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Pokemon Secrets and Rumors

New Features All events from major to minor are completely re-scripted. Many new Items. New abilities and new TM/HM list. In the new Region, there is a new Evil Team. New areas in Kanto. Some cameo appearances of many characters from other Pokemon games.

Pokemon Xeneon

New Features Day/Night. Some small pallet changes. The towns are re-constructed.

Pokemon Island

New Features You will get the National Dex right at the beginning with all 649 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V. There is no Gym! There is no Elite Four! Only the Pokemon Colosseum. You can select 1 from 8 available characters. There is onlly one screen …

Pokemon Stone Dragon

New Features Many new maps for exploring. The graphics is updated. All Pokemon from the Gen V and Gen VI. You can also Mega Evolve your Pokemon in this game.

Pokemon Revenge

New Features A new story about revenging. New heroes – gym leaders – bad guys – elite four – champion. New sprites, tiles. New Pokemon from Gen I – Gen VI.

Steve the Bibarel

New Features The graphics is good. No capitalization. Soundtracks are great. Steve will get some helps.

Pokemon XD Lords of Shadow 2

New Features With the advancements of RPG Maker XP, the graphics and soundtracks system are improved and upgraded. A new storyline. Many new mini-games and side-quests.

Pokemon Loyalty

New Features All 721 Pokemon from six generations (some of them will be added more in the nearest future). Mega Evolution for Pokemon.

Pokemon Zei

New Features A new story about Lugia and Ho-oh. New music, new graphics.

Pokemon Flora Flame

New Features Everything remains the same, except the overworld is filled with many flowers. Some changes in gameplay.

Pokemon Lunar

New Features The Physical/Special Split from Gen IV. The Repel System from Gen V. The Moves – Abilities – Items – Pokemon are updated to Gen VI. Yup, Mega Evolution is here. There are mnay hidden grottos. New type Fairy.

Pokemon Epic Gold

New Features All Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Silver are capturable now. The Gym order has been changed. The level of every trainers in the Johto region was increased.

Pokemon Derpizard

New Features Replace all the NPCs with the sprites of Pokemon. New storyline.

Pokemon Ancient

New Features New graphics. New music. New overworld with sprites.

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