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Pokemon Unvoiced

New Features The inflicted pokemon loses a bit of HP after each turn Lum Berries and Full Heals The inflicted pokemon takes thrice damage from electric attacks and always freezes if attacked by an Ice type move

Pokemon Soul Silver Fusion

New Features Custom tiles Many new quests. New FAR Darker story A remapped and re-ordered Kanto Region Battle Factory.

Pokemon: Lament of the Children

New Features New Characters The ice type is balanced. Ice is much stronger against water, grass, dragon as well as against itself. Grass now deals normal damage to Flying and Dragon types, and Ghost causes normal damage to Steel types Type effectiveness updated High shiny pokémon encounter ratio. …

Pokemon Perfect Heart

New Features An increased difficulty to spice things up a bit and help keep the game a challenge. 493 Pokemon available Full compatibility for patching in whatever OS you use. (Windows, Linux, Mac) AP patch included. No need to pre-patch. 2 Wondercard events available – Celebi & Spiky-Eared …

Pokemon Blaze Black

New Features As aforementioned, the hack allows you to catch all 649 Pokemon in some way or another Every single trainer in the game has had their Pokemon edited, fitting a new level curve and increasing the difficulty overall A vast number of Pokemon have had certain statistics …

Pokemon Silver Yellow

New Features Pikachu as starter with edited moveset and status Redesign of Kanto’s wild Pokemon Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur obtainable through Pokemon Yellow events Primal Town and Team Rocket epic event The God’s Garden as a new area Mega Charizard X instead of Y National Park with many …

Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim

New Features Better Aesthetics A new system called Pokemon Loot will allow you to get item from the fainted wild Pokemon. New rivals and characters The credits sequence. New Evolution! Mega evolutions have been added for some Pokemon (some even do not currently exist)

Pokemon Master Quest Johto

New Features Changed every Route’s Wild Encounters Changed all Trainer Rosters Changed all Pokemon move sets, as well as many abilities and stats Max Trainer AI for all trainers All 256 Pokemon Available to catch in-game Kris instead of Lyra, GB Player from start

Latent – Prologue

New Features Aesthetic changes: better move animations for many moves, fixed the Fly sprites Perform basic Nuzlocke! (When his weak Pokemon, which can not be resurrected) New music, new graphics, new sprites. Rare berries now purchaseable Other starters! Larvitar, Dratini, Open as a starter instead of Cyndaquil, Chikorita …

Moemon Platinum

New Features Able to visit the back of the S.S. Anne Dock with the Truck Challenging puzzles Many Pidgey will follow you. They appear everywhere. 25 Gyms, One for every type New attacks

Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver

New Features New Characters Great game storyline. The titles, items, moves, abilities of Pokemon are updated and replaced. National Pokedex enabled from the start 8 Gym System

Pokemon Verde Musgo

New Features Day and night system. Catch Many Pokemon Genetically modified/ or fusion Pokemon such as Skarfire are available in-game. You can select your gender: Red or Leaf. Your Pokémon gains experience when you arrest other players as at the end of a normal battle.

Pokemon Bloody Platinum

New Features A perfect “diurnal and nocturnal pokemon system” Every Trainer uses a new Pokemon Team A complete new Rival system All Legendary Pokemon became Shadow Pokemon Nearly every NPC has a recolored Overworld Sprite New/alternative Evolution

Pokemon Sacred Gold

New Features 493 Pokemon Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the greater variety of Pokemon available The data of a lot of Pokemon has been changed A small amount of attack moves have also been edited Edits to evolutions mean Sacred Gold and Storm Silver …

Pokemon Flawless Platinum

New Features National Dex given at the start Pokemon have been edited All trainers have been edited Wild Pokemon have been changed Pokemon found through non-traditional means have been edited Certain NPC’s will give you rare or useful items All Overworld Pokemon have had their levels increased No …

Pokemon Renegade Platinum

New Features You can alternatively play as Poochyena and Alexis in this game. All Combee and Salandit are female for evolution convenience All Pokemon get lv 100 at default Multiple outfits A remapped and re-ordered Kanto Region

Pokemon INSANE Red

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. New map layout. All 151 Pokemon can be caught somewhere. Learnsets have been improved on almost every Pokemon, some Pokemon will learn moves from future generations. Pokemon Levels and Location have been changed. No changes for Legendaries. Pokemon, Level and Movepool from …

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