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Pokemon Maia Version

New Features Open World Infinite hours of gameplay Zero hours of fun Bugs! Yes it’s a feature. Ugly palettes! No seriously, there’s nothing to do except walk.

Pokemon Equinox

New Features Exp Catch System. All 802 Pokemon Available To Catch New trainers, music, cries, starters, sprites DNS. Gen III native glitches

Pokemon Another Emerald

New Features Physical/Special Split. All Game Decap. Infinite Mts (YoY-X Patch). Forget MOs Modified zones and cities in the game. Pokemon of Kanto/ Johto in Routes of Hoenn. Most pokemon have new Movesets. All Eeveelutions in the game (And one more..) HP Bars and Protagonist Sprites new style. …

Pokemon Swore and Shilled

New Features 151 new poorly drawn Pokemon A whole new Galar region to explore A whole new story that is a complete disgrace to the Pokemon franchise as a whole Some new bad music A whole Pokedex, catchable in a single playthrough Tons of edited text Your bike …

Pokemon Red Everywhere

New Features A lot of sidequests Mind-Control mechanic to turn fighters into Time Breakers, Destruction Kings or Tuffle Hybrids. Leader’s Game Competition, Rivalry, John and Elite 4 have a much better team with substitute characters that have their privilege. New Pokeballs. The Pokemon of the gym leaders are …

Pokemon Iris – Episode 1

New Features Pokemon and mechanics up to date with Gen 7 (Sun and Moon) High difficulty Field effects Quests and events Player freedom

Pokemon Cinder

New Features No EBS! Manything come from the Dollsteak’s patch like: Physical/Special Split, the TMs can be use infinitively, etc. Day/Night system based on your device’s real time clock. Some Pokemon come from Diamond/Pearl. Some specific moves of Groudon – Kyogre – Rayquaza – Hoopa – Diance – …


New Features All 251 Pokemon from the first two generations are modified. On top of that, roughly 20 moves were modified, some only slightly. All Pokemon who evolve via leveling up (including Friendship and other variations) and via trading, now evolve via Rare Candy.

Pokemon Bloody Diamond

New Features Catch all 493 Pokemon Through in-game trades u can get: Oak´s Letter, Member Card, Azure Flute (and the Pokeradar) Catch all 12 Starter Pokemon very early in the game Stronger wild Pokemon (up to level 90) Much stronger Gym Leaders Every Pokemon of “The Legendary 5” …

Pokemon Cardinal

New Features Gym’s battles are harder Remastered Pokemon Music Starters from Gen VI. A new story. Equality Gymbattles: Gymbattles are treated differently from the Vereo region than in other regions.

Pokemon Sacred Johto

New Features New Characters New Graphics and Resources New Gameplay Mechanics New Pokemon

Pokemon Zard

New Features Charizardification Every mon has been Zardified. This means that every mon now Dex completion and QoL changes Extended Kanto Dex Stone Evolutions Custom trainers

Shin Pokemon Red

New Features Tons of bugs, glitches, and oversights fixed One of OAK’s aides will toggle on/off scaling of trainer rosters to your level All 151 pkmn are available in one version You can hunt for shiny pokemon Minor quality-of-life improvements during battle Minor quality-of-life improvements outside of battle …

Pokemon Let’s Go Mimikyu!

New Features Shiny Mimikyu Starter Expanded “Neo Kanto” Dex Custom Shinies Post-Game Battle Frontier New Dungeons Start with Running Shoes/Pokegear Custom Music Player New Gym lineups Featuring the Let’s Go OST Extra Trainer choices New Characters! Lillie, Khessi New Pokemon Type Changes to accommodate for the new type

Countryball: Catch ’em All!

New Features Explore the region of Terra Stellar Artwork Entirely Original Soundtrack Entirely Original Adventure Brand new Dex New Type GUI In-Battle! All Moves, Items and Abilities Rewritten for new lore Never before seen locales Minigames

Just Another Pokemon Fan Game

New Features Including every Pokemon of the 1st-4th Generation Refightable Gym Leaders and Elite Four Humor/not taking itself too seriously Following Pokemon for some regions (not all regions!) 2nd Gym ~200 Pokemon available 5 Towns + many extra areas

Pokemon Circular Knowledge

New Features Territorial Wild Encounters: You can’t Catch or Run Away against the overworld encounters New puzzles: from pushing logs of wood to using magnetic gravitation, this game contains a lot of new puzzle ideas! Gen 6 Exp. Share Pokemon Level scaling: enemies’ level will scale according to …

Pokemon Eclat Pourpre 2

New Features Special Battle Effects There is no clear end to the end Multiple costumes Unknown Jap has customized his own sprites & mapping. This game is completely his own. ASM Work

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