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Pokemon Origins of Peace

New Features New Region Original Story 6 Tribes (that means 5 evil teams!) Delta Species Proper Evil Villains (Move over Geovanni) Following Pokemon Personality that gets developed by choices in game! You can ride on Suicune, Raikou and Entei Sidequests!

Pokemon Fiona

New Features The graphics are completely updated for excitement. A whole new space for exploration, the Pearl Area! Updated Sprites for fun overall look. New Unique Field leader who will surely overcome your mind. Carefully designed and carefully designed Nova Unique Elite 4. New Pokemon was not created …

Pokemon Stupid Version

New Features NPCs have nicknamed pokemon (hasn’t been widely implemented yet) Catching trainer’s pokemon New moves, Pokemon, and Items Lots of memes Decapitalisation in certain areas Trainers have new teams The champion and certain other trainers have been swapped New maps

Pokemon Raging Omega

New Features Sprites updated to their DS style sprites New moves and abilities for all 386 New items Fairy typing Indoor running Infinite TMs All other features of the original fire red omega

Pokemon Firered Metronome

New Features Metronome now has 40PP. Every pokemon can learn all the HMs, but beside Flash (which is now splash) all the HMs have the same effect as metronome. All gym leader battles, rival battles, Elite 4 battles and Giovanni battles are now double battles. No trade evolutions. …

Pokemon Snowy White

New Features Update to Pokemon USUM’s all of Pokémon 700+ Moves Proper Physical/Special Split 100+ Abilities Fairy-type New/Updated Items 100+ REUSABLE TMs Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion/Z move system Battle Frontier Updated New Repel System Level 1 Eggs New Battle Backgrounds Harder Difficulty Gen 1-7 Gym leaders and Elite four …

Pokemon, Pen, & Paper – A Table Top Roleplaying Game!

New Features A combat system which takes a lot of elements from the systems in the Pokémon video games while moving it closer to what is seen in the anime, and keeping the gameplay lightning-fast. A skill system that turns a good portion of the moves in the …

Hitmon! Jam

New Features The protagonist will be a Macham, not a human Customized soundtracks are everywhere New overworld maps

Pokemon Twilight

New Features Decapitalization (about 70%) Custom Region – Saelio! Fire Red Tileset Evil Team: Team Inferno Multi-typed Gyms Modified Pokemon Typing Gastly, Haunter & Gengar are now pure Ghost Gyrados is now Water & Dragon instead of Water & Flying Pidey and Spearow evolution lines are pure Flying …

Pokemon Arkhe

New Features End of HM, only Pokemon capacity or tools VS Seek updated Gym’s battle, will be not an obligation for progress in the story ! Secondary Quest system All building are news News Interface Arround 400 Pokémon and somes Fakemon (starters, the legendary and more …) Seriouse …

Pokemon Hollow

New Features Hollow form for certain Ghost Pokemon (Dusclops as of Chapter 1) unique abilities for Hollows no HM restriction, use a variety of different moves to cut trees, smash rocks or move boulders custom animations for cut to match the move used new obstacles (f.e. breakable walls, …

Pokemon Vega Minus

New Features Added Darthatron’s BW2 repel system port Buffed Cut and Flash Revives are now sold after the fifth gym Some nonsensical cutscenes have been edited to make more sense Unreasonable puzzles have been removed or given hints, such as the first gym windows. You can get back …

Project Pokemon Emerald

New Features New Move sets/learnsets from Omega Ruby and Sapphire Physical and Special Split Fairy Types New Abilites/Updated Abilities New Move effects and animations Mega Evolutions(not yet implemented in game) All by ChaCha

Pokemon Conspiracy


Pokemon Love and Eternity Extended

New Features Over 723 Pokemon to obtain. A couple of original Pokemon and other music to listen. Tons of familiar Pokemon Characters from the main Pokemon series games. Last Pokemon message and music.

Pokemon Chroma Version

New Features Some exclusive Pokemon. The music is well-composed. A new storyline. New items. The difficulty is much higher.

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