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Pokemon WaterRed

New Features Around 200 Pokemon in new alternate forms. These range from simple palette swaps for some, to huge changes on others. This number will keep on growing as ideas spout into my mind. New moves, such as Firebreath, Freeze Ray, Magmarock, Iron Slam and more. Certain moves, …

Pokemon Tesseract

New Features Open-world Level-Scaling (Some exceptions apply) 20 Gym Badges Walking with Pokémon! No more HMs! Certain moves can do the same effect as HMs! (Example: Slash, Dragon Claw, and other cutting moves cut down thorny bushes!) In-Game Fast Fowarding (V) Quick Saving (F8) All Legendary/Mythical Pokémon can …

Firered A RebooT

New Features Quest System Two new Rivals Secret Shop Black Market Apply for Gym Leadership HG/SS Trainer Sprites Egg Emporium EV Center Ingame Giveaways Other Minor Features

Pokemon Serenity

New Features An interesting story, with twists and turns! An expansive new region! A cast of characters, each with their own story to tell! Regional Variants! Find them all! Sidequests! Be sure to check in with NPCs!

Pokemon Meta Fire Red X and Y

New Features Pokémon from Generations I to VII. Items, Abilities, and moves update from Gen IV to Gen VII. NDS Pokémon and Trainer Sprites. Repel System, IV-EV Checker, Stat Indicators, and more. Updated mechanics from Gen VI added (Exp Share, Exp. Catch, Critical Hit update) Day and Night …

Pokemon Red Proud Eyes Edition

New Features Updated to 2nd-Gen graphics The casino prizes have been edited All of the pokemarts have been edited Edited all of the in-game rival encounters Pokemon experience gains have been modified Overworld pokemon levels have been modified Pokemon starting move sets have been updated Lowered professor oak’s …

Pokemon Summit Trials

New Features An entire island full of secrets to explore Three mountains to climb Wild and Trainer level scaling Open map design (go where you want from the beginning) Randomized Starters (11 possible choices) Rivals also have randomized starters Approximately 6hrs of gameplay Gen 1-5 Pokemon Gen 5 …

Pokemon Epitaph

New Features Over 200 Fakemon A brand new region 33% larger than any region in the core games A whole 12 gyms A bunch of lovable characters (presumably) An engaging and well-thought story A complete and original OST, composed specifically for this game by a very talented dude …

The Power We Hold

New Features Music from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Some more customized sprites Supported from Pokemon Essentials Pack

Pokemon Volant

New Features Set in the new region Colo! Custom tiles Trek through the Colo region to the sounds of various Pokémon games A variety of landscapes – from snow-cloaked peaks to tropical port cities Numerous hidden ‘special’ Pokémon that will prove to be valuable assets during your quest …

Pokemon Nebulous Version

New Features Six Gyms with about 10 hours of gameplay Over 300 Pokemon from all 7 generations A Safari Zone 5th Generation Battle Interface Custom Sprites Original Soundtrack Super Powerful God-Form Pokemon A New Region and New Map

Pokemon Adventure in Tentin

New Features New big region Tentin New items and battle mechanics The EXP Sharing System from Pokemon X & Y New overworld with different trainers.

Pokemon Prime-Purple Edition

New Features Balanced difficulty Trainers, gym leaders have become stronger Get all 151 first Pokemon Changed PokeMarts Fixed texts

Pokemon Smart Red

New Features ALL TRAINERS are encouraged by old therapists, and the gymnasium and e4 have higher AI levels. Evos is impossible to remove. Movesets have been changed. Like many. Check your Pokemon in Move to move. The cut has been changed to Steel 70 BP.Oh, and the line …

Pokemon Edge Rising

New Features A deep, well-written plot A diverse region Extremely complex and thought provoking characters 25+ Fakemon Deep moral choices NPCs that say kinda useful stuff sometimes Characters portraits No TMs or HMs Use Alt to speed up your game.

Pokemon Re_Imagined

New Features The traditional gym leaders will have their appearances A whole new and big region You will meet some familiar people from Kanto – Sinnoh – Unova New elite battle system Mega Evolution for Pokemon Pokemon from Gen VI Many humourous text New evil team Talk to …

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