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Pokemon Afterworld

New Features Swap your Pokemons with the opponent after every battle. A 11 battle long tournament. Choose your next opponent.


New Features The Kanto region is not the same as it used to be. Instead, a new Kanto was born with many new areas to explore and new challenges. Trade evolutions –> Level evolutions. Much, Much More… The Plot Is Intriguing. Zephyr’s New Area. Edited Wildcards.

Pokemon Rose Emerald

New Features Completely rebalanced and buffed almost all pokemon to be viable in a normal or nuzlocked playthrough of the game. Higher difficulty bosses and trainers in an attempt to make the game challenging yet not completely overbearingly difficult. Reworked some pokemon such as Smeargle or Wobbuffet Barring …

Pokemon Paradox GBA

New Features The Day And Night System Of Shiny Quagsire. A new place, no name. There’s A Lot Of Nostalgia Here! The Level Curve Appears To Be Reasonable. Ruins: The Ruins in SotS are better than original Pokemon. A Lengthy Game Story.

Pokemon The New Order

New Features The whole new region of Fabelle! Many new locations to explore and many new trainers to battle! Gen. VI Pokemon While it may not be anything too new anymore, Fairy Type and Gen VI Pokemon are included in the game. A unique, branching story Play the …

Pokemon and the Tower of Power

New Features Some Custom Graphics Player Character Graphics Coffee Cup/ Poltergeist Pokemon Overworld Sprites Gen 4 Overworld Character Sprites Gen 4,5 Trainer Sprites Outside Tileset Inside Tileset Hammer Icon Title Screen Tower Image Rename From Party Screen Text Skipping Music

Pokemon Sharp Diamond

New Features PLENTY of small sidequests to keep you busy. Characters and Rivals from Pokemon Ruby. Also the Pokemon Sprites from the DS system. Catching Pokemon is easier. 101 Pokemon from Gen IV and Gen V are added. New starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Underground

New Features Open world design. Go any direction, challenge Gyms in any order, and HMs do not require badges. 68 new Pokemon added, mostly using other people’s fakemons. Over 50 new regional variants and type changes to existing Pokemon. A new type, Plastic, which counters Fairy and Electric …

Double Up Delevelled

New Features No Levels Trade evolutions have been fixed to either a Level or Stone Move Tutors and TMs are reusable Every trainer with two or more Pokemon is a double battle All Gen 1-3 obtainable with an altered encounter list Poison stops at 1 HP Updated Rough …


New Features And you can obtain the Alola forms for your specific Pokemon, yay! Zodiac Signs. All trainers have been buffered. Walking In A Straight Line. Pokemon Plastic Pyrite is filled with all new Pokemon (around 50 at the moment), unique type/stat combinations, and even moves! Increased shiny …

Watermelons With Garchomp

New Features Friends and enemies that create a climax throughout the plot. A new region to explore, Oniria. In The Game, You’ll Mostly Be Using Double Battle. The overworld is replaced with the customized menu. Npcs Will Occasionally Say Useful Things. In This Game, There Is No Pokedex.

Pokemon Cuerpo de Cristal

New Features New self-drawing sprites and pictures. Pokemon That Are Only Available In This Version. New items, tiles, soundtracks. Multiple saves. Camera For Pokemon. Physical/Special/Split will appear with icons.

Pokemon Transformation

New Features Travel the Kanto region in a different order with changed maps, encounters and some added or changed locations Former Gym Leaders you have never seen before Play as Yellow or Yuuichi, two Player characters that never made it into a official game 190 Pokemon from the …


New Features The number of Pokemon in this version is big. Pokemon From Generation 7 And Up. Every Base Stat Has Been Rebalanced. Legendary Pokemon Can Be Found In Secret Dungeons. Investigate The Life Of A Female Trainer. In-Game Music That Is Enjoyable.

Poke Wisteria Roleplay Online

New Features Build Your Character’s Classes by combining Perks Dangerous World (Pokemon and Trainer death) Dynamic Spawns (The spawns of a area depends on the Pokemon living there) Expansive maps (They can increase at runtime as story goes!) Real-time Strategic Battle (Unique interesting gameplay) Over 700 moves with …

Pokemon Shadow

New Features Crime is added Bounty hunters will hunt you Purchasable homes, tree-farms, triad gyms, and more Rockets charge to enter places of interest Crimes limit your ability to use shops, pc boxes, gyms, and triad buildings And so much more to come!

Florkemon Blue

New Features You can have required event tickets to get Mew – Ho-Oh – Lugia – Latias – Deoxys. New Hero – Enjoy playing game as Ash Ketchum and Misty (see credits). Pokemon from 1-7. New dialogues. There Is Now A Day And Night System For DNS. Button …

Pokemon Electrum 3

New Features A reimagined Kanto Region with familiar locations along with new ones. The starter you choose is received as an egg. Egg hatcher device, allowing you to carry up to six eggs without taking space in your party. Additional story events in places like Mt. Moon for …

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