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Pokemon Indigo Power Tournament

New Features A Double Elimination tournament with 24 participants For each match in the tournament, the player chooses which trainer to root for. Option to skip matches and let the outcome/progression be random. Updated move mechanics, power and accuracy to match current generations. Fixed known bugs and glitches …

Moemon Bonds

New Features MOEMONS(WHAT ELSE LOL?) MOE POOL! FOLLOW ME events and minigames! Double MOEbattles galore! Exclusive MOE moves! Moemon character mugshots! New region/world! New story! MOE Sidequests! Hidden secrets to be unveiled! Physical and Special split! Fairy typing!(<3) Move alterations Some moves from gen 4+ Gen1-8 MOEMONS EV-IV …

Pokemon God of Arena

New Features Trade Evolutions Have Shifted. All legendaries and one new one. Events will be completely different from DJG’s. Relover Is Completely Free. Moves now have the PSS Split. Generation 6 and 7 Pokemon! New Forms.

Pokemon Battle World

New Features You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon by leveling them up. New Sprites and Tiles. Modified TM list. You’ll have to rethink your options for moves! De-Capitalized Game. Lots of fakemon. Scaling Of Wild And Trainer Levels.

Pokemon Bloody Red

New Features Costumized stats, moves, types and abilities Max EVs All legendaries except the starters Cannot be caught Completely gen 3 experience Cannot get out of gyms until you defeat the boss Trainer battles with ubers Trainers with max IVs Boss battles with 6 team and full restores …

Pokemon Jade Hard Mode

New Features 8 Underground Bosses. New Battle Attributes. Physical And Special Status Division. Four crafting Skills. Mega Evolution Is Engaged In Combat. Some Of Our Favorite Characters.

Pokemon Remixed Blue

New Features New types! Gym leaders, Rivals and Giovanni buffed! Moves buffed! New Moves added to the game! Pokemon buffed! Reuseable TMs! Ghost Type is now Special! All 151 (minus Mew) are catchable, Mew can still be obtained through the Mew glitch.

Pokemon Vanadium

New Features The Challenge House will test your limit. New in-game trades. The player will certainly need these Pokemon to complete their Pokedex! There will be different texts for boy and girl characters but most of it will just be pronoun changes (he/she, him/her). Of Course, I’m Talking …

Pokemon Azume

New Features An exciting 2-3 hours main story, taking you to many different locales. A new pokeball called the “Reverseball” It calculates catch rate using your pokemon instead of the opposing pokemon! HM items for Cut, Surf, Strength and Waterfall! Many places to explore and secrets to discover. …

Pokemon Fire Red Rival Variation

New Features Modified HUD that shows your party. PROTECTORS. Includes All Pokemon From Gen 1-7 include to add any more in future. Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Morning/Day/Night music in many places/routes/towns! You now become Wally in the whole …

Pokemon Jaspe

New Features More Pokemon Have Been Added To The Pokedex. Personalized Introduction. Some places cannot be accessible in Gold and Silver before like Viridian Forest and Seafoam Islands will be opened. Get rid of the Help system. Animations Of Pokemon. Cosmetic Day and Night System. In This Game, …

Pokemon Pit Of 100 Trials Hoen Edition

New Features Just like the original version, there is no Physical/Special split. Infinite Master Balls, Heart Scales, Vitamins, and Stat−reducing berries. Most Pokemon got points added to their base stats to make them better. Edited some TMs AND HMs so they contain different moves. All vitamins give 64 …

Anode Heart

New Features DNS. The difficulty is upgraded higher. Kanto And Johto In The Game Boy Advance. Day/Night Cycle! . Your Pokemon Can Mega Evolve. There are also Fakemon along the original Pokemon. New music, battles, moves, abilities. 200 Noa-Dex.

Pokemon: Dawn of Rockets

New Features New reimagined region of Kanto Pokemon from all Generations Pokemon stealing system Choices with impact on the storyline Boss battles Following Pokemon HM Items Regional Forms Increase your rank within Team Rocket Collect intel about your opponents and update the Team Rocket Database Form alliances Expand …

Pokemon Demon Island

New Features Physical/Special Split All trainers are changed to Shadows with their own Tier Increased Difficulty New and Changed Pokemon species New Evil Team Sinned Seven as the Elite Four New Powerful Legendary Pokemon Depressing atmosphere Dark storyline

Pokemon Version Legende

New Features Increased wild pokemon encounters. Pikachu, Eevee are Pokemon Starters. Trade evos are by moon stones. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moon Stone and Espeon in Sun stone. Also you can buy stones at lilycove dept store, which you couldn’t do in pokemon emerald. Not really …

Pokemon Gold Female Trainer Hack

New Features You can reverse the Mega Evolution. The Protagonist And Antagonist Of New Sprite. The Midamond Region Has A New World Map. Ingame Giveaways. A new Gym system. Play as a boy, a girl or an owl. I Need To Make Some New Friends. Many Browsers Are …

Pokemon Wild Mihu

New Features All Pokemon are Overworld Pokemon! Even water Pokemon. Overworld Pokemon react to the player. Pokemon Trainer Ranking system. Gyms in Mihu are purists No more forced trainer battles! All trainers in the Mihu region are kind enough to offer but not force you to battle (so …

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