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Spectrobes GBA

New Features What the heck is the story What the heck you’ll be doing What the heck kinda monsters you’ll be collecting What the heck you’ll be listening to What the heck kinda core mechanics exist

Pokemon Emerald’s Eight

New Features Party size of up to 8 members on both player and enemy parties. New 4/4 party manu layout. Gen 6+ Exp. Share. Custom gym leader, elite 4 and champion 8-member teams. Reusable TM’s. Indoors running. New music on gym leader battles. Starter Tyrogue along with the …

Pokemon Godra Remastered

New Features A few type balancing changes have been implemented. Deciding to join the War Party will now result in fighting Trainer Coalition members at various points in the story A useful outside market has been added to Paret City A battle house has been added to Ebony …

Pokemon Wilds

New Features Added level-scaling for encounters in tall grass Regi dungeon and a mechanic for obtaining Regirock, steel, ice, eleki, drago, and gigas Dungeon is generated when creating a new world More interior things You can change the player’s color using the dresser Added a stats screen Added …

Pokemon Emerald Open

New Features Story events removed Every single city or town except for Pacifidlog can be accessed as soon as you obtain your starter Most trainers won’t start a battle against you HMs obtained upon obtaining the badge that allow their use Obtain 50 Pokeballs, 20 fluffy tails, exp …

Pokemon Chaos Emerald

New Features Including no need to teach field HMs, more engaging and surprising battles, fairy type, night time, some new moves and abilities, and most important of all, the removal of that stupid fish gyarados. The game also features almost all of the pokemon from gens 4-7 including …

Pokemon Gym Leader’s Legacy

New Features Updated Pokemon Statistics and Mobile Tools. Cloyster can get its Primal Evolution now. IV/EV Checker. Explore two different regions. The gameplay stays as the usual. Ugly palettes.

Pokemon Alpha Paradox

New Features Fusions from gens 1-8 Custom new abilities for some fusion Custom moves for some fusions Quest system Harder AI Speed up mode Quick save More quests Postgame Online activity similar to what insurgence had

Pokemon Rising Earth

New Features All Pokemon Gen 1 to Gen 8 are included​ Almost every Pokemon is obtainable​ New Region to explore​ New villianous team, the Pokemon Paladins​ A rather high difficulty in battles Special Trainers in every Pokemon Center to help with grinding​ 120 TM, that serve as a …

Pokemon Yellow 151

New Features Improved Move Type, Power, Secondary Effects. New Characters And Old Friends… Original soundtracks from HGSS. Indoor running! Graphisms That Are New. Run indoor.

PokeLand 0 Episode 1 Rise of Darkness

New Features Interesting Turnbased-Battles Puzzles & Dungeons Sidequests Story-oriented Gameplay Minigames A mix of Pokemon across many Regions Custom Regional-Forms Gender Differences Playtime: 7-9 hours

Pokemon JKR

New Features Major events changed to new and/or holiday themed ones. Generation 6 and 7 Pokemon! The Black 2/White 2 Repel System. All the boss fights will have 6 Pokemon. This demo lasts for 20 minutes. A Search Mode Has Been Added.

Pokemon Tennis

New Features Explore new region. The boats are controllable now. The Prices Of Items And Trades Have Been Altered. Kanova Territory. Trainer Customization! This game will be packed full of new features.

Pokemon: The Rising Sun

New Features Some trainers now have custom pathing, battling them are optional now. May’s Pokemon are one level higher. May starts off with 7000 extra gold. Fixed a couple of typos and tile errors. Edited some dialogue. 2nd battle vs Ray should have a Conkeldurr instead of a …

Pokemon 2050

New Features Physical/Special split Gen 7 movesets No items in trainer battles Re-usable move tutors and TMs A curated, custom Pokedex featuring Pokemon up to Gen 7

Pokemon Charmeleon

New Features Charmeleons galore! The three starters have been replaced with a new type of triangle being water, ground, and electric Each type has its own charmeleon, 3 pokemon are obtained as gifts replacing the fossils, and one more was added because I felt like it. Each charmeleon …

Pokemon Kai-Zen Red

New Features Gen 8 pokemon Some starter changes A couple changed or new abilities, catch changes + exp on catch, and b&w style repel system Fairy is now both strong and weak to dark

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