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Pokemon Paradise Green

New Features A small variety of Pokémon from each Gen. (I – VII) Lots of Post-League Content. (Battle Tower, Extra Dungeons, etc.) New storyline New sprites

The Nostalgic Emerald Hack

New Features A massive roster of 250 Pokemon! Gameboy era graphics! Gym leaders now have Pokemon to reflect the Generation shift! A massive amount of Nostalgia! Day and Night!

Pokemon Ruby Advanced

New Features Every Map has been updated to a more fresh style Updated Tilesets and Graphics Snow In Hoenn Restoration of unused Content Pokemon from Gen 1-3 are now catchable New Events New Places Bigger Battle Frontier

Pokemon Aurora Fire Red

New Features Physical / Special Split Running Indoors Custom Tilesets Custom Scripts New and custom region to explore Evolution fixes Typing fixes

Pokemon Magic Crystal

New Features All 251 Pokemon are catchable GS Ball now works New locations All Kanto Starters are available in trade E4, GYM Leaders, Rival and trainers are more stronger now More than one master ball in the gameplay Mart now sells different items

Pokemon Crystal 251

New Features All 251 Pokemon Catchable Catch the Johto Starters on Route 29 Same Difficulty as Pokemon Crystal Mewtwo, Mew & Celebi catchable in Sliver Cave All Pokemon can be caught by Event or in the Wild

Pokemon Desolation

New Features A reputation system! An up-gradable manor A “Credit” System IV/EV Checker 5 Gyms Amazing music 8 Alternate Starter Pokemon

Phoenix Rising

New Features New plot Great gameplay New world map New rivals and characters

Pokemon Double Emerald

New Features Edit event Pokemon De-capitalize text Bug fixes More obtainable Pokemon Ability to obtain event legendaries Map changes

Pokemon Null

New Features New storyline with 100% ending, for completing various things Catch all Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 5 and some Gen 7 Pokemon Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, and Arceus have been buffed Multiple saves Following Pokemon The Elite Battle System Mystery Gift

Pokemon Pink

New Features An exciting story New location Funny sounds and music More sidequests

Pokemon Opti-Y

New Features All 151 obtainable! Optimisation of Pokemon. New attacks / TMs / boosts to old moves. More challenge. Other quirks like: type match-ups now up to date; new prizes at the Celadon Game Corner; new in-game trades ; some items like PP Up being sold (at a …

Pokemon Fire Sun Hard + 900

New Features Nice graphics and color scheming New sound Day and night System Fairy type Mega Evolution Ultra Space 900 Pokemon in Pokedex PSS split IV/EV Train Hard Level Double Wild

Pokemon Ash’s Chapter

New Features Day/Night Custom sprites for trainers/Pokémon based off of artwork Lapras surfing sprite Tiles made by WesleyFG HG/SS-style maps 3 Regions Apricorns And more!

Pokemon Mega Inferno


Slightly Modified Emerald

New Features Physical/special split New trainer and gym leader rosters, including match call. Partial de-capitalisation Some new moves New Starters are: Bulbasaur, Chimchar and Totodile. A whole new dex. Stat totals + listing will be available in a document. New movesets, abilities and stats. More balanced stat totals. …

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