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Pokemon Bianco Svapo

New Features New Battle Backgrounds Sprites from Pokemon Crystal. Six gym leaders in total. Nuzlocke challenge won’t make you disappoint. There are no gyms at all and only Legendary encounters.

Pokemon Climate

New Features Fishing Rod combining all rods Following Pokemon Some gen 6-8 Pokemon Castform got buffed Shiny rate is 1/250 Pokemon always have a weather-ability Gyms based on weather and not on types “Sand encounters” on route 4

A Slice of Life

New Features Roughly 4 hours of gameplay Multiple playable characters for certain fun sections/puzzles An abundance of pizza-related dialogue and flavor text covering every area Generation 3 graphics An assortment of generation 1-8 Pokemon Foxowl’s life force Awesome music from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and more! Dino Man

Pokemon Descent

New Features A hybrid between Pokemon and a 90’s DOS game called DESCENT Follows this Jam’s optional theme – ESCAPE! 3 replayable maze-like levels to beat

Pokemon Yellow Kaizo

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Rival, Gym Leaders and Elite 4 have been improved. The DVs from all Trainers and their Pokemon have been increased. All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as well. All Pokemon’s Base Stats have …

3dPE Halloween

New Features Battle Frontier (incomplete) A whole new dex. Stat totals + listing will be available in a document. Gen 1-7 Pokedex and Fakemon A fuller better storyline than gold and silver. A new region called Splithe will give you many new things to explore.

Pokemon Awesome Version XD

New Features Two versions–one has edited Pokemon types/sprites/matchup chart, and the other doesn’t (“normal”). NO P/S split. I thought about it, and I like how the Advanced metagame works. However, I did change Dark to physical and Ghost to special. 15 new moves, see a detailed list below. …

Lost Hope

New Features New storyline. Player Houses Harder difficulty. Regional variants The EXP Catching System is available. You can have exp after catching a Pokemon.

Pokemon Helix

New Features Over 250 Pokemon in the Regional Dex, ranging from Kanto to Galar 8 planned main game gyms to battle Major post-game content planned Mega Evolution

Pokemon Anomaly

New Features THE ELITES with new Pokemon and harder Eeveelutions + ENTER “UN-OMNEON” New Types New Pokedex Entries

Pokemon Mobius

New Features A brand new region segment to explore. A truly open-world experience where every area is accessible from any point. Two endings, depending on how often you speak to the Legendary Pokemon Researcher. Specialized Roaming Pokemon mechanics. A different type of surfing; Lapras surfing, requiring no items, …

Pokemon AlteRed

New Features New tiles, graphics, soundtracks, tiles, sprites. New Graphics Some unreasonable cutscene were arranged to make more sense New Pokédex. All Legendary/Mythical Pokémon can be captured

Pokemon Lifeless 2

New Features Much more. Battle Engine In Sevii Islands, you can have all Pokemon of Johto region. New rivals and characters Motion animation is garbage and incomplete.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

New Features New Region to explore Continue your save file! Catch Pokemon not found in Sinnoh Unreal Time Enjoy roughly 4 hours of gameplay Explore and conquer 3 unique Dungeons! Defeat 3 Bosses and rescue the tormented Region

Pokemon Factory Adventure

New Features Gameplay from Roaming Red, an open-world Red hack by TShadowKnight: Selectable starting town, scaling levels based on your team, built-in randomizer options, and a fully open Kanto to explore in any order! An all-new story with every line of text in the game changed 190 Pokemon …

DarkRaichus’ Minor Em

New Features New prizes are available at the Battle Points Exchange Center Event Tickets are handed out upon obtaining access to Mystery Gift Steven can be battled daily and will play the Champion Battle theme Move Tutors will teach daily Gym Leader rematches will now be 1-on-1 battles …

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