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Pokemon Omega Red

New Features 807 Pokemon Mega Evolutions Graphics Improved including sprites, tiles, background, bars, … Day & Night System New rivals and characters Fairy Types

Pokemon WAR: The Rom Hack

New Features A whole new never before seen story line. New Pokemon from newer Gens More Items New graphics, tiles

Pokemon X Inazuma Eleven

New Features New story to play Characters as Soccer players New graphics New sounds and musics Physical/Special/Status Split PSS Icons New Pokemon Summary Screen New HP Box

Pokemon Echo

New Features New tiles New leaders New elite four New starters from isshu! Isshu Pokemon! New storyline New rival Capture Zekrom!

Pokemon Bonds

New Features New maps, scripts, tiles, HP box ect. Side quests New HMs and HM uses outside of battle Multiple Characters met throughout the story line Removal of trade requiring evolutions

Pokemon Indigo League

New Features New story Brand New Region and World Map New sprites and tilesets New Gym Leaders

Pokemon Mega Origins

New Features New plot Great gameplay New world map Day & Night System New rivals and characters


New Features Transform using Metachangers! Ditto can transform into 40+ different Pokémon freely!​ Play the game in 2 languages: English and French!​ New characters! There are three Ditto in DITTO EDITION, who play a titular part to the story.​ A decent plot with many interactions!​ Sick beats! From …

Pokemon Sea of Flames

New Features New region New story No gyms No HMs Choices Sidequests Morality (Good or Bad)

Pokemon Evil Dhelmise

New Features New plot Pokemon from higher generations Great graphics, sprites and tiles Day & Night System New rivals and characters

Pokemon Slumber

New Features A new region to explore, Oniria Playing as a Male or as a Female changes some things of the storyline. New Attacks, Fairy type, Dark and Ghost effectiveness fixed 386 Pokemon, being them from all 6 Generations. Some alternative forms available. Most of your decisions will …

Pokemon Dragon Master

New Features The GSC ruins of alph puzzles D/N system Various Clock based events New battle back grounds Lots of pokemon overworld sprites New and more animations

Pokemon Xi Arco

New Features A darker story Familiar characters such as Yellow, Ash, Crasher Wake, Noland, and Domino will appear 420 Pokemon on the Pokedex An extended post game Remastered Pokemon Music

Pokemon The Movie Game

New Features Soundtrack from anime Training is easier Mystery Gifts to side plots (e.g. Pikachu Shorts, Mewtwo’s origin, etc.) Pokemon only moments are given in a Mystery Dungeon type of style. Multiple costumes Movie scenes in overworld game style.(e.g. Tears of live, Lugia’s song, etc.) Replay movie events

Pokemon Earth Version

New Features Gen VI Features Including Fairy Types, and various Moves/Effects Eevee evolves only from Stones now 16 Gym Leaders 8 New original Gym Leaders, and the 8 from Johto. Various Battle Facilities Old things like the Battle Tower, and the Trainer Hill, and Battle SIMs make a …

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