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Pokemon Keishou

New Features Explore the vast, open world style region of Kyujitsu Island! A full story with 10-15 hours of gameplay awaits! Prove yourself to the 8 Clan Leaders and the Elder Four on your quest to become the new Lord! Discover 650 Pokemon from 9 Generations across the …

Pokemon Aragonite – Sylia Region

New Features New Region, New Pokemon! 150 new Pokemon for you to catch and battle with around the Sylia region, all based off Sicily’s culture, flora and fauna! Become a fully fledged researcher! In order to join ART, you will have to prove your stenghts, collecting badges will …

Blue Kaizo 101

New Features Major Bosses and Other Trainers. Sets For The Battle Frontier. Another level curve. Three new starter Pokemon. Pokemon Sprites That Have Been Animated. There Are Many New Customized Items.

Pokemon Halcyon

New Features Gen 8 Pokemon The ability to read people and Pokemon’s thoughts Plenty of sidequests

Fire Red for SF2000

New Features Over 65 new songs and a music box to play them in. Some tiles and sprites are replaced. New dialogue. Rom Reaverz Perfection in every aspect. Mystery Gift ~ There will be events so stay updated on the threads, and there’s a tutorial video on how …

Pokemon Carmine Red

New Features Massive Improve of learnsets New typings for several Pokemon Modified type chart Modified Base Stats for a lot of Pokemon Mofidied wild encounters across all of the game Modified a lot of moves, repruposing a lot of bad moves SGB support to make the game playable …

Pokemon Repudiation

New Features New Story: Narratively driven content that puts the characters at the forefront. New Pokemon: New Regional Variants, Mega Evolutions, and Z Moves Full Pokedex: All 1017 Pokemon to be found Shinies: Shiny rate has increased to 1% and we are working on a community shiny project, …

Eevee’s Spooky Diner

New Features More recipes and customers a whole town quests shop partners and boosts Specialities (bakery, sushi, ect)

Tales of the Outskirt Stand

New Features Over 55 Shadow Pokemon to capture and purify A game filled entirely with double battles Over a dozen brand new Shadow moves Various Pokemon from every single generation Poké Spots, but this time without the waiting

Techno Emerald

New Features Soft Caps for Bosses (Candy Caps) Instant Text Infinite Poke Vial Candy Bag Poke Rider No EVs View IVs by pressing L on stat screen Slightly Altered Story Mega Evolution Custom Field Effects Free Move Releaner Type Changes New Moves & Abilities

Dr. Professor’s Quest for the Perfect Jam

New Features Explore the atmospheric area from serene woods to busy meadows! A whole new dex. Stat totals + listing will be available in a document. Gym leaders, Elite Four, Pokemon, Badges will not appear in this game. Randomized Trainers and Pokemonetc. Accelerate The Entire Game. A Fascinating …

Pokemon: Abstract Version

New Features 11 Settlements 28 Wild Areas 4 Provinces (Tranquill, Strife, Carnage, and Vigor) Gyms/Story Events that can be done in any order 18 New Pokemon 8 New Megas New tiles Fully Custom UI Level scaling Difficulty modes HM Items that open up new areas A full story

First Journey and Red’s Journey West

New Features Many good items can be obtained by catching wild Pokemon or using Thief on them. Instructor Sprites Update and New Events. Fakemon are available to capture. There Is No Professor. Decap And Attack Rombase By Mrdollsteaks. New Music, Maps, And Sprites Have Been Added.

Project Untamed

New Features Objective (Quest) log – we plan to have many side quests in addition to the main quest line, and the main objective to progress in the story will remain tracked so players can check up on their objective and remember what to do after taking a …

Pokemon Academy Life: Forever!

New Features All major character art assets have been updated. The starter pool has been expanded from Charmander to 52 other Pokemon. In accordance with the previous teams’ wishes, the character of Red has been rewritten to be less of an ignorant country bumpkin. In accordance with the …

Pokemon: Too Many Types

New Features Added 44 types, for a total of 62 Created 118 new moves Changed types of 180 existing moves Pokemon can have up to three types Created a regional dex of 295 Pokemon, all with new types

Pokemon Fellowship In Kanto

New Features New Partner system Your partner is not a walking Poke center anymore, any damage in battle will be carry on. You can trade Pokemon, joindismiss your partner using the Partner scroll. The item storage is shared among all characters to make trading items easier. Unique main …

Pokemon FireRed Distorted

New Features Pokemon sprites are creepy; New scripts; New maps; New tiles; More than different plot; New characters;

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