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Pokemon Fire Red DS

New Features You can use the Mega Evolution right when you are battling. A new Gym system. Day & Night System Speed Up Button (Alt) Physical/Special Split.

Pokemon Sun Gold

New Features New Starter Obtain Reshiram/Zekrom. New gameplay. All the Pokemon in this game are replaced with Digimon. New Moves.

Pokemon Storm Silver SpeedUpPatches

New Features 493 Pokemon Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the greater variety of Pokemon available The data of a lot of Pokemon has been changed A small amount of attack moves have also been edited Edits to evolutions mean Sacred Gold and Storm Silver …

Pokemon Diamante: Desafio Sinnoh

New Features Dive yourself into a new adventure to save the legendary rainbow bird Ho-oh. Alola Form A secret place has been put into this game: when passing through that cave, you will come to a city which contains all the legendary Pokemon from Gen I to Gen …

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Light

New Features Playing as a starter that was not a starter in PMD will use the walking animation for frames that it doesn’t have (hands up, eating, sleeping, etc) Playing as Cubone, Machop, or Psyduck Able to rescue players with Time/Darkness/Sky Selecting no will increase your chances of …

PokeJoke DS – A Parody of Pokemon

New Features Renamed all of the gen IV Pokemon Renamed a few of the gen I, II, and III Pokemon Changed some of the moves Changed the storyline Completed editing Twinleaf Town Completed editing Sandgem Town Completed editing Jubilife City Completed editing all routes up until Oreburgh Gate …

Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition

New Features All pokemon use their new gen 6 mini sprites on the party menu All attacks now have their power,accuracy, etc updated to gen 6 standards All pokemon have their movesets updated as close to UltraSun/UltraMoon as possible Both Game Corners at Celadon and Goldenrod have been …

Pokemon Rubi Magma

New Features Buying Items Pokemon to fifth generation All TM’s have infinite uses Great gameplay There is a following Pokemon after you. Of course it is Poochyena.

Hunter & Raymond

New Features Pokémon from other regions. Some gyms will be weak. Get exp for catching a Pokemon. Play Red/Leaf. Almost all music of the game is changed.

Pokemon Perfect Soul

New Features An increased difficulty to spice things up a bit and help keep the game a challenge. 493 Pokemon available Full compatibility for patching in whatever OS you use. (Windows, Linux, Mac) AP patch included. No need to pre-patch. 2 Wondercard events available – Celebi & Spiky-Eared …

Pokemon Puro Diamante

New Features Warp tiles added in multiple places for fast travel: (Viridian to Pallet, Pallet to Cinnabar, ect) 3 potential rivals. Slight evolution changes for a few Pokemon: For example, Trapinch evolves at Level 30 instead of 35, but Vibrava will evolve at level 50. Pokemon from 1-7 …

Fire-Type Emblem

New Features Day Night Time System. New Pokemon There is now a walk-through for the game available on download section. The sprites come from Pokemon Black/White. Mega Evolution

Pokemon Omega Paradox

New Features New Gym Leaders New Elite Four and Champion New Trainer Classes New Rivals New Music Text Edits New Move-Sets and Stats for certain Pokemon Omega-Evolution Mega Evolution

Pokemon Hoenn White 2

New Features A new area of less than 335 generation of Pokémon fifth generation! You can begin your fateful journey with many types of Pokemon available right from the beginning of this game. You will play as Silver Many new things: Storyline – Palette – Tiles – Characters …

Pokemon Heart Red

New Features Updated type chart (Fairy type) 493 Pokemon Pokemon follow you Classic GameBoy game in DS style graphics, with touchscreen Day & Night Cycle ORAS mini-icons

Pokemon Light Platinum DS

New Features Isshu Pokemon! New Rival Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI New sprites, tiles. This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials.

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

New Features Difficulty – The difficulty of the whole game dynamic has been intensifyed, this means that every Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Trainer etc has been edited! This also includes rematches with trainers and other important NPC’s Pokemon – All Pokemon are available in game, whether that …

Pokemon Moon Silver

New Features A vastly challenging after-story journey Some new Tilesets. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV. All 48 Mega Evolutions Eevee is the only starter you can get.

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