, Poison Survival at 1 HP, etc Custom features for only you!

Pokemon Journey

New Features Difficulty mod Changed Plot Added more Pokemon, up to latest Generation New tiles and sprites with nice color scheme Rewritten dialogues

Pokemon Unova Red

New Features Generation 5 Pokemon All stone evolutions use stones available in Gen 1 The Dark and Steel types have been added New Characters/Rival teams New moves have been added Day And Night System Moves have, in general, been updated to match their stats from Gen 5, including …

Pokemon The Fall Of Heroes

New Features Changes in Pokedex and more Pokemon Nice theme and graphics All Legendary Pokemon Other features increase more interesting than the old game‚Äč

Pokemon Thief Sapphire

New Features Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls are now named Thief Balls, Robber Balls, and Burglar Balls You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls You cannot capture wild Pokemon Difficult increased Your Pokemon do not gain experience High quality mapping with custom tiles

Pokemon FireRed Redux: Open World

New Features Decapitalisation Loss references Custom UI Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming Super Pokemon Move Maniac Pokemon Egg Move Maniac Pidgey Fly Disabled Disobedience Removed Badge Checks in Pokemon Menu Deletable HMs Evolution Possible past Regional Dex Infinite Move Tutors Running Shoes at Start Trade Evolution Simulator …

RabbidLuigi’s Qwilfish challenge

New Features Qwilfish as a Starter No other obtainable Pokemon No Healing accessible No Poke Marts Qwilfish can learn Cut, Strength and Surf.

Pokemon World Tournament

New Features Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon V

New Features New plot and new characters Day & Night System Mega Evolutions Able to capture Pokemon up to Gen 8th

Pokemon Fire Ash

New Features National Dex with over 800 Pokemon up to Gen 7. Pikachu follows behind you. Graphics from generation 3. Travel through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the Orange Islands. Over 50 gym battles. Battle Ash’s travelling companions and rivals. More Items Mega Evolution, Alola …

Pokemon Lapis Lazuli

New Features The first gym and some alternate storyline. Pokemon from gen 1-7! 20 minutes of gameplay

Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth

New Features New story based on Flora Sky story New Region and World Map New characters New sprites and tilesets New maps Battle Engine New Gym Leaders

Pokemon Neo Thunder

New Features New story Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Fire Red Reborn

New Features New story New Region New player Some new sprites New maps Day And Night System New Tiles New Gym Leaders

Pokemon 0x800000

New Features Porygon as starter Whole new region! MANY POKEMON and MOVES buffed! Team Magma Heartland: Gym system replaced by Magma Recruitment Posts. Slightly tweaked Pallettes on maps All Evolutions obtainable

Pokemon Desert

New Features New Tiles New Story All the advantages of Leon’s Firered Base

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