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PokePark Fishing Rally Unity

New Features Add more Pokemon: Wailmer, Corsola… Pokemon Data parser for sending them to Pokemon Essentials, Pokemon Let’s Go Unity or other games. More languages support Polish graphics and animations Remake the UI

Pokemon Faria

New Features New storyline involving Sandshrew and a new powerful rival; Harder overall difficulty, with different teams and strategies for trainers, main rival, gym leaders and the Elite Four; New areas to discover and explore with rare Pokemon to find; Some evolutions are unlocked even before you have …

Pokemon Another Dimention

New Features Test Of General Knowledge. Some Trainer Classes Have Been Restructured. Observe The Pokemon. A wide range of berries. Starters from Gen VI. Much more Pokemon in Safari Zone. Delta species. New Ows, Sprites, And So On.

Pokemon Fantasy PC

New Features There is the main storyline, as well as a significant post game storyline. All Mega Evolutions (except Rayquaza) though it is locked to the postgame. All Gigantamax Pokemon are converted to Megas, like many other fangames. The full game has all 898 Pokemon in.

Pokemon Rising Crystal

New Features The original Gen 2 cast of Pokemon Familiar evolutions New moves and Physical/Special-split Revamped areas, new and old Easier access to trade-only Pokemon Harder difficulty Boss trainers’ Pokemon have competitive movesets All Pokemon are catchable

Pokemon Reboot

New Features A New Adventure Awaits! New sprites of our player. With the advancements of RPG Maker XP, the graphics and soundtracks system are improved and upgraded. Rechallenge GYM leaders. No chance encounter. Monster NPCs work as a coach. If they see you, they will take part in …

Pokemon Subacquea

New Features So that the main game isn’t over cluttered with hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon, it is necessary to move some to after the main quest. I’m still deciding weather or not to include 5th gen ‘mon, but even if I do, they won’t be available until …


New Features The ability to run as soon as you start the game A revamped & dynamic PokeMart inventory system that changes as you collect badges Accessibility to more of the Kanto region’s Pokemon in different/earlier areas Trainer teams & Pokemon movesets changed up, mostly for an added …

Pokemon Crystal Leaf

New Features D/P/Pt/HG/SS sprites. Some Mobile Phone Models Have Been Modified. Pokemon from all six generations. You will be able to ride Doduo and Dodrio (Once Evolved). Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base. Forgetable HMs. 1% to meet the Shiny Pokemon. More Pokeballs.

Pokemon 2 Heroes

New Features 900 Pokemon in Pokedex. Display Options Include Vertical And Horizontal Displays. New starters, naturally. Moves/Abilities/P&Amp;S Split Have Been Updated. A steep difficulty curve. A Complex Plot. You can use the Quick Save function. Legendary event.

PS: The First Journey

New Features Inspired by the beta versions of Red and Green Remastered Kanto that is visually closer to how it looked back in gen 1 (hey, no nostalgia pandering here, don’t go down the genwunner route, kthxbye). Manmade items are practically non-existent, you need to make Pokeballs from …

Pokemon: Stone Version

New Features Portraits with main-story dialogue! Custom battle backgrounds! Revamped colors in both battle sprites, tiles and overworld sprites! Official Pokemon from generations 1 through 5 in the old GSC sprite-style! Beta GSC Pokemon make their return as well!

Pokemon Legends Red

New Features Fairy Type Evolve Without national Dex High difficulty Reusable TMs New Rival (Hilbert) Some New Events Graphics Updated DS Spirits Running indoors Pokemons From Gen 1 to 8 All Pokemon From Gen1 to 6 Pokemon From Gen 7 to 8 have Real Cry not Bulbasaur cry …

Pokemon Acceptance

New Features No gyms/league! A story driven adventure to save the PokePark. Fake mega evolutions! Current List: Frosslass, Delibird, Ludicolo, Dunsparce, and Kecleon. Follower Pokemon like in HG/SS Alternate currency system! Just like in PokePark, some vendors won’t accept PokeDollars, but rather berries in exchange for goods and …

Pokemon Oof

New Features A New (But Nearly Identical) Title Screen! Some Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl. Fairy-Like. Get Rid Of The Whole Trial/Gym Thing. A Total of 15 Legendary Pokemon to be Caught(Not all will be obtainable upon first release). As a free online game, Pokemon Revolution Online also introduces its …

Pokemon Fire Red Johto Adventures

New Features Excellent Tiles. A massive roster of 250 Pokemon! No Fairy Type in this game. New Competitors. New routes, new islands have been created for more plot stories. Updated battle mechanics: Mechanics will be updated to match Generation 6, meaning the Physical/Special Split, new moves and abilities, …

Pokemon Sapphire Soaring In The Sky

New Features 1 Brand-New Mega (Thinking Of Adding More). After finishing the main game, you will have a postgame. Remember to save in game before playing. Is There A New Pokedex?. The soundtracks are remixed by GlitchxCity. Yup, a Running Shoes is necessary to run faster. You Have …

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