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Pokemon Mega Evolution 2

New Features Post Game story Gym Rematches – Since these were left out of FRLG, I decided to kinda create Gym Leader Rematches. These take place in a small building in Vermillion City which you can only access once becoming Champion! Optional battles with your pseudo-rival, Red/Green. Custom …

Fakemon FireRed

New Features The Physical/Special Split including visual indicators. Three new types: Fairy, Digital and Cosmic. A ton of new abilities, like Technician, No Guard, Bulletproof and Skill Link. Running indoors! Best feature. A day/night system. Reusable TMs. Doesn’t always work, though. A system for checking IVs in the …

Pokemon FireRed 809 Randomizable

New Features 809 Pokemon. Day and Night system. Physical/Special split. Decapitalisation. Poison ends at 1 HP. Pokedex Fixes. New Moves from Gen 4-7. Update Movesets to Gen 7. Update Base Stats to Gen 7. New abilities from Gen 4-7. New Items from Gen 4-7. Eggs hatch at level …

Pokemon Retrieved Firered

New Features ~300 Pokemon spread throughout Kanto. The Pokedex includes All 151 original Kanto Pokemon. Excluding Dugtrio and Raichu, the Alola forms were used All Prevolutions and Evolutions of those Pokemon that were released in later gens All Gen 2 Pokemon that you could find in Kanto in …

Pokemon Aqua Splash

New Features The Physical/Special split Triple Triad! =D 120 TMs. Players can pick one of the following gender: Male, Female, The Third Gender. There are Fakemon. Yes, Fakemon is a combination between two Pokemon at the same time. They are created by fans, not from Nintendo or The …

Pokemon Shadow Legendz

New Features The difficulty is higher. Only boy, no girl Choose the gym Two brand new types are added Disobedience System

Pokemon Moon Black 2

New Features Basically You Will Play Sun Or Moon, Character Sprites, Trainers, Difficulty and many more, Throw Pokeballs for Sun and Moon Xtransciever for Male And Female Gladion And Prof kukui GEN 5 MOUNT SYSTEM (POKERIDE)

Pokemon Purple

New Features Trade Evolutions New companions and rivals to fight. Physical/Special/Status Split. Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City. Fake town’s

Pokemon Cremisi Portals

New Features Multi save at once. Morality (Good or Bad) Pokemon from higher generations Rock Climb and climbable walls. Physical / Special Split

Pokemon Black 2 – 251 Edition

New Features Trade evolutions changed. ASM Work. Day/Night System. New storyline, new region, new soundtracks, new Pokemon from many generations. Both Kanto and Johto starters can be chosen from at the beginning

Pokemon Heart Gold Golden Edition

New Features All pokemon use their new gen 6 mini sprites on the party menu All attacks now have their power,accuracy, etc updated to gen 6 standards All pokemon have their movesets updated as close to UltraSun/UltraMoon as possible Both Game Corners at Celadon and Goldenrod have been …

Moemon Heart Gold

New Features The movepools of all 151 Pokemon are not the same as its original. They have been altered. Many new Items. Mega Pokemon, Including some unofficial one’s Class-based trainer battle music (for rivals, evil team, elite four, and more…) Stories after the game revolving around the legend …

Pokemon Volt White

New Features As aforementioned, the hack allows you to catch all 649 Pokemon in some way or another Every single trainer in the game has had their Pokemon edited, fitting a new level curve and increasing the difficulty overall A vast number of Pokemon have had certain statistics …

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sea

New Features Playing as a starter that was not a starter in PMD will use the walking animation for frames that it doesn’t have (hands up, eating, sleeping, etc) Playing as Cubone, Machop, or Psyduck Able to rescue players with Time/Darkness/Sky Selecting no will increase your chances of …

Pokemon Paradox Platinum

New Features New storyline It will have all pokemons from 1-4 Generations BUT fused with other pokemons! Items are changed

Pokemon This Gym of Mine

New Features Yayyy, Mega Evolution is here! New title screen. Mega evolution, some practices A new side of pokemon, don’t worry about grinding for gyms and the E4, go for the story instead. The music of Skyrim

Pokemon Sacred Gold SpeedUpPatches

New Features 493 Pokemon Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the greater variety of Pokemon available The data of a lot of Pokemon has been changed A small amount of attack moves have also been edited Edits to evolutions mean Sacred Gold and Storm Silver …

Pokemon Hoenn White EX

New Features Difficulty – Will probably be too hard for inexperienced players. Starters – The Hoenn starters will be chosen. They are Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. Old Faces – Hoenn people will be around the Region. Gym leaders – You challenge the Unova leaders to gain badges, but …

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