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Pokemon: The Pokerus Plague

New Features Forced POKEMED to fix a lot of grammar errors Changed POKEMED’s program to be an OGG Player instead of an MP3 player Afflicted new pokemon with the POKERUS virus Added new username possibilities Made Team Pokerus Clean the city somewhat Fixed game-breaking Bugs Fixed Small little …

Pokemon Redempion

New Features Pokemon Field Skills: Many Pokémon can do the work instead of over-the-top technology to overcome certain obstacles using HM. Is it necessary to navigate? HM No need! Do I have to need it? HM No need! Other. You can catch Shiny Pokemon, wowwwwww. Pikachu has 3 …

Pokemon Islas del Viento

New Features New Regional Dex contains 158 different Pokemon Brand new product, not GYM. However, you can be liberated from the competition or two hundred. New map layout. A few changes on cities, buildings, routes and caves (Eyecandy). Some of them have been remade from 0. All stats …

Pokemon: Pit of 100 Trials

New Features 2 versions of the hack: a Normal version and the Double battles version 100 level 100 trainers to battle in a row All “balanced” fully evolved Pokemon easily catchable + some non-fully evolved ones Easy EV training Move Tutor that can teach almost any non-TM move …

Pokemon Neo Sun

New Features Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. All 386 Species available (currently lacking Gen I Fossils, Unown and I/II Legendaries). Gradually increasing difficulty. Original Soundtrack Fairy type

Pokemon Let’s Go Greninja

New Features A place called Battle Island will test whether you are a strong trainer or not. New Gym Leaders and Elite Four. They are stronger than ever. Many Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI Pokemon are catchable. A variety number of Pokemon will be added …

Pokemon Aluminum

New Features A semi-open world map Over 380 new Pokemon including Fakemon, Regional Variants, and New Evolutions No HMs necessary to complete the game A Name Rating and Move Reminding service in every Pokemon center Re-balancing of moves to new versions of effects/power etc Brand new moves Custom …

Pokemon Mega Blue

New Features Fairy-type Gen 4-7 Moves and Abilities Mega Evolutions Physical/Special Split Expanded bag capable of holding every item Day and Night System Game is fully decapitalized B2W2 Repel System Poison survival at 1 HP Emerald-style Pickup ability Eggs hatch at level 1 Running indoors Pokemon stats updated …

Pokemon Surge

New Features Some music from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. ALL TRAINERS are encouraged by old therapists, and the gymnasium and e4 have higher AI levels. New and Funny Music Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City. New ways to evolve.

Project God

New Features The ASM is customized. New overworlds Small features make gameplay more difficult than your average game.​ New mystery gifts. Your characters will walk diagonally.

Pokemon Unnamed Open Worldly Fire Red

New Features New starters No HMs All 251 first Pokemon available in the game All the Pokemon sprites are revamped from Gold and Silver All the trainers’s Pokemon’s levels will be the level of your highest leveled Pokemon in your party All gym leaders, Elite 4 members and …

Pokemon Vicious Black

New Features Every Trainer has AT LEAST 2 Pokemon Every Trainer has AT LEAST 1 Full Restore Every Trainer has CHAMPION LEVEL AI value of 7 Every Trainer’s Pokemon has maxed out EV’s Team Plasma grunts are a THREAT Elite four and Champion have Pokemon with competitive movesets …

Pokemon Gold Unova

New Features Three areas (Kanto, Johto & Hoenn) A whole new never before seen story line. 491 Pokémon available to capture. Trainers, gym leaders have become stronger All Pokemon of all generations are available for catching.

Pokemon Chaos and Order

New Features New attacks Skill Masters A massive amount of Nostalgia! You can also level up your opponent and evolve shortly after the battle (but usually stop at level 50 or so anyway, you can still revenge). New items.

Latent – Prologue

New Features Run inside the houses. Mega Evolutions for Pokemon from Gens I and II A brand new type chart with 12 types. This is the 12 flavors of ice cream that the author likes best. Depending on the event and time of wild Pokémon Big, new, beautiful …

DOT Debug

New Features A completely new mini game Fun to relax GUI interface and support multi devices

Pokemon Secret Diaries

New Features Very challenging game right from the beginning You can only play as a male Extensive original post game as well as very original pre-league quests 2 regions: Kanto and Johto Many new maps and places,you never saw before Many new characters,including a extremely original new rival! …

Pokemon Indian Platinum

New Features You can have different starters. Valto region Explore two different regions Edited maps and cities, caves, forests… New items.

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