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Pokemon Azure Blaze

New Features Three Starter system coming soon (some) D/P pokemon All legendaries New region: Lorean New rivals: custom made by me and narutoactor Zeikku’s tile ROM Base


New Features 3 new regions Variety of different environments, including space and the past 9 rivals Decision-based storyline Latest generation Pokemon New moves and abilities New music Side quests

Pokemon Crystal World

New Features Brand New Regions Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New Game Plot New Music and Sound

Pokemon Mega Locke

New Features New plot New sounds Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Merging Worlds

New Features A whole new region, plus parts of Kanto Increased Trainer Difficulty and More Expensive Items Reusable TM’s Fairy Type Updated Gen IV and V Moves and Movesets Physical/Special Split and Icons An interesting storyline Decapitalisation

Pokemon Empire

New Features 18 starters Follower Pokemon 18 gym leaders New items, attacks and abilities All new field effects Items to replace HM’s Branching Story 8 Guilds to join Increased Shiny rate Soundtrack featuring over 8 composers Optional side quest Several brand new Fakemon “Guardian” Pokemon Multiple outfits

Pokemon Dark Future Gold

New Features Brand New Regions Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New Game Plot New Music and Sound

Mega Moemon FireRed

New Features New world map New music Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon GS Chronicles

New Features A renewed storyline Fully new scripts in all maps with HGSS style Mega Evolutions RSE Tileset system Day & Night system Original soundtracks from HGSS Psychical/Special split inside Some new Pokemon from 4th to 6th generation New moves Fairy type New sidequests

Pokemon Unmasked

New Features Unique Story Pokemon Drops Different Currency System Optional Sidequests Non-Battling Partner Pokemon

Pokemon Fierce Melody

New Features New story New Region New player New sprites and tilesets New maps Day And Night System New Interface New Gym Leaders

Pokemon Assassination

New Features Gen 1-5 and 7 Pokemon! Mega Evolution Brand NEW REGION! Alpha Species! Gen 5 Mechanics Gen 6 Exp Share Original Story Some Post-Game Events Turbo Mode Mystery Gifts

Pokemon Valiance

New Features Completely New Region New Trainers New Story Pokemon From Gens 1-7 + Regional Variants Fairy Type New Move Tutors PSS Split

Pokemon Burning FireRed

New Features A lot of new events and changes in storyline +3 new rivals All trainers have new teams Difficult increased A lot of sidequests World Championship Come to Hoenn after beat Kanto League

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