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Pokemon Legend Version

New Features Brand New Regions Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New Game Plot New Music and Sound

Pokemon Sohwon

New Features South Rijon Actual Graphics for the Gen VI Berry Trees 25 Gyms, One for every type 7 new of each “Type Item” E-Reader Berries are reused as type berries Eggant Berry added (Heals infatuation) 7 New Arceus Formes 7 New Silvally Forms 12 HMs HM Items …

Pokemon: The Fae Stones

New Features A remapped and re-ordered Kanto Region Fairy type New starter Pokémon New items Side-quests A new Berry System Changes to base stats, move pools, abilities and evolution changes A repurposing of the badge system

Pokemon RogueFeu New2

New Features Complex Gym puzzles Only 3 Gyms Custom trainer battle music Custom sprites and tiles

Pokemon Ésteban

New Features Will play with WHITE With Wynaut as Starter Find Pokemon of the 5 generations and fakes You can get up to 8 medals in the region Will travel throughout the region Esteban.


New Features Brand New Regions Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New Game Plot New Music and Sound Gen 5th Pokedex

Pokemon FireRed: Total Recall

New Features 150 brand new Pokemon Easter Egg Pokemon New overworlds for all event Pokemon. Replacement for Eevee with same evolution mechanics Several unique typings – including Bug / Ice, Grass / Ghost and Rock / Dragon Useless TMs edited to be more useful

Pokemon Zincite Version

New Features Completely new pokedex New region of Kyoto New enemy to face New legendaries Post Game story

Pokemon Voltage Version

New Features Able to catch all 251 Pokémon from GSC Retro-style Graphics throughout the whole adventure! Retro Music played in every map A couple extra Pokémon from future Gens.

Pokemon ColtBlue Version

New Features All 156 Unova Pokemon have been added The game’s Pokedex is 100% completable without trading Gym leaders come from all over the Pokemon world B/W Player battle sprites Ash will be a major NPC, with a team based on his team from the B/W anime

Pokemon Day Care for iOS

New Features Collecting eggs Walking and Evolving Pokemon Buying Items Leaderboard of the 16 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion, Red, and the titular characters Collect the teams of the above trainers Collect the badges Multiplier for exp of Pokemon Statistics Pokedex Events All 251 Pokemon available

Pokemon Aster Violet

New Features Synthetic evolution stones – unlimited uses Return stone – de-evolve any Pokemon Meet an evil organisation – Team Sulphur Battle 8 gyms, elite four, and champion 12 towns and cities; and many other areas A selection of Pokémon from all generations Mystery Gift New Eeveelutions (no …

Santa is Missing!

New Features New map based on the original map New Story with new characters New Items More Pokemon

Pokemon Enforcers

New Features You could catch megas in certain event Travel to Kanto region Hoenn Region starters New tilesets and new buildings

Pokemon Stellar Crimson

New Features New graphics 386 obtainable pokemon Improved Constants The region of Zulfer The Nephilim Cult Gender differences

Pokemon Mercury Silver

New Features PSS New Battle Background graphics Few gen 4 Pokemon Some new move animations Added story events HGSS Music.

Pokemon Dark Storm

New Features Ability changes Increased trainer, gym leader, and Elite Four difficulty New trainers New moves added Fairy type Physical/Special split New moves added New dialogue New events New music

Pokemon Solstice

New Features The ability to choose ethnicity Multiplayer battling/ Trading Customizable clothing options Improved quality of sprites/Icons/cries A broader dynamic storyline with more apparent story changes.

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