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Pokemon Kanlara Adventures

New Features A variety of Pokemon from Gen 1-7 that can be caught or battled Exciting plot that gets dark at times but ultimately, comedy prevails Mostly original maps, made with the beautiful Gen 3 tileset Game scales up to level 100 making for some epic late-game battles …

Pokemon Great Tenkaichi

New Features Pokemons replaced by DB characters Lots of evolutions using various methods, from ability-based form changes (Oozaru I’m looking at you!) to Mega Evolutions to absorptions (Like Cell and Buu). Fusions using different methods: Potara, Metamoran Fusion, EX-Fusion, Namekian Fusion Mind-Control mechanic to turn fighters into Time …

Unnamed FireRed 721 Project

New Features All 721 Pokemon in FireRed! Generation IV-V Abilities Generation IV-V-VI Moves Physical/Special Split Decapitalized Fairy type Chaos Rush’ Sprites Gen IV Evolutionary Stones Mega Pokemon + Mega Evolution!

Pokemon Yellow – Gen. II Graphics

New Features A few trainer sprites devamped from FRLG that did not exist in GSC Updated all Pokemon palettes, and added individual trainer class palettes, to match GSC Pokemon back sprites are now 48×48 and not zoomed in and pixelated Many graphics updated to match GSC, such as …

Pokemon Quest Version

New Features All Pokemon obtainable without trading New TMs New sprites Able to visit the back of the S.S. Anne Dock with the Truck New Safari Zone Pokemon New Pokemon Locations New places to discover

Pokemon Gallium!

New Features 4 Rivals 3 Regions 24 Gyms Delta Species Fake Evolutions And Fake Pre Evolutions

Pokemon Wish

New Features A whole new region to explore An all original cast of characters Custom TM’s that are infinite use DS style sprites BW Repel System Trainers face you during encounters Shiny Quagsire’s Day and Night system 386 Pokemon, and 14 alternate forms Physical Special Split

Pokemon Apokélypse

New Features New starters New region National dex activated from the start New tiles No Elite Four Every Pokemon catchable Danger Battles

Pokemon Black Soul

New Features New music Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Asterion

New Features Completely new region Original Composition that made especially for this hack New tiles Gen IV, V, VI and some custom moves, Pokémon and abilities (doesn’t replace the others!) Decapitalisation B2/W2 Moveset for all Pokémon Fairy Type Gen IV class split – icons icluded! New Items DS …

Pokemon Shattered Prism

New Features Two New Regions: Ailo & Odrea 4 New Pokemon Types 100+ Fakemon 100+ Prismon Gen I-VI No Elite 4 Altered Movesets Altered Pokemon Typings

Pokemon Reawakened

New Features Gen 4 Styled Graphics All 802 Pokemon Available To Catch IV/EV Checker Custom Moves & Abilities Difficulty Modes 150 TMS Amazing Music by GlitchXCity & Other Composers A Max Level of 150 Field Effects

Pokemon Epic Emerald

New Features All 386 Pokemon available Pokemon edits (base stats, learnsets, a few type changes) Move edits All text within game edited The Fairy type and other type edits Difficulty mod All TM’s have infinite uses Sprite alterations (trainers, pokemon, etc) as well as some trainer only pokemon …

Thief Red

New Features Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls are now named Thief Balls, Robber Balls, and Burglar Balls. You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls. You cannot capture wild Pokemon. Your Pokemon do not gain experience.

Pokemon Jade PC

New Features 100+ New Pokemon 8 Gyms, Elite Four and a Champion Completely Original Region Custom UI Pokemon Contests

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