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Hitmon! Jam

New Features The protagonist will be a Macham, not a human Customized soundtracks are everywhere New overworld maps

Pokemon Twilight

New Features Decapitalization (about 70%) Custom Region – Saelio! Fire Red Tileset Evil Team: Team Inferno Multi-typed Gyms Modified Pokemon Typing Gastly, Haunter & Gengar are now pure Ghost Gyrados is now Water & Dragon instead of Water & Flying Pidey and Spearow evolution lines are pure Flying …

Pokemon Arkhe

New Features End of HM, only Pokemon capacity or tools VS Seek updated Gym’s battle, will be not an obligation for progress in the story ! Secondary Quest system All building are news News Interface Arround 400 Pokémon and somes Fakemon (starters, the legendary and more …) Seriouse …

Pokemon Hollow

New Features Hollow form for certain Ghost Pokemon (Dusclops as of Chapter 1) unique abilities for Hollows no HM restriction, use a variety of different moves to cut trees, smash rocks or move boulders custom animations for cut to match the move used new obstacles (f.e. breakable walls, …

Pokemon Vega Minus

New Features Added Darthatron’s BW2 repel system port Buffed Cut and Flash Revives are now sold after the fifth gym Some nonsensical cutscenes have been edited to make more sense Unreasonable puzzles have been removed or given hints, such as the first gym windows. You can get back …

Project Pokemon Emerald

New Features New Move sets/learnsets from Omega Ruby and Sapphire Physical and Special Split Fairy Types New Abilites/Updated Abilities New Move effects and animations Mega Evolutions(not yet implemented in game) All by ChaCha

Pokemon Conspiracy


Pokemon Love and Eternity Extended

New Features Over 723 Pokemon to obtain. A couple of original Pokemon and other music to listen. Tons of familiar Pokemon Characters from the main Pokemon series games. Last Pokemon message and music.

Pokemon Chroma Version

New Features Some exclusive Pokemon. The music is well-composed. A new storyline. New items. The difficulty is much higher.

Pokemon WaterRed

New Features Around 200 Pokemon in new alternate forms. These range from simple palette swaps for some, to huge changes on others. This number will keep on growing as ideas spout into my mind. New moves, such as Firebreath, Freeze Ray, Magmarock, Iron Slam and more. Certain moves, …

Pokemon Tesseract

New Features Open-world Level-Scaling (Some exceptions apply) 20 Gym Badges Walking with Pokémon! No more HMs! Certain moves can do the same effect as HMs! (Example: Slash, Dragon Claw, and other cutting moves cut down thorny bushes!) In-Game Fast Fowarding (V) Quick Saving (F8) All Legendary/Mythical Pokémon can …

Firered A RebooT

New Features Quest System Two new Rivals Secret Shop Black Market Apply for Gym Leadership HG/SS Trainer Sprites Egg Emporium EV Center Ingame Giveaways Other Minor Features

Pokemon Serenity

New Features An interesting story, with twists and turns! An expansive new region! A cast of characters, each with their own story to tell! Regional Variants! Find them all! Sidequests! Be sure to check in with NPCs!

Pokemon Meta Fire Red X and Y

New Features Pokémon from Generations I to VII. Items, Abilities, and moves update from Gen IV to Gen VII. NDS Pokémon and Trainer Sprites. Repel System, IV-EV Checker, Stat Indicators, and more. Updated mechanics from Gen VI added (Exp Share, Exp. Catch, Critical Hit update) Day and Night …

Pokemon Red Proud Eyes Edition

New Features Updated to 2nd-Gen graphics The casino prizes have been edited All of the pokemarts have been edited Edited all of the in-game rival encounters Pokemon experience gains have been modified Overworld pokemon levels have been modified Pokemon starting move sets have been updated Lowered professor oak’s …

Pokemon Summit Trials

New Features An entire island full of secrets to explore Three mountains to climb Wild and Trainer level scaling Open map design (go where you want from the beginning) Randomized Starters (11 possible choices) Rivals also have randomized starters Approximately 6hrs of gameplay Gen 1-5 Pokemon Gen 5 …

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